Samsung Galaxy how to connect internet

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Access point setting

This step is optional and you should resort to setting up the access point only if the Internet did not work after activating the basic settings (from step).

To do this, open the section “Connections” and go to the item “Mobile networks”.

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If necessary, activate the switch “Data in roaming” (which allows you to surf the Internet abroad, as well as if you use a virtual mobile operator using the coverage of partner operators).

After that, go to the “Access points” section and select the required access point (if it exists) or create a new one.

You can find out what settings need to be entered into the new access point from your mobile operator by calling the Call Center.

It should be noted that often the SIM-cards are already configured for the correct access point and nothing needs to be changed.

Samsung Galaxy how to connect internet

This instruction concerns the setup and subsequent connection of the smartphone to the global network using the mobile Internet (via the SIM card of your operator). If you need to connect to a router, read the material:


SIM card selection

The first step is to choose a SIM card that will distribute the Internet (of course, this applies only to those smartphones in which two SIM cards are installed). To do this, open the smartphone settings and in the “Connections” section click on the “SIM-card manager”.

We are looking for “Mobile data” and select there the card that is necessary for working in the network.

If one SIM card is installed in the smartphone, it will be installed by default as the main one.

Mobile internet connection

The final step is a direct connection to the mobile internet.

To do this, lower the notification curtain and activate the “Mobile data” switch in the quick access panel. If everything is configured correctly, the Internet should work without any problems.

Some reasons why the Internet does not work on Samsung:

  • there are not enough funds on the SIM card account to be charged for mobile traffic;
  • out of batch megabytes;
  • poor reception area of ​​the mobile network signal;
  • the required SIM card has not been selected (Step 1);
  • the access point is incorrectly configured (Step 2).

Set up your phone correctly! Internet, hard reset, graphic lock.

How to set up Internet on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone

How to set up Internet on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone

We all know that the full use of modern smartphones can only be provided with Internet access. This is especially true for such top-end phones as the Samsung Galaxy S3. This smartphone operates with the Android operating system version 4.0.4. To use such a device only for calls would not be rational.

The gadget will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet anywhere. Wide doors to social networks open before the user. In order to take advantage of using your smartphone, you first need to configure it properly. You can connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection, or 3G, the connection of which can be requested from any mobile operator.

Wi-Fi settings

This instruction will help users figure out how to properly connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection. The ability to access the Internet is only possible within the Wi-Fi coverage area. Every month, such a network is expanding and there are more and more access points. In European countries, Wi-Fi has already become commonplace. Let’s proceed directly to the settings.

We find the item “Applications”, which can be found in the lower right corner. Then we press the button “Settings”. Now you need to go to the “Wireless” category. You also need to check if the Wi-Fi function is activated. If not, it’s easy enough to turn it on. From the list of access points, select the one we need. If you do not see the points you need in the list, then you need to add it manually. To do this, go to the “Add Wi-Fi network” item. You need to know the password to access the network. There are also free hotspots, and you do not need to enter a password for them. Now you can safely use your smartphone with many additional features provided by the Samsung Galaxy S3.

3G internet settings

3G is a good option for those who do not have a constant opportunity to be in the range of a Wi-Fi network. It would be best to connect the operator with unlimited Internet. Tariffs with traffic require constant monitoring of the funds in the account. Therefore, you will not download a lot of videos and music. This option is good for those who just want to use applications and view emails.

To start setting the settings, you need to go to the menu and find the “additional settings” column in the settings. Then we go to the item “mobile networks”. Here you need to activate the parameter “mobile data”.

Now will configure the access point. In the same paragraph “mobile networks” you need to select the “access points” tab. Here we will create a new access point. Usually, there is already an account in the list of points. In this case, just activate it for her. Otherwise, we will enter data manually. All necessary data for filling can be requested from your mobile operator or HERE.

But pay attention to what the operator wants to send you. It is not advisable to use expensive WAP Internet (your money will disappear at the speed of light). The main thing is to be careful and choose the right tariff with knowledge.

It will be optimal to use more than just one connection. For example, you can use Wi-Fi at home, and 3G connection on the street. This will save you money. Also, don’t hesitate to use free Wi-Fi. The use of 3G is not very economical, but you can get access to the Internet anywhere.

