Samsung J3 Contact Transfer

Samsung J3 Contact Transfer

Option One; transfer contacts via bluetooth.

  1. On the device from Samsung, turn on the Bluetooth function. You can do this in the phone’s settings or on the notification panel, finding there an icon corresponding to this, and putting it in the position “ON”. When the window opens “bluetooth”check that the checkbox is checked “GT-I9300 visible to all bluetooth devices nearby”. this is if the flag is set. And if not, the name will be “GT-I9300 is visible only to connected devices”.
    Attention! GT-I9300, this is the brand / series of my smartphone personally, you may have a different one and differ in number.
  2. On Nokia, go to the contacts section, where we click on the functions, and select “Select all”.
  3. Again we press the function, we find the Send submenu section, there we select the Business card.
  4. That’s all, we make the choice of transfer via Bluetooth, we start the search for the device, we press on the detected device “Ok”, and on Samsung we confirm the reception of data transfer. To do this, a window pops up where you need to press the button “To accept”.
  5. As all business cards are transferred, they should automatically appear on the Samsung device in its contacts.

Option Two; save contacts to file “Vcf”.

  1. On Nokia, in the contacts section, click functions, there we select “Select all”.
  2. Next, in the functions, select “Create a copy of the submenu”, paragraph “From phone to card”. After that, all contacts will be saved to the memory card in the format “Vcf”.
  3. We connect Nokia to the PC in the drive mode, and in the folder “Others” take the folder “Contacts” with files “Vcf”.
  4. Samsung connect to the computer, drop the folder “Contacts” to the phone’s memory (Phone), or to a memory card ((Card).
  5. On Samsung we find the application “Contacts”, launch, and press the left touch button of the function, where we select “Import Export”, and there we choose “Import from internal memory”. this is if the folder “Contacts” lies on the phone’s memory. If it lies on the memory card, then select another item “Import from SD card”. Specify the path to the folder “Contacts”, after which all contacts from it will be imported.

All good luck to everyone, train.

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