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A parity situation has arisen on the world market. the de facto market was divided by two players, Apple and Samsung. Each company has its own flagship, for Apple this is actually the only product. the iPhone, you can not take into account the old models or iPhone 5c, which appeared in 2013. For Samsung, the set of products is much larger, but the main focus is on the Galaxy S, this is the best-selling phone that competes with the iPhone. In 2013, sales of the Galaxy S4 came close to the iPhone 5, in some countries they even exceeded the iPhone by a few months, but then a new model came out and everything returned to normal. Samsung rightly believes that the Galaxy S4 has become a successful product, although the dreams that its sales will exceed those for the iPhone have not come true. over, the potential of this device is very high, until today its versions are released that will live on the market for at least another year and a half. And here Samsung fell into exactly the same trap as Apple before them. previous models began to look more attractive than new ones. Let me remind you that with the release of iPhone 5 and the new version of iOS 7, many people suddenly began to buy iPhone 4s, since the design of this device and its characteristics seemed to them better. There was no difference in the quality and size of the screen, there were no significant, big differences either. This happened for the first time for Apple, when the old model unexpectedly after the release of the new one did not become a niche, but took up half of the sales.

Apple’s model for Samsung is not quite suitable, it is difficult to draw direct parallels. since S4, S3 sales remained high and noticeable, but these were products of completely different price classes. Unlike Apple, Samsung’s flagships are constantly getting cheaper throughout the year, with a total initial cost loss of 33 percent. Therefore, Apple will not be able to shift the situation, companies in different positions. But we can say with confidence that the Galaxy S5 tried to preserve all the features of the previous device, and also did not make it a competitor to Note 3, plus save the sales of all S4 options. Despite all the public statements, sales plans and the like, we can safely say that the Galaxy S5, despite its flagship status, does not play such a role for Samsung. Perhaps this is due to the release of an older version of the device, the presence of which is denied by the company, or the release of Note 4 in September, which is gradually shifting focus. Of course, the sales volume of this model will be at least at the S4 level, possibly 10-15 percent higher. But a boost in sales will be provided by cheaper S4 options, the bet is placed on them, as well as on the Note line. This happened for the first time and looks like a conscious decision, from which all the characteristics of the flagship flow.

Samsung Galaxy S5 How to Know the Processor

For the first time in Galaxy S5, the technical specifications do not exceed those for the Note line model, in our case it is Note 3. Formally, we can talk about an improved camera, but it does not offer striking differences in the quality of photos, the processor is about the same performance, the amount of memory, including operational, less in S5. These are clearly products of a different class, and Note 3 looks very profitable against the background of the S5, it was clearly breathed a second life by this announcement.

For the buyer, this means that buying a Galaxy S5 is not at all as profitable as it might seem at first glance, since its alternatives look extremely attractive and interesting. First of all, this is Galaxy S4, secondly. Note 3. It is interesting that there is almost no reason to choose S5 in front of these devices. all these reasons are insignificant, and their combination for the majority will not outweigh the factor. Although it is possible that many consumers will change their phones by inertia, this group of customers has remained unchanged for many years. As an unclear factor, the release date for the new iPhone remains, if it takes place in the summer, this will affect the choice of many people. It is also obvious that by increasing the size of the screen, Apple eliminates one of the most serious complaints that these smartphones had. These factors, of course, will influence the sales of the S5 and its choice.

Many software chips from the Galaxy S5 may not come to previous models, not because of the possibility of their implementation, but for purely marketing reasons, it is necessary to show the difference in devices, to draw attention to the new product.

The question is interesting, is it worth changing the Galaxy S4 to S5. Such a replacement will be pleasant (a faster device, a better camera, there are different chips), but you will not notice much difference. Although there is still some sense in this. But the replacement of Note 3 with the Galaxy S5, in my opinion, is definitely devoid of any sense, these are products of different classes. However, let’s look at what S5 is.

Design, dimensions, controls

Samsung is trying not to experiment with the design of its devices; from year to year it remains unchanged. While testing the Galaxy S4 Black and S5 for a while, I kept confusing which of the phones in front of me. To distinguish them on the front panel with a cursory glance is almost impossible. You will succeed much better in the pictures, but in life they are completely similar. even slightly different sizes are not striking.

The phone is 142×72.5×8.1 mm and weighs 145 grams. Let me remind you that in S4 these parameters were 136.6×69.8×7.9 mm, 130 grams. Slightly higher, slightly wider. In the hand, the difference is not felt at all, exactly the same grip. easily fits in any pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S4

Designers came off on the back cover of the device. it has a structure under the skin, with uniform dots applied to the surface. Initially, 4 different color schemes are offered.

Two years ago, I had an X-Drago Dash Dot case, which had almost the same design as the back panel of the S5.