If you can’t set up the Internet, you may have done something wrong. Try to do it more carefully again.

How to disable or enable Internet on Samsung Galaxy J, two ways

On this page you will find information on how to turn on or off the Internet on the Samsung Galaxy J6 and similar Android devices. The Internet. a function without which any modern phone, smartphone or tablet is indispensable.

There are several ways to use the Internet on your phone, for example, you can connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi hotspot or turn on the mobile Internet on the Samsung Galaxy J6 and go online anytime, anywhere. Since an Android smartphone can spend a huge amount of traffic on various auto-update applications, systems, and the like, it is better to connect an unlimited tariff. If you do not use the Internet at all from your phone or use it occasionally, then of course it is better to completely turn off the Internet on the Galaxy J6 and turn it on if necessary. For instructions on how to turn off or turn on the Internet in the Samsung settings, see below.

The first way to enable internet disconnect on Samsung Galaxy J6 is through settings. To do this, open the “Settings” in the settings, find the “Connections” item, then the “Data Use” item where we can activate or completely turn off the Internet from the SIM card. You can also configure which SIM card you want to have Internet on your phone. To do this, in the settings, open the Connections item “next” SIM-CARD Manager “then the” Mobile data “item where we set from which SIM card the Internet will be on the phone with SIM 1 or SIM 2.

The second method, in my opinion the easiest and most convenient, is how to completely turn off the mobile Internet on the Samsung Galaxy G 6 through the quick access menu to various useful functions of the phone. To do this, pull down from the top edge of the screen and see a window with a menu where you need to find the “Mobile Internet” icon. If the “Mobile Internet” icon is not in the menu that opens, then you need to fully expand the menu for this, pull down by two strips located under the menu. Look below at the attached pictures where the necessary items are highlighted.

Now, in the expanded menu, the “Mobile Internet” icon should definitely appear by clicking on which the Internet on the phone is turned on or off.

How to enable, connect and configure mobile 3G Internet on Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105

Welcome to Do you want to connect 3G internet on Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105, but don’t know how to do it? Then our instruction is exactly what you need. In it we will tell you how to set up and enable mobile 3G Internet. From this article you will learn how to enable, connect and configure 3G Internet on the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105 phone. Of course, for a seasoned user of an Android gadget, it will not be difficult to connect the mobile Internet on a smartphone. But if a person is trying to access 3G Internet for the first time, then a number of questions and difficulties may arise.

Mobile 3G / 4G Internet is a great opportunity to be always online. The mobility of 3G Internet allows you to connect to the network wherever you are. Of course, not everything is going smoothly with the service of providing services from eminent telecom operators. Sometimes 3G slows down, freezes or does not work at all. Meanwhile, this technology has long gained popularity and is used by a huge number of people. Along with the popularity, the for mobile 3G traffic are also decreasing, which, of course, cannot but rejoice. Let’s find out how to properly enable and configure mobile 3G on Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105.

Setting up and connecting mobile 3G Internet on the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105 phone

On modern tablets and smartphones, you can connect two versions of modern technologies that are designed to access the Internet. These are Wi-Fi and 3G technologies. Smartphones also support GPRS, but this standard is already outdated and will not be discussed in our article. GPRS is used in the absence of 3G and WI-FI technologies. And you need to configure it in the same way as the mobile 3G Internet. As for WI-FI, this technology will be useful at home if you need to organize a wireless network. Unlike 3G, such a home wi-fi network does not require payment for mobile traffic. everything works through a router and you need to pay the provider for a dedicated channel. Regarding the Wi-Fi setup, we wrote a full-fledged instruction on how to properly configure Wi-Fi on Android.

Let’s move on to setting up 3G Internet. What do you need to enable 3G Internet on Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105? To install 3G Internet on the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105 smartphone, you need to enable the option either ‘Mobile networks’ or ‘Mobile Internet’ in the settings (the name of this menu item depends on the firmware installed on the phone).

