Samsung Pay ATM Asks for Pin Code

In the process of drawing up a credit or debit card, a bank employee is obliged to give all the information to a new client so that he can use his card without any problems.

Usually this applies to replenishment of a bank account, methods of making money transfers, cashing out credit and own funds from an account, and much more.

Sometimes they omit some details and the issue of activating a card at Rosbank remains open to a new client. If you do not immediately use the card, then you can miss the opportunity to automatically activate the card.

The issue remains relevant for active customers who immediately wanted to cash out or pay with a card for their purchase.

In some cases, the system itself may fail and the client will need to figure out the reason on his own or apply for help from a bank employee using one of the methods available to him.

Activation problems

Samsung Pay ATM Asks for Pin Code

The control system of plastic cards is not entirely ideal and in some moments it may fail. This is extremely rare, but still possible.

She is obligated to activate the card within 24 hours after signing the contract with the bank, so that the client has access to his account and the next day can actively use it.

There are rare cases when this does not happen and you have to look for ways to activate the Rosbank card yourself. There are several of them, and they will be discussed later.

Separately, I would like to clarify a certain point for citizens who issued a card at Rosbank and went abroad to rest or work.

For security reasons, the bank may block the card in case of detection of suspicious actions in the bank account (in our case, withdrawing money from the card abroad), which it considers to be fraudulent.

To ensure security, the card will be temporarily blocked and only after contacting the bank can it be unlocked.

To avoid such an annoying misunderstanding, it is enough in Internet banking in the card management section to find the section “do not block abroad when leaving” and check the box.

Card activation methods

In a specific case, we will have to contact the bank staff using any of the available methods. It is recommended not to wait until the situation resolves on its own, but to act immediately.

Hotline call

First of all, you should call the bank hotline at 8 800 200 54 34 and wait for the connection with the operator.

Since the bank cannot disclose information about its customers, the operator will need to make sure that you are truly a client of the bank. To do this, he must ask a couple of questions on maintaining a bank account and ask for the code word that was indicated when signing the contract with the bank.

If you answer the questions correctly, you will have the opportunity to get information about the status of the account and request activation of the card.

The request will be accepted and recorded in the customer data processing system. After successful processing of the request, an SMS will be sent to the mobile phone number with a notification of the successful consideration of the application.

Activation via ATM

If you don’t have the time or desire to contact Rosbank’s customer support service, you can go a bit faster. To do this, you need to find the nearest ATM of the Rosbank network and perform any operation, even if it is just checking the card balance.

To search for an ATM, it is not necessary to run around the streets, but just go to the official website of Rosbank and click on the “ATMs” or “Branches” button. In the menu that opens, a card with all “native” ATMs and devices from partner banks will be displayed.

Appeal to the department

Finally, the simplest method remained. contacting a customer service specialist in one of Rosbank’s branches. Most of the bank’s employees are located there specifically for such cases when a client needs help with solving a particular problem.

A bank employee may require you to provide passport data (or present a passport) to identify the client. After that, the employee will take a card and ask to go to the ATM, where you will need to enter a pin.

After that, it is enough to complete any operation and the card will be activated. It is important to remember that the pin code cannot be disclosed to anyone, including bank employees.

Contacting a bank is a quick activation of a card at Rosbank, which can be done immediately after signing a service agreement.

Most customers don’t even notice that it is necessary to activate the card, because this happens automatically or the specialist, when issuing the invoice, asks to enter a new pin code for the card, after which the plastic is also activated.