I can’t recall the case when a manufacturer would copy someone else’s cover when creating its flagship. This is another indicator of the crisis of ideas that is on the market. the same solutions are chewed by many companies.

The feeling from the back cover is strange, it is a little oily, as if saturated with some kind of solution. When you hold the device in your hands, your fingers begin to sweat on this cover (it is possible that this is an individual reaction of my body, but others also noted this after asking a question about their feelings).

The entire phone case is made of plastic, there are no other materials here. The back cover has a rubber edge, Samsung said that the device supports the IP67 protection standard. It is curious that during the presentation they indicated that it can be used in the rain, but should not be dropped into water. Let me remind you that the IP67 protection standard implies the possibility of immersion to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes. The Galaxy S5 has a built-in dongle for the microUSB connector, but there is no visible audio jack protection. From informal conversations, it turned out that the company specifically emphasizes that there is no need to throw the phone into the water. It can withstand immersion according to IP67, but a loose cap will cause leaks. The company believes that this will not be a warranty case. All products with IP67 have the same notes in the instructions; they must not be floated, they must not be immersed in water. This is dualism. The other day, I plan to test the level of protection of this device on professional equipment and then share the results with you. The will appear directly in the review and on our YouTube channel.

Another characteristic feature is the warning that you need to tightly close the cover of the charging connector, it appears after each charge. There are no sensors here, just common sense telling you to open the connector to charge the device. Also, after opening the case, you are asked to check its tightness.

On the left side surface there is a paired volume control key, on the right. on / off button. At the top there is a 3.5 headphone jack, it is moved to the right (on S4 on the left and next to the second microphone), this is done so as not to block the microphone when the headphones are turned on. There is also an IR port window.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5S

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Above the screen, you can see a 2-megapixel front camera, as well as a proximity sensor. The physical key under the screen is adjacent to two touch buttons. everything is unchanged, except that the key assignment has changed in accordance with how it is done in KitKat.


Perhaps this is the biggest disappointment. for the first time, Samsung decided not to increase the screen resolution for its flagship, but only slightly increase the diagonal. now it is 5.1 inches with a resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels (432 dpi, in S4. 441 dpi). It is impossible to see individual pixels of the screen, the resolution of the human eye does not allow this. There are no barriers for superhumans, and they see pixelation even on this device. SuperAMOLED screen type, displays up to 16 million colors.

One of the user’s misconceptions is the claim that Super AMOLED screens are too bright, the colors are saturated and unnatural. In the screen settings, you can choose any display option, including typical for screens of other manufacturers (more dull, natural colors). It is interesting that screens from other manufacturers give out the maximum possible, and it is impossible to make them brighter, more contrasting, and more saturated colors. Samsung has maximum flexibility.

Just like in S4, there is the option “Optimize display”. This is the most interesting setting, as the device analyzes the level of lighting around and, depending on the conditions, sets the contrast, brightness, plus adjusts the colors on the screen. It turns out that the white color looks white in almost all conditions. Another setting is “Professional Photography” (previously called Adobe RGB), but it almost does not affect the image display quality, the latter does not noticeably change compared to other settings (I could not notice this).

The screen looks great in the sun, there are no problems, the readability is slightly increased, this is due to a change in the screen itself, which I want to say separately. So, for the first time testing the playback time on this unit and the S4 Black Edition at maximum screen backlight, I drew attention to the white light on the S5, the picture looked much worse. It was a clear step back.

After playing with the settings, I found a rather funny thing. the picture quality is excellent and completely comparable to S4 with automatic backlighting (the default setting), but an attempt to twist the brightness up immediately leads to negative consequences. Also, the quality of the Adaptive Display is such that it is focused on the energy saving mode, the colors are muffled. To get a picture, like on S4, you should choose one of the other display modes.

With brightness, everything became clear in the sun, with automatic adjustment, it is twisted up under these conditions, readability in direct sunlight increases sharply. Although I couldn’t notice much difference in Moscow with the same Note 3 (Samsung Galaxy S5 in the photos above).

I have a strong feeling that the default settings are made in favor of a certain scenario in which people want not very bright, muted colors and medium backlighting. plus, this saves the battery. You should choose these parameters for yourself.

And here are a few photos comparing the screen with S4. Let me remind you that the screen in S4 was and remains the best on the market, in the S4 review there was a large comparison of displays, for the year the situation has not changed.

Comparison with Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 below:

Comparison with Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 on top:

Fingerprint scanner

The function is quite curious and appeared in response to the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5s, where you need to put your finger on the button. Unlike Apple’s implementation, in S5 you just need to swipe the center of the screen and touch the center key. In the settings you can register up to 3 fingerprints, hold with one hand while holding her phone, it is very inconvenient. Someone may be contrived, and it will come out, but it doesn’t work out for me. therefore, only with two hands. Apple has just one hand. and the device itself is smaller.