You probably know that in the Russian Federation there are several large mobile operators that offer Internet access via 3G technology: Beeline, Megafon, MTS (MTS) and Skylink. In Ukraine, the most popular operators are Kyivstar, Djuice and again MTS. The quality of their services may be different and depends on the coverage map of their particular 3G network. Therefore, we advise you to look at the site of your chosen operator and see this map. To set up 3G Internet on Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105, you need to find out the parameters for connection on the website of the operator whose SIM card is installed in your phone. To connect and configure 3G itself, you need to find out the type of network (since it may be different for your region) and find out the connection parameters, namely APN (Access Point Names). APN is the access point data that is needed to connect to the 3G network. Once again, we repeat that all the data can be found on the website of the mobile operator from which you decided to receive the mobile Internet service.

The Android operating system supports automatic APN search for access points, but since all mobile operators on their sites provide specific settings for connection, we will also consider how to manually configure the parameters to enable 3G Internet by creating an access point ourselves. We enter the ‘Settings’, in the settings you need to find the ‘Wireless networks’ or ‘Wireless communications’ menu, where the ‘Mobile network’ item will be. ‘APN Access Points’ will already be available here. As we have already said, the point is often determined by itself, but if for some reason this did not happen, then you need to specify the APN parameters yourself. To do this, go to ‘APN Access Points’ and click ‘Create APN’ Next, enter the parameters for connecting to 3G, which can be found on the website of your operator.

For clarity, we demonstrate the parameters from MTS:

To connect to 3G, you must specify the APN, network name, username and password. After entering the settings, do not forget to turn on the slider / checkmark opposite the ‘Mobile network’ item in the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105 settings or enable data transfer if necessary.

Sometimes one difficulty may arise with some devices. the value of the ‘Authentication type’ field can take the ‘Not installed’ status. This will make it impossible to connect to the network. If you have this problem, just set this parameter to ‘No’. Finally, we want to give an informative sign on the APN settings for the three main mobile operators:

This concludes our instructions for enabling, configuring and connecting 3G Internet on the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105 phone, we hope the article turned out to be useful and you connected the mobile Internet on your smartphone.

How to turn off internet on Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy how to turn off the Internet.

Question: How to turn off the Internet on a Samsung Galaxy phone so that money is not withdrawn when I do not use the Internet.

Answer: If you have not connected unlimited Internet on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then a lot of money can be withdrawn from your account, since various programs on Android smartphones can go online without demand, or the installed applications on your phone can independently update without your knowledge. If you do not use the Internet on your smartphone, then it is better to turn off the Internet, otherwise all these actions can easily completely reset the account of your number in a couple of hours and, even worse, make the debt on your account. To turn off the Internet on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you need to open Settings further Wireless networks next Mobile networks and opposite the Packet data item, simply uncheck the box. Now your Samsung Galaxy will no longer go online and waste money from your account. If you want to reconnect the Internet on your phone, put the check mark back. I do not recommend using the Internet on Android smartphones if the unlimited Internet service is not connected, since Android applications use a huge amount of Internet traffic and can finish the money on your account in a couple of minutes.

Internet connection WI-FI on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

A small important note. The article is divided into two parts. setting up Wi-Fi on Android 2 and on Android 4, respectively. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 has Android 2.3.

To connect to WI-FI on the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 phone, you must have a working wireless network with Internet access. The most common and typical solution for this is a wireless router, which is also called a router. In addition to the home router, the WI-FI network can be found in other places, for example, in cafes or shopping centers. Wi-Fi has a number of advantages over 3G internet and fixed cable internet.

Wi-Fi is cheaper because you pay only for the incoming Internet channel, the cost of which is lower than 3G Internet. And even free if the network is public. With a high-quality WI-FI wireless connection, you can update the firmware and applications. Wi-Fi can be used within the range of wireless coverage.

We have already described setting up and connecting a router in one of our previous articles. You can read it at this link.

Setting up Wi-Fi on Android 2

We will assume that you have already found an available wireless wi-fi network. Let’s start setting up Wi-Fi.

We need to get into the device settings. After that, you need to turn on the slider or put a checkmark (for Android version 4. opposite the menu item “WI-FI” or “WLAN”), which are responsible for turning on the Wi-Fi module.

