Samsung ML 1641 Printer Does Not Print

Those who use Samsung ML-1640, ML-2015, ML-1641, ML-2160 printers often complain of malfunctions, accompanied by the fact that the red light is on. Sometimes this is preceded by a sharp decrease in print speed, poor quality of received documents and photos, or a complete lack of result.

Samsung ML 1641 Printer Does Not Print

Printer SAMSUNG ML-2160

A regular user can not always figure out the problem. If there is no experience in such matters, contact a service center. After all, one wrong move can cost a newly acquired printing device. Repair under warranty in this case is more profitable. Proper diagnostics are of great importance.

Causes of malfunctions

Why does the Samsung printer not print and the red light is on? They can cause a similar problem:

  • computer sheets, if they are incorrectly selected, dented, are not characterized by the necessary density;
  • incorrect cartridge installation;
  • the need for firmware;
  • insufficient paint or lack of paper in the tray;
  • manual feed;
  • open Samsung printer cover;
  • wrong selection of consumables.

The branded cartridges that are placed in Samsung printers have a special chip. With it, the amount of ink is marked. If their level is not high enough, then there will be no print, and a red light will signal this. Then it remains only to refill the print head.

In some situations, there is enough paint, but the light is still on. The cause may be an error caused by improper connection of the printer to a personal computer and engine malfunctions. There are actually several ways to solve problems. The first is the acquisition of a new tank, and the second is the implementation of firmware.

Replace burnt parts is real only in the service center. To simplify the diagnosis at home will help Smart Panel. This program will provide timely information about the cause of the problem, which will significantly reduce the time spent on repairs. Through it, you can adjust the amount of ink in the cartridges.

How to solve a problem

If the diagnostic program is not installed on the PC and there is no way to use the services of a service center, then you will have to search for the source of violations yourself. To begin with, you should read the instruction manual and assess the condition of the wires. In the absence of burn marks, open the lid. The paper tray, ink tanks and print head are inspected. If there are no visible problems, and the red light is still on, it remains to make the printer firmware.

Reset button

Before this procedure, you must remove the report. To do this, press “Reset” until the red light starts flashing. The resulting document contains information about the firmware, or rather its version. After you need to download and install a special program. Its download will start the firmware process, which in no case should be interrupted. Turning off the computer is also not recommended.

After the firmware, proceed as follows:

  1. The cartridge is installed back.
  2. Connect the Samsung printer to the mains.
  3. Waiting for the initialization to complete.
  4. Take out the tank.
  5. Seal the chip.
  6. Get to work.

You can try to reset the counter. To do this, the printer is connected to electricity, a combination of buttons is pressed (“”, “”, “stop”, “-“, “-“, “stop”, “stop”). The correct sequence will give the result: FC will appear on the display. The next step will be the impact on the “Start” button. Success will be recorded in the form of designation 07. After that, another “Start” will be required. Of course, you can just regularly change the cartridge, but this method is considered one of the most expensive.

Printer control panel

An effective method is unlocking. To do this, the printing device must be disconnected from the network and the back cover removed. All subsequent attention is paid to the boards, or rather the microcircuit, which is located on the right part and is marked 93C66. Example in the photo. Next, close the two legs. As a result, the lock is released.

What is forbidden to do when troubleshooting

If the red light on the Samsung ML-1640, ML-2015, ML-1641, ML-2160 printer is on, in no case is strictly prohibited:

  • push buttons just like that;
  • physically affect the printing device, for example, by impact.

The sooner the diagnosis occurs, the faster the diagnosis will be determined and repair will begin. The result obtained after the examination directly depends on the stage of the disease.

The best way out of the situation is to visit the service center. Specialists will conduct a competent diagnosis and identify why the red light is on. Repair will be made in a timely manner and without consequences.