Samsung Galaxy S10 How to Distinguish Fake

Recently, Chinese fakes have literally flooded the world market. This applies, including smartphones to world-famous companies such as Samsung. over, with the Galaxy S9 there was a completely paradoxical situation.

Manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom began to produce a copy of the flagship Samsung even before the official release. The smartphone has not yet been submitted, and copies are already being sold. Oh, the Chinese, the Chinese. 🙂

And what started after the start of sales! Galaxy S9 does not sell unless lazy. And not all of these sellers are honest. There are a lot of fakes.

For example, they tried to push the real Galaxy S9 right at the bus stop.

And here is the most important thing to understand. the original smartphone or not? How easy is it to distinguish a fake? Let’s figure it out!

As it was before?

A few years ago, even a person who was not particularly versed in such devices could identify a fake gadget, because ridiculous, and sometimes even funny, functions were added to these smartphones.

For example, antennas were installed to watch TV programs. In devices where there should be one SIM-card, for some reason there were two of them. Russification caused a smile (or wild anger. nothing is clear!), And the build quality left much to be desired.

What is now or signs of fake Galaxy S9

Modern manufacturers of fake flagships no longer make such mistakes, although. it’s worth paying attention to some points. So, the fake “nine” has the following shortcomings:

  1. In the earliest copies, the fingerprint sensor was not located under the camera, but next to it (as in the Galaxy S8).
  2. The Samsung inscription on the back of the case is often printed unevenly or with errors.
  3. Sometimes the same inscription is present on the front side of the smartphone (.).
  4. When turned off, the screen is almost the same as the original. But if you turn it on, then in the upper and lower parts of the display you can see large black stripes. Of course, they should not be.
    Samsung Galaxy S10 How to Distinguish Fake
  5. The Bixby button does not call Samsung’s proprietary voice assistant, but “Ok Google.” This is at best.
  6. The inscriptions on the back cover. The original has Samsung and other technical information. The fake, in addition, has a smartphone model written. Galaxy S9 or S9. Updated! On youtube there ares in which this inscription is present even in the original smartphone model. Our assumption is that these are either pre-sale engineering samples (issued to bloggers and companies for review), or. there are no more ideas (if you have any thoughts, then be sure to write in the comments!). For 100%, one can definitely say only one thing. the official Rostest Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus do not have this inscription.
  7. Technical specifications are much worse and this can be seen even without any special skills. The screen is dull, everything is slow, and there is often not enough memory.
  8. The copy has one speaker. Try to turn on the music. the sound will come only from the bottom of the case.

In general, at the moment, it is often quite simple to pick up such a device and everything becomes clear. However, manufacturers are constantly improving their product and it is possible that in the near future it will be very difficult to visually distinguish a copy. What to do? There are proven ways to figure out a fake.

Quickly recognize a copy of the Galaxy S9

Before you transfer money to the seller, and become the happy owner of a brand new gadget, use the benchmark. For these purposes, we recommend using the AnTuTu utility.

Note! AnTuTu needs to be downloaded independently. If the program is already installed on the sold phone, then its results cannot always be trusted. Be sure to delete it and download again.

Here is a step-by-step verification instruction:

  1. From the Play Market, download and install AnTuTu, after which we launch the program;
  2. We find the menu item “Device Check”.
  3. Click on it and see the result.

In our case, the Galaxy S9 turned out to be genuine. And thanks for that 🙂

Checking the gadget using the service code

Another simple way to check the originality of any smartphone from the Galaxy line. To do this, go to a special menu that opens using special codes. So, let’s go:

  1. We dial # 7353 # (like a regular phone number).
  2. The real Galaxy S9 displays a special menu on the display, where the corresponding functionality will be displayed with various options for testing the device.

To consolidate the result, you can try another code. # 0 #. It will not work with a fake, and the original Galaxy S9 will open another menu for testing the functions of the device.