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imbalance of Samsung gadgets

Naturally, A-brands cannot afford to sell their own gadgets for cheap, but what’s the point of increasing the price on weak devices that really have nothing to offer? It is the discrepancy between the hardware and the price tag that prompts buyers to look more and more towards Chinese smartphones. Yes, they will suffer a day with the firmware to install a stable version of it and will use the iPhone with pleasure. Samsung takes as much for the weak Galaxy A 2017 as the manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom ask for the flagships.

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Galaxy smartphones

What is the point in the headset that comes with the phone, if in most cases it is a temporary solution? Again, according to the owners of Samsung smartphones, branded headphones not only sit poorly in their ears and constantly strive to fall out, but also sound mediocre. That is, buying a device for 50-60 thousand rubles at the start of sales, you will have to separately buy good headphones as well.

battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy smartphones

If above we talked about software flaws that affect the operating time of Samsung phones, now it’s time to talk about the hardware, namely about batteries. It’s 2017, Chinese smartphone builders have long been equipping their devices with 4100 mAh batteries, and Samsung developers are saving everything on batteries. For example, Galaxy A3 and A5 devices from 2016 can offer users only 2300 and 2900 mAh, while the battery capacity in similar smartphones in 2017 has grown by no more than 100 mAh. Every year, the power of the processors is growing, the power consumption is increasing, and the batteries, as the Samsung had weak, remained so.

Samsung smartphones are falling rapidly in price

At the time of the release of such flagships as the Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, theirs. this is how much the South Korean company appreciated its gadgets. However, after half a year. For some, this is good, since without chasing new products, you can significantly save money, but the owners are already having a hard time. If they want to sell still hot, seemingly top-end smartphones, people lose half the cost of the devices. For comparison, the iPhone is not so rapidly falling in price, and after a year, any current Apple device can be profitably sold. What can I say, if even an old iPhone 5s is currently sold for exorbitant.

Should you buy a Samsung smartphone?

The South Korean company Samsung, namely its mobile division, has been the market leader for Android devices for quite some time. This brand earned particular popularity after the release of the legendary Galaxy S2 (2011), and then consolidated its leadership position with a smartpedo of that time. Galaxy Note. It is also worth noting that Samsung has been actively fighting for a place in the sun with such a giant as Apple for five years. the company is constantly comparing its flagships from the Salaxy S line to iPhones. How many scandalous news flashed on the network with regards to two corporations, how many courts were experienced (now they are probably also suing), but for some reason Samsung cannot move Apple. over, towards the end of 2016, Samsung had serious problems with the Galaxy Note 7. It spontaneously caught fire and was taken out of production, and in February 2017 one of Samsung’s factories for the production of batteries burned down. On the one hand, Samsung. this is a leader that can offer users flagship devices, on the other hand, the South Korean manufacturer has more than enough shortcomings. Many people do not see any disadvantages in the products of this company, however, we have identified 10 reasons to refuse to buy Samsung devices.

camera in Samsung Galaxy

The last point, however, like the previous nine, does not apply to absolutely all smartphones from Samsung, but is true only for certain models. Only budget and mid-budget devices of the manufacturer will fall under the distribution. Samsung’s flagships are undoubtedly some of the best camera phones in the world (ranked here) and sometimes outperform Apple’s devices in photo quality. However, for some reason, the more affordable phones of this brand cannot boast of the same. In the daytime, for example, the Galaxy A of 2016 is filmed quite acceptable, but with the onset of the evening, the photos turn into god knows what. And it is not known at all whether inexpensive gadgets have disgusting matrices, or the software is screwing up.

system applications in Samsungs

The Android system is based in such a way that not all applications on the internal memory can be moved to the memory card. Basically, these are services from Google and some branded applications of the smartphone manufacturer itself (of any brand), however, here Samsung stood out. On the devices of this company, it is simply impossible to move any application from the internal memory to the card, although the transfer function itself exists, and this is a huge problem for those who have only 16 GB of memory. The memory card in Samsungs, apparently, only allows you to record photo-video content or music on them.

Comparison of characteristics

Now that we know the main differences between smartphones, let’s dig deeper.

Price comparison


Phones are equipped with screens of different types. this is IPS with a diagonal of 6.1 inches on the iPhone and OLED on Samsung. The diagonal of the latter is 6.1 inches, the resolution is 3040 × 1440, which gives a pixel density of 550 PPI. IPhone 11 has a lower density at 326 PPI, although there is no pixelation on any display.

Screen test results:

The display on the Samsung S10 is better as it delivers higher brightness and infinite contrast. Plus, it’s OLED capable of HDR10 video playback, so quality content will look cooler on Samsung. But Apple has to give it its due. “iPhone 11” received a cool IPS-matrix with accurate colors and high contrast. It will appeal to users who have eye pain from OLED screens.


iPhone 11 has a 3,110mAh battery and comes with a 5W charger that is not compatible with fast charging technology. “Native” adapter gives only 18% charge in 30 minutes, a full cycle lasts 4 hours.

