Samsung G350e Galaxy Star Advance Glass Replacement

Samsung G350e Galaxy Star Advance Glass Replacement


Touch screen (sensor, touchscreen, touch glass). A device for inputting and outputting information that responds to touching it is essentially an analogue of a computer mouse. Do not confuse the sensor with the display, the latter serves to display the image. You can understand that the sensor crashed, and not the display, by the following sign: cracks are superficial, they can be felt with a finger, while the touchscreen loses sensitivity. The need to change only the sensor or the full display module is determined by the phone model.

The touchscreen Samsung G350E Galaxy Star Advance black (touch screen, glass assembly) assembly perfectly responds to clicks and their combinations, qualitatively transfers the picture due to the high level of transparency and has all the necessary technical holes.

Contents of delivery:

  • display sensor;
  • outer glass of the front panel;
  • flat cable with connector;
  • temporary protective film;
  • shipping packaging.

Symptoms of a sensor malfunction:

  • the panel does not respond to touch, freezes, answers incorrectly;
  • false execution of commands;
  • “Dead” zones;
  • the glass surface has damage (white cracks, chips, severe abrasions, deep scratches, delamination);
  • the integrity of the loop is violated (determined during disassembly);
  • visually detectable production of work resources;
  • “White web”. transparent cracks that appear on the sensor (especially during normal matrix operation);
  • problems with unlocking the screen;
  • incorrect operation of the sensor;
  • execution of false commands (phantom clicks);
  • the absence of any reaction;
  • stratification of the module or excessive sticking of the touch panel to the LCD screen;
  • visually detectable deterioration combined with inoperability.

Causes of touchscreen breakdowns:

  • mechanical damage caused by falls and shock;
  • moisture penetration;
  • started oxidative processes, corrosion;
  • damage to the connector cable;
  • careless handling;
  • overly intensive exploitation;
  • natural wear;
  • exposure to adverse temperatures;
  • improper storage and use.

Repair and replacement:

If it so happened that the Touchscreen Samsung G350E Galaxy Star Advance black (touch screen, glass assembly) has failed, a simple and affordable solution to the problem will be to replace it. In most cases, only a service center can make a quality replacement. We do not recommend trying to replace a non-working touchscreen yourself if you do not have successful experience in such repairs. For the correct dismantling of the device and the replacement of a broken module, special equipment will also be needed. screwdriver, tweezers (preferably with thin, curved edges), spuger, mounting hair dryer, pick.