Samsung J2 Factory Reset

Root on Samsung Galaxy J2

How to root Samsung Galaxy J2 see instructions below.

Recommended programs for obtaining root rights:

  • Framaroot
  • Vroot
  • Kingo Android Root

If the apps didn’t help. Ask in the root topic on android or use the full list of root utilities from the topic header.

Hard Reset for Samsung Galaxy J2

Instructions on how to Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy J2 (factory reset). We recommend that you read a visual guide called factory reset on Android. [Hard Reset].

Reset codes (open the dialer and enter them).

27673855 #

  • ## 7780 ##
  • ## 7378423 ##

Samsung Galaxy J2

Samsung Galaxy J2 is a branded smartphone running on Android 5.1. Here you will find out the characteristics, how to get root or reset the settings, and you can also download firmware (for Odin, for example) and instructions for Samsung.

Firmware for Samsung Galaxy J2

Latest firmware Samsung SM-J200 Galaxy J2 Download
CAC J200HXXS0API2 (CAC region, device model J200H) Download

What are the custom firmware (firmware)?


  • Cm CyanogenMod
  • Lineageos
  • Paranoid Android
  • Omnirom
  • Temasek’s

All firmware AICP (Android Ice Cold Project)

  • Rr (Resurrection Remix)
  • Mk (MoKee)
  • Flymeos
  • Bliss
  • Crdroid
  • Illusion ROMS
  • Pacman ROM
  • Aokp

    Samsung smartphone problems and disadvantages and how to fix them?

  • If Galaxy J2 does not turn on, for example, you see a white screen, hangs on the splash screen, or the notification indicator only flashes (possibly after charging).
  • If it freezes when updating / freezes when it is turned on (needs a flashing, 100%)
  • Doesn’t charge (usually iron problems)
  • Doesn’t see the SIM card (SIM card)
  • The camera does not work (mostly hardware problems)
  • Sensor does not work (depending on the situation)
  • For all these problems, contact the forum (you just need to create a topic), specialists will help for free.

    How to enter Recovery?

    Hold down Vol (-) [volume down], or Vol () [volume up] and the power button

  • A menu with the Android logo will appear. Everything, you are in Recovery!

    Factory reset on Samsung Galaxy J2 can be done in a very simple way:

    Settings- Restore and Reset

  • Reset settings (at the very bottom)


    Battery capacity: 2000 mAh

  • Announced date: 2015-09-11
  • Type: Smartphone
  • Weight: 130g
  • Control: mechanical / touch buttons
  • Operating system: Android 5.1
  • Case type: classic
  • Number of SIM-cards: 2
  • Multiple SIM mode: alternate
  • Dimensions (WxHxT): 69×136.5×8.4 mm See all

    How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Upload

    The development of the android system is one of the main tasks of Google. Among the many new features, we want to tell you about a new protection program that has appeared on all phones of the android system with version 5.1 and higher. Thanks to it, for example, if the phone is lost or stolen, the owner of the device has the opportunity to block it. Thus, no one can download the phone without knowing the login and password from your Google account. It will also work when you reset the phone (hard reset).

    A similar security scheme has long been implemented by Apple in its products and has proven itself well. This is what happens if you do a full factory reset (for example, when removing a photographic key or phone firmware). When you first start and check access to the wi-fi network, the phone will ask you to confirm your account. A similar inscription will appear.

    Of course, if you remember the necessary data (they are entered when buying a phone), login and password, there will be no problems. But here’s how to bypass Google account verification if you have forgotten all your personal data and there is no way to restore them via email, and the firmware does not help?

    There are several ways, which one is right for you, I cannot say, since each of the phone manufacturers (Samsung, Micromax and others) release models with their own individual characteristics, various function keys and software filling.

    • Reset system settings and remove DRM license without cable.
    • For this, we need to get into the phone settings by bypassing the standard download through the help system. See step-by-step instructions using Lenovo phone as an example.

      • Soft reset via app.

      The procedure is more complicated here. To do this, we need an OTG cable with the program downloaded to the flash card, or simply reset the application on Micro SD (StartSettings.Apk) and insert it into the device. Similar in the example of a ZTE phone.

      • Other non-standard methods.

      Due to the huge number of models, there is no single correct solution to this problem. For example, in this one, the author turned off the modem with Internet access during the check and was able to bypass the confirmation on the LG G4 phone.

      The most complete list of all non-standard methods is presented here.

      I hope that with the help of our material you managed to unlink your phone from your Google account. You still have questions, write them in the comments


      Many of you leave your options for bypassing protection. We want to share one of them. This method was used on the Huawei MediaPad T3 7.