After you turn on WI-FI, you need to go to the network settings menu. To do this, simply click on the Wi-Fi settings as shown in the picture below.

After entering this menu, the networks that the gadget has already detected will become available to us. The network can be secure or public. When connecting to a secure network, you must enter a password. If this is not your network and you do not know the password, then this Wi-Fi network will be unavailable for you when you try to connect. In the screenshot below, WI-FI network is selected. Let’s connect to it.

If, when trying to connect, it was not possible to connect, then the problem may be in the settings of the network itself. Let’s consider this situation. If the DHCP server is enabled on the router or access point, then when you try to connect to the Wi-Fi network, your device is automatically assigned an IP address. In the case when this is not automatically organized, you must enter the IP address and other network settings manually.

To do this, select the desired network and go to the “Additional” section. The screenshot below illustrates that the data has already been entered. These data (IP address, mask, gateway and DNS) are entirely dependent on the specific network. And as mentioned above, if the DHCP server is enabled on the network source (router, modem or access point), then you do not need to enter anything, the Wi-Fi network should connect automatically.

After filling in the “Additional” section, do not forget to save all the entered data. If all the settings and the password are entered correctly, then the network should work.

Samsung Galaxy Manual Internet Settings | Data Configuration,APN,3G,4G Internet 2016

How to connect and configure WI-FI Internet on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

Hello dear visitors of our site! Welcome to! We decided to connect WI-FI on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102?

On this page we will tell you how to quickly and easily set up Wi-Fi on Android and connect wireless Internet on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102.

It often happens that buyers of tablets and smartphones do not know after purchase how to set up WI-FI on their brand new device. Meanwhile, there are especially no difficulties in setting up Wi-Fi on Android gadgets. It is enough to go to the settings and correctly register the data by connecting Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102. Or, even easier, just select the network you want. First, a little theory so that you can figure out what’s what.

Setting up Wi-Fi on Android 4

Let’s move on to setting up and connecting WI-FI on Android version 4. Next, a brief instruction will be given. where to go and what to press in order to connect to Wi-Fi on Android version 4 and higher. So, go to the settings.

We select the item “Wireless networks”. Or select the “Wi-Fi” or “WLAN” menu item, which you need to click on. Check the box or move the slider to turn on Wi-Fi, as shown in the following picture.

Go to the menu item “Wi-Fi Settings” and select the desired network.

Further, it remains only to connect to the desired wireless Wi-Fi network.

That’s all. We hope the instruction came in handy and was useful. You can ask a question in the comments.


  • Go to the “Network Settings” section and select the “Cable” tab.
  • Next, select the “IP Settings” tab and set the “Manual” option.
  • Enter the necessary network settings and click “OK”.
  • Then the network settings will be checked and after a while the Internet will appear.

Samsung is a huge world-class corporation. Manufacture of telephones and televisions. one of the most basic directions of the company. Today we are going to talk about Internet connection on Samsung devices.

How to connect the Internet on Samsung?

Automatic Internet configuration

  • Dial the operator of your mobile network and ask to send the settings for connecting the Internet, naming the model of your smartphone.
  • Next, the operator will send auto settings in the form of SMS, which will need to be saved on the phone.
  • Internet configuration will occur automatically.
  • If it happens that the operator for some reason cannot send you the settings for your phone model or only send you to WAP-access (which is much more expensive than GPRS), then you can connect the Internet yourself.

Automatic tuning

  • Go to the “Network Settings” section and select the “Cable” tab.
  • Next, the network will be automatically configured and after a while the Internet will appear.
  • If there is a connection problem, you must enter the settings yourself.

How to connect the Internet on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Samsung Galaxy. a series of mobile phones with built-in PC function that run Android OS.

Setting up on any phone model is identical and does not require much effort.

Self-configuration of the Internet

  • Find the settings for the Internet on the website of your cellular operator in the “Mobile Internet” section or call Support and find out the names of the settings (username, password and APN access point) from a specialist. Often, operators have a username and password written as the name of the company in the English layout, the entry point is not indicated, but the word “internet” is written.
  • Go to the phone menu and select the “Settings” section.
  • Find the “Access Points” section and select the “Create New” tab.
  • Enter access point (APN), username and password.
  • Leave the “Proxy” field blank or disable.
  • Click the “Save” button.
  • Find the created one in the list of access points and select it.
  • After restarting the phone, the Internet will be available.

