Samsung gear VR connection to PC

What to do if your phone doesn’t connect to the Samsung Gear VR?

Under normal circumstances, connecting your smartphone to the Samsung Gear VR is as easy as putting on the headset itself. But if, when putting your phone into the virtual reality glasses, nothing happens, then something has definitely gone wrong.

There are at least 2 ways to fix this problem that won’t require much effort from you. So, what could be the reason?

How to focus the Gear and deal with blurriness

Having a clear view when you are in VR is a must for entertainment. You may need to focus the Gear VR before using it, and sometimes you may need to clean it up to deal with blurriness.

Focus your lenses

If this is your first time using the Gear VR and you’re seeing unfocused images, you may just need to adjust the lenses. It’s really easy to do. Wear the Gear VR first. At the top of the headset, you’ll find a scroll wheel. Scrolling to the right will bring the images closer to your eyes, and scrolling to the left will make them even farther away. You can use this to make sure what you’re seeing is in focus, and it’s especially handy for those who don’t have fantastic vision.

  • Insert your phone into the Gear VR and attach it to your head.
  • Slowly turn the distance knob until the text is clear.

It’s important that you are relaxed when reading text on the screen and don’t strain when reading. Once that’s possible, you’re ready to move on!

Clean your phone screen and the lenses inside the Gear VR

There are two other reasons why you might see blurry images. If the screen of your phone is not clear, the image will be blurred. The inside of your Gear VR may also contain some dust or dirt that gets in the way. Fortunately, they are both easily fixed.

You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe off your phone screen, which may solve your problem. You can also rely on compressed air to remove dust. Use compressed air in short bursts to remove dust or dirt that has gotten in. After that, you can clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth if you still have problems

  • Check your phone screen for fingerprints
  • Clean off any dirt or stains
  • Use compressed air in short bursts on the inside of the Gear VR
  • Wipe with a microfiber cloth if necessary
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The first time you turn on the helmet, the system will ask you to reinstall the software, after which the person enters a personal “3D cabinet”. It looks something like this (picture from a third-party source, it’s hard to make a picture from your glasses):

First Impression: It Really Works. A full 3D picture, you can turn your head, everything changes smoothly and synchronously with the movement of the head. Samsung engineers managed to make the sensors work well. in my previous phone I tried to use the program planetarium which I had to point at the sky. the image was constantly twitching, moved in the wrong place, the error “COMPASS not calibrated” often appeared, here there is nothing of that, everything is clear and smooth.

The “cabinet” itself gives practically standard features, like in any app store. Top free, Top paid, announcements of some news, video clips, etc. The program of interest can be bought / downloaded directly from the store, without removing the helmet (to confirm the purchase you must enter a pin code). In general, in terms of VR-environment, programmers have done a good job. completely forget that this phone, not a separate VR-helmet.

Speaking of pictures, the resolution of your smartphone screen is 2960×1440, respectively, when using stereo it is at least halved. We can roughly assume that the effective resolution in VR is somewhere around 1280×1280 (the picture in the helmet is round). This is certainly not retina, on the other hand, not so little. still a lot of tablets have a comparable resolution, and it is quite enough. Really can say that the pixels are visible if you look closely, but so, while viewing they do not interfere.

In general, from a technical point of view, there are no complaints to the Samsung VR. With the availability of software, everything is a little more complicated.

Use wired controllers, mice and keyboards

There are some great games that support gamepads on the Gear VR. Although you can use different wireless controllers to play them, you can also connect a wired controller through the USB Type-C port. Most gamepads connect using USB Type A, so you must purchase an OTG USB Type-C adapter. In addition, it can be used to connect a wired or USB dongle, mouse and keyboard to the Samsung Gear VR.

And how do you use the USB port on the Gear VR? Have you learned any new ways to use the port? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Install the Oculus app on your Galaxy device

Select Next to download the Oculus app to your Galaxy device.

