Samsung S6 How To Spot A Fake

Chinese companies are making Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, s6, s5 (s7, s6, s5), s4, a5, a3 phones and others are getting better and better and their smartphones have been running smoothly for a long time.

Unfortunately, in this way, Asians become the best at making fake products of famous brands.

Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish their fake from the original. Fortunately, there are ways to guard against this. At first glance it is sooooo hard to see the difference between the original version and the prototype.

Of course, they vary in specification. A clone always has a screen with a lower resolution, no more than a 4-core processor and about 1 GB of RAM, but not every user is an expert and will feel the difference.

Often it is enough to take a clear look at the photographs of a product, since its thickness, slot arrangement or flash color usually do not correspond to the present.

The main element that you should look at carefully is the screen. This is the most expensive element of a smartphone and the quality of fakes often leaves much to be desired.

Of course, there are instances that are made so well that it is difficult to see any difference in relation to the original.

A great option for devices with android, AnTuTu application. It analyzes the smartphone fundamentally and says whether we are dealing with an original product, or a very good fake.

Samsung S6 How To Spot A Fake

After setting the specified “trap” on your smartphone, after a while, you should receive confirmation (or not) on the originality of the device.

Now, let’s see how to distinguish the most popular fake Samsung Galaxy phones from the original.

How to distinguish fake samsung galaxy s7 edge from the original

The Chinese love to make counterfeit phones of well-known manufacturers. One of them is the s7 edge smartphone, which can be confused with the original in most cases, only at first glance.

At first glance, the phone looks like the real flagship of the Koreans. Of course, this is just an illusion, because it is made of plastic and additionally equipped with contrived components.

The clone has four MediaTek processor cores, 8 times less RAM (512 MB instead of 4 GB), a 5 MP web camera and a weak battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh.

If you meet such a smartphone s7 edge, then remember that this is just a fake. The manufacturer did not even try to change the name.

These types of phones can be purchased for pennies in China, but they have nothing to do with the original products except the name.

How to recognize the original Samsung Galaxy S6 from a fake

Currently, the youngest model of the Samsung Galaxy s6 family impresses with its performance, attractive appearance and makes it one of the most attractive smartphones.

Let’s start with the box. The fake is very similar to the original, but there is a detail that should attract your attention, this is the IMEI number. in the case of the original phone, it will always be placed on a sticker on the back of the box, and in most fakes it is missing.

To support yourself, do not buy the product at a price significantly lower than the factory price or outside the official distribution channels.

The vast majority of fakes of Chinese origin are just a fake Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

This is nothing new. For many years, people fall on offers of very low cost, which in practice turn out to have much less power than stated.

When making a purchase, you should always exercise restraint. the cheap is not the result of the kindness of the seller.

If the seller wants to hide his identity from you or even contact information, then there is a signal that something is wrong.

You should also pay attention to quality. The original Samsung Galaxy S6 is made of high quality materials, the back is finished with glass, and fakes are usually made of plastic. Differences should be felt even by inexperienced consumers.

Another detail you should look at is the screen. This is the most expensive part of the smartphone and in fakes its quality often leaves much to be desired.

Another element that will allow you to distinguish the original from fakes is the camera lens. The original Galaxy S6 is very expertly tailored, which even an inexperienced eye will notice.

In the case of fake it is a simple black eye. In addition, the fake LED lamps are more yellow than in the original smartphone.

The biggest difference between the real thing and the fake is noticeable in the specification of the device. The original Samsung has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, an Exynos 7420 processor and 3 GB of RAM.

Fake usually fails to match even half of these properties.

Such large expenses, which involves the purchase of a new smartphone, must be approached with extreme caution. It is worth checking the reliability of the source in which you intend to purchase the product.

Samsung Galaxy S5. how to distinguish an original or a fake

Not too long ago, the premiere of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 took place and our friends from the east did not disappoint us this time about creating fakes. The first one is the Goophone S5, which is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The first and main difference is the logo, we see that Goophone has developed an excellent clone. The second most noticeable difference is the price.

How to distinguish an original samsung galaxy from a fake. useful tips

I will give you some tips on how to distinguish a copy from the original. What we can see at a glance is the appearance of the phone.

Physical button “Home”. you should pay attention to its implementation. In fakes you can see inaccuracies.

Sometimes it deviates slightly or is too low / high in relation to the display.

Display. always noticeably weaker quality, low color saturation, low resolution and poor viewing angles.

The original Full HD uses a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and Super AMOLED, while a lower class is installed on fakes. Most TFT LCDs are 500 × 480, 960 × 540, or 1280 × 720.

You will notice much weaker performance. The fingerprint scanner. in the original, is placed in the Home button of the smartphone, but it may not be in a fake.

There is no “Smart Care” sticker in the original box and most people think that this sign indicates the original.

Film Factory instead of FullHD certificate is not about originality, but about fake. The inscriptions on the charger of the original Samsung Galaxy are on top, and in the fake they are often placed on the front. They can also be changed proportionally to the logo or even blurred.

The fake serial number is often missing or incorrect (. np.0000000000, 1234 )

Errors in translation and description. instead of contacts in fakes, they often mix characters with the Chinese alphabet.

With this information, I hope that you will not let anyone fool you. Be especially careful at auctions, there you can find a lot of fake phones. Successes.