Cable internet connection

  • Connect the LAN cable to the back of the TV and router.
  • Next, you need to make an automatic or self-configuration.

How to Connect Samsung Phone to Computer via USB?

Quite often, it becomes necessary to connect your smartphone to a computer. For what? At least in order to transfer images from a smartphone to computer memory. Well, someone charges sensory devices in this way. it’s convenient, you know. In short, the need exists. Another question is how to connect a smartphone to a computer. In this article, we will show an example based on a Samsung device.

We need a cable (MicroUSB or USB Type-C. it doesn’t matter), the smartphone itself and a computer or laptop.

We connect one side to the smartphone.

The other side is to the USB port.

Actually, the connection can be called successful. The smartphone started charging, which means everything is in order (in some cases, the gadget may not charge, but this is not a reason for panic).

If you’re only using the USB cable and your computer to charge your touch device, you can stop there. But if you need to transfer some data from a computer to a smartphone or vice versa, you need to do a few more steps.

When you connect Samsung to computer, the following message appears on the smartphone screen (after unlocking the screen):

The system asks you whether to allow access to data on the phone. For charging, you can click “Deny”, but to transfer data, you must click “Allow”. What happens if this is not done? We open “My Computer” and see our smartphone. Click on it twice with the left mouse button.

And we don’t see anything, because we have denied access to the file system of the smartphone. If you grant permission, the file system will be available for viewing and working with. feel the difference.

Please note that the example above reflects both the internal memory of the smartphone and the external memory card.

Now you can work with files and, for example, transfer them.

If the sign with the choice of connection does not appear, the computer does not see the file system of your smartphone, there is a possibility that the default USB configuration uses only device charging. This option is relevant if the developer mode is enabled and someone has managed to “dig” in it. The solution is this. Go to developer mode (what is it. in this article), then find the item “Default USB configuration”.

Specify “File Transfer”.

Now, when connecting a smartphone to a PC or laptop, the choice of access to data on the smartphone should appear.

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How to Connect Samsung Phone to Wi-Fi Galaxy

Hey! Today I will show you how to connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to Wi-Fi internet. If you have a Wi-Fi router at home or in your office, you can connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to it and use the Internet for free. Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if something is not clear to you. Go!

On the home screen, swipe down from the top edge of the display.

In the window that opens, find the Wi-Fi icon and click on it to connect your phone to the already existing network that you added.

To connect to another network, click on the name of the network or just the inscriptions under the icon.

Next, you will be shown a list of available networks. Click on the title.

How to set up Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy

On the main or secondary screen, find the Settings icon and tap on it.

In the settings, click on the Connections tab.

Next, on this page, click on the Wi-Fi tab.

Next, you need to select a network and a list of available ones and click on it. A new network can be added.

In the window that opens, you need to enter the password for your network and click on the Connect button. The password should have been given to you when you connected the Internet at home. It must also be specified in the contract.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

If there is no Wi-Fi router at home, then you cannot configure it on the phone?

What to set up? Without Wi-Fi, you will not be able to connect the Internet to your phone. If only mobile internet.

Good afternoon. Until now, my Samsung S3 phone automatically connected to wi-fi. but after the modem rebooted, the phone does not connect in the network list, it says that my network is out of range, how and what to do I do not know anymore

Kind, the computer or laptop does not connect either?

We only have a computer, nothing else

And what to do if, when you click on the network, a window does not pop up asking you to enter the password?

Does nothing happen at all when you click on any network? Is Wi-Fi on? Try restarting your smartphone.

Please help me connect to Wi-Fi. I do everything according to your links, it turns out that it is connected without Internet access

Is your router configured, turned on? Are you exactly entering the connection data? When the router is connected, according to the instructions, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website, to your personal account. There, data for connecting Wi-Fi is provided. Do you connect at home or somewhere else?