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Don’t download the Google Play Store version of the Oculus app: It is not compatible with the Gear VR.

Read the warning, select “I Agree” and click Next.

On the next page, select Install.

On the Samsung Gear VR welcome page, select Start.

If you have an Oculus account, sign in now. Or create a new account.

If any software updates are available, download and install them now.

On the next page, select Enable Bluetooth. Then confirm the device permissions to enable Bluetooth.

Redheaded actor from Jedi: Fallen Order “offended” by the modders who “corrected” his appearance

“Do people still hate redheads??” was the question either jokingly or seriously posed by actor Cameron Monahan, star of Shameless and starring in the recent hit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The thing is, after the game was released, the folk craftsmen immediately rushed to “fix” the textured appearance of Cal Castis, the Padawan’s underachiever, which the artist lent to him. And the most popular fashion looks are those that turn a redheaded guy into a brunette or blond.

Windows 10 was not only developed for desktops. there is a version of the popular OS for devices on ARM processors. Although it is not designed for Android gadgets, enthusiasts do not stop it. one of them has already ported “10” on his OnePlus 6.

The difference between Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard

A distinctive feature of the Samsung VR Gear from virtual reality helmets for phones like Fibrum Pro, is the need to connect your smartphone directly to the helmet. Connected via a mini-USB connector, you can control your smartphone via the above mentioned control keys, as well as connect the phone to the charger.

When you connect your smartphone to the Samsung Gear VR helmet, the interactive shell Oculus Rift will start. After registering an account and installing the suggested basic set of apps, there will be the ability to view 360 photos and videos, a 3D movie theater and an app store. It should be noted that almost all of the apps in the store are paid, with a price tag of 4 to 15. By the way, the company OculusVR announced that the application purchased in their store can be used in a VR helmet for the phone, as well as in the Oculus Rift in the future.

There is no possibility to use with glasses, the manufacturer recommends to wear contact lenses. However, the ability to adjust the focal length is present. Personally, having about 0.7 vision, but never wearing glasses, I could not adjust the focal length qualitatively. perfect clarity is not observed. The phone is inserted into the special clamps and closed with a lid.

connectivity and portability

Here everything is extremely simple. Oculus Rift works only from the wires that are stretched to your PC or laptop. And the Samsung Gear VR runs wirelessly on Bluetooth from your smartphone. The smartphone itself becomes a monitor when inserted into the device. So you only have to rely on its battery. A competitor can work as long as it is connected to the computer. Hence the portability of the device. The Samsung Gear VR box is lighter, smaller, but without a smartphone inside it is worthless. It’s designed for the sound from the phone’s speakers. And the competitor has everything of its own: a display and headphones, as well as a series of sensors and manipulators to interact with the worlds. However, not all devices are included in the kit, some will have to be purchased separately. But the Oculus Rift can detect its location in space. The competitor is not.

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62 the set Steelseries Stratus XL for additional orientation in the space of the virtual world. However, there is a cheaper one. For 29, you can buy the Moga Hero Power. And there will be plenty of Chinese manipulators for the gadget on the market as soon as the device is finally released. Additionally, the Oculus Rift now comes with a wireless gamepad from Xbox One. It, too, is more than enough for orientation in the space “on the other side”. About the equipment of the competitor it is impossible to say anything. only the case with tightening brackets, and that’s all. Everything else you need to have your own, namely one of the aforementioned smartphones. Also we are developing Oculus Touch. the universal controller, which will soon replace all additional devices, as it will be the glove, and the user will control games with his hands.

Determine your tolerance for motion sickness

Some people are more susceptible to motion sickness in VR than others, and some content is likely to be more motion-sick.

Fortunately, Oculus has taken better care of this than other companies and has included comfort ratings on the Oculus Store categorizing content as: “comfortable for most,” “comfortable for some,” or “comfortable for a few.”. Compare your reactions to each category of apps and guard against those that don’t fit your tolerance level.

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