Almost always, the scanner works perfectly, determines the fingerprint quickly and unlocks the phone. During operation, I saw a message several times that the surface of the device was wet, I was asked to wipe it. Apparently, a sensor is used here, which is already in S4 and measures ambient temperature and humidity.

It is difficult to say something special about the scanner, everything works and does not cause any complaints.

Battery and power saving modes

The phone has a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2800 mAh (in S4 costs 2600 mAh), the manufacturer indicates for the device up to 390 hours of standby time, up to 21 hours of talk time, as well as up to 10 hours of watchings and about 45 hours of listening to music. Outside of reality, these results are impressive, but you and I are well aware that in practice most Android smartphones do not live so long and show very different results.

Before discussing the operating time of the device, I remind you that initially only the S5 version built on the Qualcomm chipset appears on the market, the Exynos version will be later. so this is only about this version of the phone. But there should not be any special differences.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5

So, the easiest way was to take the same FullHD in X.264 and see how long the Galaxy S4 could play it (took the Black Edition version on Qualcomm). Program for playing. MX Player, without hardware decoding. The result with maximum screen brightness, muted sound and offline turned out to be typical. about 9.5 hours.

For most modern smartphones, this is an unattainable result, for example, MTK devices spin a similar clip for about 4-5 hours (with a comparable battery capacity). The S5 test revealed a curious moment. the device worked for about 12 hours 40 minutes. Unfortunately, during playback, he once went to the main menu, so he had to start playback again. but the impact of this incident is minimal, you can not take it into account, since the screen’s working time shows how long the has been spinning.

Many people are impressed by the “bare” numbers, but do we often watch non-stops and do not use other functions? Of course, infrequently, because the phone is a universal harvester in which we use literally all the possibilities. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate together how the battery works, how long it allows you to stretch the phone. Here we can say that S5 is not very different from S4, the operating time is comparable. with heavy use of the device, it will sit by about lunchtime (3-4 hours of screen operation and a couple of GB of data). With not very strong exploitation will be able to survive until the evening. Unfortunately, I was not able to notice a special difference from S4, the device definitely loses to the same Note 3, which remains a champion in energy consumption and quietly survives until the evening with any usage profile.

However, in the phone’s settings, two more were added to the existing energy-saving modes, and they also created a quick power button for them. There is a usual energy-saving mode in which you can limit the background operation of applications, turn on gray colors for the screen (for AMOLED, this is a chip. gray does not consume much energy). over, in the gray range you can work almost everywhere, even watch a. but it will be gray, which is not too pleasant and convenient.

I was interested to see whether it is possible to live the whole day in this mode of energy consumption. I calmly succeeded, we can say that the device will last two days, but it will not bring you any pleasure. It is unlikely that there will be people who will use the screen in such a color scheme. There is also another limitation. in Whatsapp and other programs that use a background connection, work stops, you stop receiving messages. For social networks that Samsung and the SNS program know, as well as with access permissions received on the phone (Facebook, Instagram, 4square, Twitter), you receive push messages from the Samsung service. That is, the power saving mode also has a software chip. instead of push messages from different services / programs, they come in a certain interval from only one. This interval cannot be configured; all settings are hidden from the user. Look at the graphs of using the phone in this mode.

This saving mode is good in conditions when your battery is low, but you need all the functions of the phone. Then, at 10 percent of the charge, you can easily live about two hours, practically not denying yourself anything. Two hours is an active use of the device, it can simply live much longer in a pocket.

In the early firmware of the device, the widget for starting the energy saving mode showed the approximate operating time in two modes. normal and maximum. For the commercial version, the first mode was removed, it can be activated from the menu, but it is impossible to see the estimated time of work.

The maximum power limitation mode cuts down almost everything, at 35 percent of the battery charge the phone will be able to work in standby mode for at least 4 days. But, of course, it all depends on how you use it. The gray gamma is also turned on, but all communications are cut off, the list of running applications is limited only to those that you have allowed, all background processes are turned off. This is a very deeply redesigned procedure, since many system functions are disabled, you cannot take a screenshot in this mode, many built-in options will not be available (but you do not need them).

I liked this mode because when the battery runs down, activating this mode with one touch, you can easily live until the evening. SMS and voice will be available to you.

The bottom line is we have a fairly typical and gluttonous Android, which, however, works quite comparable to the iPhone 5s on the same tasks. To avoid unnecessary disputes and battles, I want to emphasize that each of us has its own set of applications, work profile, backlight brightness and so on. The phone, which will work for one person for two days, will sit down for another by dinner. Therefore, it is not necessary to give the operating schedules of their devices, they do not say absolutely anything, you need to compare the devices at the same time, with the same load. For S5, you should focus on a full day of work, taking into account the fact that you will use certain chips of energy saving, without refusing, however, all the pleasures of this device.


A separate material is dedicated to the camera, in which you can find out everything that is possible about it.