Hello, please tell me what to do? The tower is 100 m. The signal is 4g, but during the day the Internet is good and in the evening when everyone comes home from work and connects it disappears to zero. I wanted to take a router, but in the mts salon they said that it would not help. what is your opinion?

Hello. Mobile internet or cable?

Good afternoon, my question is Wi-Fi internet at home, my daughter hasn’t used her phone for a while. Yesterday we tried to connect to the Internet, but it didn’t work. Samsung Galaxy J mini phone. We turn on wi fi in the phone, it shows a bunch of networks available, besides ours. I enter manually. the name of the network and the password, nothing happens…. And in the afternoon, my daughter called me at work and said that the laptop also did not connect to the Internet. But I haven’t looked at PC yet. And my iPhone sees everything without problems, when I come home, it automatically connects. Can you tell me what it might be? And how can this be fixed?

Hello. First, try restarting your smartphone and router. This phone is old, most likely it’s the Wi-Fi settings. Settings. Connections. Mobile networks. Network mode, what is displayed there? Must be LTE / 3G / 2G (auto). If there is only 2G and 3G, set 3.

How to share Internet from Samsung Galaxy over Wi-Fi

The easiest way is to distribute the Internet from a phone via Wi-Fi to a computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone. At the same time, keep in mind that only mobile Internet (received from a telecom operator) can be distributed via Wi-Fi, the process itself is as follows:

  • On your Samsung smartphone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile Hotspot & Tethering.
  • At the top, turn on the item “Mobile hotspot”. If you are told that you need to turn off Wi-Fi for this, agree (since we cannot share the existing Wi-Fi connection in this way, which I mentioned above).
  • In order to change the network name, find out or change the password, click on the item “Mobile hotspot” and specify the necessary data instead of the standard.
  • After that, you can connect to the created wireless network from any other devices and use your phone’s mobile Internet from them.

A few nuances that may be important in the context of distributing the Internet over Wi-Fi from a phone:

  • Do not forget that for the Internet to work, the mobile Internet must be connected and active.
  • Some telecom operators on some tariffs block the ability to distribute mobile Internet from the phone to other devices.
  • If you need to quickly connect another phone to the Internet, in the settings of the mobile hotspot on Samsung, you can click on the QR code icon in the upper right and scan the generated code with another smartphone.
  • If your tariff has limited traffic, keep in mind that by connecting your PC or laptop to the created access point, you can quickly use it up (for example, if OS updates start downloading).

How to share Internet from Samsung phone via Wi-FI, USB and Bluetooth

Almost all Android phones have the ability to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB, and Samsung smartphones are no exception. This instruction details how to distribute the Internet from Samsung Galaxy to a computer, laptop or other phone in all available ways. The examples use a Galaxy Note with Android 10, but the other current models will be the same.

If you are interested in the same for devices with pure Android without features of the One UI interface, about this in a separate guide How to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB on Android.

  • How to share Internet from Samsung Galaxy over Wi-Fi
  • Sharing the Internet from a smartphone via USB
  • By bluetooth
  • Video instruction

Sharing the Internet via Bluetooth

And the last method: using a bluetooth connection. Its main disadvantage is the relatively low connection speed, as well as the instability of work (and sometimes the impossibility of connecting) for many users. The procedure will be as follows:

Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect to Internet WiFi (Wireless or Wired)

  • On your Samsung phone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile Hotspot & Tethering.
  • Turn on Bluetooth tethering.
  • Connect via Bluetooth from another device, and if we talk about Windows 10, simple pairing of the device through “Settings”. “Devices” may not work. After it, you need to right-click on the Bluetooth icon on your computer, select “Join a personal network” (or go to Control Panel. Devices), right-click on your smartphone in the list of devices and select “Connect via”. “Access Point” or “Direct Connection”. Your phone may ask you if you want to connect in Bluetooth tethering mode.
  • In the list of available connections (which can be opened through WinR. ncpa.cpl) you should see an active “Bluetooth Network Connection”.