      1- Charge your tablet 100%
      2- Turn on, select language, region and connect to Wi Fi by accepting the terms of use.
      3- On the next page, Google Services, poke at the blue inscription Google Privacy Policy and in the window that appears, click and hold on any of the words so that an additional menu appears in which there is a Web search. Click on it, and select Opera (namely opera, because in chrome it may not be possible to open downloaded files).
      4- Download TestDPC. I had version 4 (as an option, use other quickshortcutmaker and Google Account Manager programs). I don’t know how anyone downloads, but I went to my Yahoo mail, where in the incoming messages I sent myself the necessary file from another mail. Install, run. Select the second item set up device owner, encrypt the device. Although many have seen the first choice. I have not personally tried it. A reboot occurs. Several times further, and then a DPC window pops up with a proposal to configure a profile. We accept the agreement. Configurable. Then some sign will pop up endlessly (I don’t remember which one, there is no tablet at hand already). Reboot.
      5- Clicking further, it should start (if the DPC menu pops up with a proposal to create a profile in English, select the lower skip value.
      6- That’s it, the tablet is running in normal mode. Go to settings and do a full reset. After turning on, we rejoice at the unlocked device


      Also in the comments and private messages they ask how to restore access to your Google account. We have a separate article about this. Here we are discussing a little something else, namely possible ways to bypass the confirmation.


      Let’s supplement the material with the next one from the visitor. This method will be useful to all owners of Xiaomi phones, regardless of the model.

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      Hello. I could not unlink the account from the Huawei gr 5. Thanks, I told you how to do this.

      How did you do it? Same phone, same problem.

      Thank you very much Micromax Canvas

      We are glad that we were able to help you.

      help me how to log into google account. Phone ginzzu 5001. I enter the password and I am thrown back.

      Hello same problem but Dexp phone model Ixion ES950


      Try the workarounds presented in.

      In the settings, you should not do a hard cut, but delete your account

      We did a factory reset, firmware, I don’t remember either the password or the mail, we can’t connect the Nokia 6 phone what to do

      Hello! My ZTE phone did a factory reset, asks for a Google account, did everything step by step as in your.

      Phone ZTE Z 10, tried everything, eight different ways, nothing helped, tell me, can anyone know, only for this particular phone model??

      Unfortunately, we do not have instructions specifically for your phone.

      I ask for help with advice, I have an LG k7, did a hard reset, I can not enter my google account

      Account blocking for 72 hours. After that you can re-enter the account data. I myself suffered I know

      And what are the old ones in the sense of the other?

      I have a samsung a10 phone, after resetting all factory settings, it asks for an account confirmation
      The phone is new, I didn’t put accounts on it!!
      I tried all the methods, it doesn’t work!
      And for yours too. Maybe have some good advice

      Tell me if anyone spent the ginzzu s5050?

      Forgot google account for samsung s7. And the password too. I will try. I hope it helps.

      If you originally bought this phone and registered an account, then try to restore access to the android by phone number.

      Good afternoon, my ZTE BLADE A510 phone requires confirmation of the Google account when resetting the phone, and there is no data for a long time, what should I do, none of the methods presented helps (

      The owner could not unlock, and gave me a brand new A2010, and thanks to you, HE EARNED. ))) Respect to the author.

      What can I say, not everyone is so lucky. ))

      Hello, can you please tell me how to untie Google account from honor 6a? Thank.

      Hello. Samsung J2 Prime phone. Thanks in advance.

      Good day! Please tell me what way to choose for LeEco le S3? And then we have already tried everything, they did not leave the account, now even resetting to the factory settings does not help, thanks in advance!

      Have tried your methods. Didn’t help.
      I have micromax.
      Helped this
      (do not advertise add it to the article)

      Separately, we note once again using the example of Micromax.

      Solving the problem for the ZTE Blade A465 smartphone

      Good day! I am also one of those who encountered this problem and could not solve it many times. I tried more than 10 methods described on the Internet, but only one helped me. I want to share it so that the next victims of such account protection do not spend so much time, effort and nerves to restore the phone’s working capacity. By the way, I am the owner of a ZTE Blade A465 with Android 5.1 firmware, why am I writing this? Because the whole Internet break, I was convinced that different methods of fixing the problem are suitable for different models. I turned out to be one of those for which all the more or less easy methods did not fit. And then I came across one message on the forum, when I read it, I thought I would never do this myself, but after vain attempts there were no options left, I had to proceed to the last method, in my opinion the most difficult at that moment. And of course, to try to perform these actions, I was prompted by the comment of the author that he tried this method on different models and it worked for all.
      Actually, I describe the method below:

      Method 2. Demand with the help of recovery

      Step 1. Turn off your Galaxy smartphone.

      Step 2. Press and hold the “Power” button, the “Home” button, and the “Volume Up” button.

      Step 3. Wait for the phone to vibrate, then release only the “Power” button.

      Step 4. Wait for the Android System Recovery screen to appear, then release the “Home” and “Volume Up” buttons.

      Step 5. Click the button “Volume down” and select the option “Wipe data / factory reset”.