The Samsung S10 offers a 3400 mAh battery, a 15W charger in the box. with it the flagship charges up to 48% in 30 minutes from scratch, a full cycle lasts 1 hour and 31 minutes. Wireless and reversible charging is also announced. IPhone 11 also has wireless charging, but not reversible.

Test results:

iPhone 11 Samsung S10
Continuous conversations, screen off 17:45 h 21:19 h
Internet surfing, brightness 200 cd / m2 15:29 h 10:10 h
Video playback, brightness 200 cd / m2 18:43 h 12:56 h

In terms of autonomy, the “iPhone” wins, as it keeps surfing the Internet for 5 hours longer and gives 6 hours of video playback. But Samsung is more autonomous in operating mode with the screen off, in particular, it guarantees 3.5 hours of talks.


The iPhone 11 is powered by the powerful Apple A13 Bionic processor with improved graphics and NPU (Dedicated Neural Processing Unit), which provides not only performance, but also a cool night mode, shooting 4K video with the front camera. So far, it is the most powerful chip in the mobile world.

The Samsung S10 has a powerful Exynos 9820, an 8nm core processor with powerful Mongoose M4 units and Mali-G76 MP12 graphics. I will not describe the characteristics, it is appropriate to give the test results in benchmarks:

iPhone 11 Samsung S10
GeekBench 4.1 (single core) 5477 4543
GeekBench 4.1 (multi-core) 13882 10174
GFX 3.1 Manhattan graphics test (1080p offscreen) 121 68
GFX 3.1 Car scene graphics test (1080p offscreen) 76 43
AnTuTu 7 419453 328366

In terms of performance, the iPhone 11 wins. it gives out almost 2x graphics performance and offers functionality that has not been previously seen on any other phone: shooting 4K / 60 FPS on any camera. main, wide-angle, front.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone 11. Comparison of Cameras, Screens, Batteries, Processors

Both smartphones in the title are flagships. Samsung S10 was released in March 2019, six months later the “eleventh iPhone” was pulled up. Let’s figure out which device is better to take in late 2019. early 2019.


The iPhone 11 features a 12MP f / 1.8 aperture primary camera sensor with Dual Pixel focusing technology and optical stabilization. Additional module. 12 megapixel with a wide-angle lens, but without autofocus, and even more so without stabilization.

On the Samsung S10, everything is more interesting:

Samsung Galaxy S10. TOP 10 FEATURES

  • Main sensor: 12 MP, with a dynamic aperture of f / 1.5-2.4, 1.4 microns, Dual Pixel autofocus, there is optical stabilization
  • Tele

    In fact, the characteristics of the sensors say little, but the presence of a telephoto camera on the Samsung is already a plus.

    Compare software from Google and Samsung

    Top photo. software Samsung, bottom photo. Google Camera

    In fairness, it should be noted that determining which picture is better. the one taken using Google software or the one without it. is rather difficult, if not impossible. This is because the result that you see in the photo will satisfy someone, but not someone. it’s a matter of taste.

    Top photo. software Samsung, bottom photo. Google Camera

    Although Google’s HDR and low-light functions are superior to those built into Samsung’s shell in terms of image quality, the latter will still have better color accuracy. As for the background blur mode (Bokeh), Samsung’s standard software does much better here, but only in good lighting conditions. Google’s Night Sight captures details that are lost in Samsung photos.

    Top photo. software Samsung, bottom photo. Google Camera

    The Google app seems to lean more towards colder shades and some photos give off a bit of blue. On the other hand, in portraits, the skin looks much more structured and has a more natural shade due to the absence of the classic Samsung enhancer, which strives to make a mannequin or a doll out of each.

    Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2020

    Photo on the left. Samsung software, photo on the right. Google Camera

    There is another discrepancy and it lies in the fact that all over the world, except the United States, are sold new Galaxy S on the Exynos chipset, and Google software is sharpened to work on Qualcomm chipsets.

    How to make the Galaxy S10 camera even better

    The excellent camera software from Google that no longer needs any introduction is capable of creating stunning quality photos with just one module, even in the most difficult shooting conditions. Thanks to the invaluable work of users of the resource XDA under the nicknames “cstark27” and “Arnova8g2” now users of almost all devices of the Galaxy S line can try the work of the camera software from Google on their smartphones. Provided the cameras on the new Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy S10 are already pretty good, with the new ability to use Google software with HDR, wide-angle images and low-light photography, in theory, photo quality should come out. to a new level.

    How to install a Google camera on your Galaxy S

    As stated above, you need a Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S to install Google’s software, and your smartphone must have the latest Android operating system update. We told you about such an update in a separate article, and it must be installed to activate the wide-angle camera function.

    • Download the latest version of Google Camera from the link.
    • Install the downloaded APK file on your Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10e or Samsung Galaxy S10.
    • Download a special file with settings from the link.
    • Place the configuration file in the root directory (/ Internal Storage / GCam / Configs /).
    • Launch the app and tap twice on the black area next to the shutter button.
    • Select option s10csMar2.xml
    • Click “Restore”

    Now you can enjoy the famous Google camera on your equally famous Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10e!

    Already tried out the Google camera on your Galaxy S? How is she to you?

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