Sharing the Internet from a smartphone to a computer via USB

Unlike the previous method, by connecting your Samsung phone to a computer or laptop via USB, you can distribute not only the mobile Internet, but also access to the network obtained via Wi-Fi, using the smartphone as a Wi-Fi adapter. The steps are as follows:

  • Connect your phone with USB cable to PC or laptop.
  • Once connected, go to the notification area on your phone and tap on the USB connection notification.
  • Select “USB tethering”.
  • Windows or another OS will set up a new device (your phone as a modem).
  • A new Ethernet connection will appear in the list of connections on your computer (WinR. ncpa.cpl). If it is disabled, right-click on it and select “Enable”.
  • If the network still remains in the “Disconnected” state, on the phone go to Settings. Connections. Mobile hotspot and modem, turn off and then turn on the USB tethering item, the network will become active, and the Internet is available.

Samsung phone as a modem or Wi-Fi adapter. video instruction

Typically, sharing over Wi-Fi or USB from Samsung phones usually works without any problems. Bluetooth connectivity is not always smooth, but I hope if you need it, it will work out.

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Everything is fine, but how to connect to the Internet of the computer? Not automatically connected.

How to share internet via Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy. step by step guide

  • How to set up a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to Wi-Fi router mode
  • Using settings
  • Setting a password and other parameters
  • Using third-party programs
  • How to share Wi-Fi from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

There are situations when the Internet is urgently needed, and it is, for example, only on a friend’s smartphone, since any modern mobile device from Samsung Galaxy has a modem function. This is a pretty useful “trick” that helps to distribute the Internet to nearby devices, such as other smartphones or even a laptop. over, even a dozen devices can be connected at the same time, the main thing is that the Internet speed is enough for everyone. This function is quite simple to use. You can learn more about how to share Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy in the instructions below.

How to set up a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to Wi-Fi router mode

In order to distribute Wi-Fi from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, you need to follow a series of simple steps. The first thing that you need is to connect to the mobile Internet, it is from it that the network that we are going to distribute comes from. For a stable speed, it is recommended to connect to 3G or 4G, as simple mobile Internet is quite slow.

This is done differently in different firmwares and smartphone models, but in each case, you first need to go to Settings and then click on the menu item. Further, depending on the firmware version, there may be different items: in one of the OS versions the item is called “Modem mode”, in others it is “WLAN access point” or “Personal access point”. One way or another, the same function is hidden under this item, it is this function that allows you to make the distribution of the Internet work.

How to set up an access point will be discussed in more detail later.

Using settings

The modem function works on almost any smartphones, this applies even to fairly old models. So, even on the Samsung Galaxy A1000, Wi-Fi distribution is carried out without the slightest problems and interruptions.

To securely enable hotspots on your Samsung Galaxy, you first need to set a password and change other settings. If this is not done, then anyone can connect, which means that this user will be able to waste your precious traffic or, even worse, try to enter the device and steal any data.


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Setting a password and other parameters

You can set a password on any smartphones of the company, but consider how this is done on the Samsung Galaxy S860 and its younger model S850.

After setting up the access point, the choice of the distribution method pops up, we need “Use a WLAN connection”. The next menu will open, there you need to click on “Configure the main point of the wireless network”. Next, a window will appear in which you need to enter the desired name of the access point, its password and protection method, including WPA2 PSK and WPA PSK. When all the data has been entered, you need to click on the “Save” button.

After these simple manipulations, the Wi-Fi access point is ready and, importantly, protected from third-party interference. Now you can freely distribute the Internet to everyone to whom you provide your password.

However, this is not the only way to distribute the Internet. You can do this using third-party programs.

Using third-party programs

We’ve covered a basic way of distributing Wi-Fi on a phone, but using third-party apps can make things go faster. Some programs even increase the reliability of the connection. This will be useful for the distributor from the Samsung Galaxy phone, since no one can hack it, even if they try.


Osmino is one of the most popular hotspot applications. This application allows just a couple of clicks to create a secure point from which you can distribute Wi-Fi.

You no longer need to think about how to share Internet from Samsung Galaxy. All that is required is to download a small application, install it and run it. After that, the access point settings will open. There you can enter your nickname and the desired password, after that you need to click the “Distribute” button. These actions will launch the Internet Sharing from your smartphone.

The app is quite lightweight and will run on any company device, including the Samsung Galaxy A5000.