      How to hard reset on a Samsung Galaxy

      Factory reset on Galaxy smartphones can be useful in case you encounter a serious system problem or just want to restore your smartphone to factory settings. However, a factory reset completely erases all personal data and system settings. Below are 3 ways to reset the settings using the example of Galaxy S3. But everything is exactly the same done on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S5 and any other smartphones and tablets that run on Android.

      Step 6.

      Press the “Power” key to select an option.

      Step 7. Press the “Volume Down” button to highlight the “Delete all user data” option.

      Step 8. Press the “Power” button again to select an option. Your phone will go through the process of resetting all settings and then upon completion you need to select “Reboot system now”.

      Step 9. Press the “Power” key to reboot the system and complete the master reset.

      Method 1. Reset in Settings Menu.

      Step 1. Press Menu on the home screen.

      Step 2. Click on Settings.

      Step 3. Select Backup reset (Archive reset).

      Step 4. Click Factory data reset.

      Step 5. Click on Reset Device. If you have activated the screen lock feature on your device, you will need to enter a password or PIN before proceeding.

      Step 6. Select Delete All. Your phone will erase all settings and erase all your data, then reboot.

      Method 3. Doing a factory reset using the dialer application

      Step 1. Open the dial pad on your phone, which is indicated by a green icon on all phones, which should be on the home screen.

      Step 2. Enter 27673855 #. Your device should do a hard factory reset and delete all your personal data.

      Now you know all the ways to do a hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It should be noted that this should be done only in extreme cases, and do not forget that all gadget data will be deleted after that!

      Samsung J2 Factory Reset

      Reset settings using the menu:

      At the bottom of the screen, go to Menu.

      • Find Settings.
      • Go to Restore and Reset.
      • Tap on the name Reset settings.
      • Give your consent to the reset by clicking Reset and Erase All.
      • Wait for the phone to load.

        Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. Hard reset, factory reset

        It is important to remember or write down the data (login and password) to log into your google account. After resetting the settings, you will need them to synchronize your data (contacts, applications, etc.) with your phone.

        Set up your phone correctly! Internet, hard reset, photographic lock. Instruction :. Your-mobila.Ru. Hard reset:

        To reset Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime G532F, follow these steps:

        Turn off your smartphone. Make sure it is at least 30% charged.

      • Simultaneously press and hold the following buttons: Volume up, Home (center), Power on. Release the buttons after the screen lights up.
      • After 10 seconds, the phone will enter the recovery menu. If the robot logo appears on the screen, hold down the Power button and, without releasing it, press the Volume () button once. Release the buttons.
      • The cursor is moved with the Volume buttons, and the confirmation with the Power button. Select the line Wipe data / factory reset.
      • The phone will ask you to confirm the reset. Select Yes delete all user data.
      • Click the Power button once, thereby selecting reboot system now.
      • Wait for your smartphone to load.

        Official Reset / Bypass FRP

        Enter the login and password from the Google account that was before the reset, if the device was purchased from hand, then ask for this information

      • From the computer, go to the Google account settings and unlink the Android device
      • If you have receipts and warranty coupons, contact the service center
      • When replacing key modules or the motherboard of a smartphone or tablet

        Google account after reset

        If viewed globally, then there are two options for resetting protection:

      • Official
      • Unofficial (Factory Reset Protection Bypass)
      • Let’s first look at the official option for resetting FRP or how not to get into this problem when resetting, and then consider all the ways to bypass Factory Reset Protection.

        Before you start re-reading the article! Read the comments first, and then carefully the whole article!

        Option 6 bypass Google account after reset for devices with MTK chip (Mediatek)

        For this method, you need an official firmware to install using a computer. This firmware must contain a scatter.Txt file.

        Download and install drivers on your computer

        • Install Notepad on your computer
        • In the folder with the firmware, find the scatter.Txt file and open it through the Notepad program
        • Find frp partition b in the text file and then copy the value of the linear_start_addr and partition_size fields
          Close scatter.Txt file
        • Run the program for firmware SP Flash Tool and in the Scatter-loading file field specify the path to the scatter.Txt file
        • Switch to the Format tab in the SP Flash Tool and specify
        • Manual Format Flash
        • Region EMMC_USER
        • In Begin Address [HEX], the values ​​are linear_start_addr
        • In Format Length [HEX] the partition_size values
        • Then connect the smartphone to the computer and click the Start button to erase the values ​​of the FRP section

          Option 1 bypass Google account after reset

          Insert a SIM card into the device on which you want to delete a Google account

        • Call this Android device
        • Accept the call and click the add new call button
        • In dialers, write any numbers and Add a number to an existing account
        • Enter your Google account details
        • Save contact in your account
        • Restart Android

          Option 3 bypass Google account after reset

          If your Android device supports Fastboot, then you can try to reset FRP through it.

          For this you need:


        • Installed Android drivers
        • Download Fastboot to your device
        • Put the device into Bootloader mode

          Then you can enter the following commands:

          Fastboot oem clean_frp

          Or execute a command like this

          Fastboot erase persistent
          fastboot erase frp
          fastboot erase config