Samsung Duos How To Take A Screenshot

Way by gesture

For a long time, the Korean manufacturer began to implement the gesture and palm control function in its smartphones. This option allows you to take a screenshot with a special touch to the display. That is, you do not need to press any buttons at all. It is enough to slide the edge of your hand across the screen from left to right or vice versa. In this case, part of the hand should be in contact with the display.

On most Samsung models, the function is turned on automatically. However, it is best to check if it is activated. For this:

Open the menu.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Further, depending on the OS version and smartphone model, we are looking for the section Movement, Palm control, Gesture control or Additional functions.
  • Now we are interested in the Palm screen capture item. It must be enabled. If not, click on it and activate it by setting the desired value.

With the edge of the palm, you can take a screenshot on old flagships that came out 5-6 years ago, but which many of us still use. For example, this is the Samsung Galaxy c3 and c4 (including mini versions). The latest Samsung models are also equipped with this option. These are mainly devices of the middle and high price category.

However, do not forget that some samsung smartphones do not have this function. As a rule, these are state employees. It is not always possible to take a screenshot on them by sliding the edge of your palm across the screen. Only push-button options for creating screenshots work there.

Power buttons volume down

Not only the combination of the Power and Home buttons allows you to take a screenshot of the screen on the Samsung. Try instead of home, simultaneously with the off key, press the volume down. This switch is located on the side of almost any smartphone model. It is also necessary to hold the buttons for a few seconds.

How to find out if a screenshot came out?

  • At the top of the display, in the status bar, you will see a special icon.
  • You can also be guided by the sound of the camera shutter about whether a screenshot has been generated.
Samsung Duos How To Take A Screenshot

As in the first version, the screenshot taken can be seen in the gallery. The screenshot will also become available in the Pictures / ScreenCapture or Pictures / Screenshots folders.

This method works on many smartphones of the popular Galaxy duos series. On old dvuhsimochniki from Samsung (grand prime, cor 2, etc.), you can also take a screenshot by holding down Home and the lower volume control at the same time. In addition, this method will allow you to take a screenshot on the latest models (with any series A, J or S).

Screen on Samsung A3 and A5

On the Samsung A3, A5, and A7 smartphone they are made easily and simply, according to the same scheme already known to us as on the Duos.

The combination is this:

  • Clamp the Power;
  • Keep Home.

Then you will hear a click, this will make it clear that the picture was taken and saved in the image gallery in the Android memory. Next phone Grand Prime.

How to take screenshots on Samsung devices

To better understand how to make screenshots from various Samsung devices, you can view for specific models, so the process will seem even simpler and more accessible.

How to make a screenshot on Samsung. Screenshot on Samsung phone, laptop and tablet

It has become much easier to save information with screenshots. There are many advantages:

  • It is done quickly;
  • Saves everything visible on the monitor;
  • Does not distort picture quality.

An important fact is that today a screen can be made on any phone, laptop or tablet on any OS, including Android and Windows.

Let’s take a closer look at how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy. everything about the selection, repair, operation and installation of household appliances

As a rule, in this case, two main methods are used.

Method 1:

It is in some way similar to the method in Aypads. You must press the power button and the home key simultaneously. The resulting screen will fit in the Gallery folder of the device.

Method 2:

Applicable for new Samsung on Windows. For some users, the Samsung Galaxy plus seems complicated, but it’s worth a try. No apps needed. To do this, you need to go to the Android settings and select the gesture control command. Then select the hand movement section and set Palm swipe to Captyre. All settings are complete, now you just need to swipe your hand in front of the monitor to capture the screen.

Note that with the first method, you can take a screenshot of Samsung on almost any Galaxy on Android, including old ones. The second method will work on newer gadgets: Galaxy Note, Neo and S series.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy?

Newer versions of Android have a slightly different system for producing screenshots. For example, to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy, you must simultaneously hold down the Home and Back keys. The snapshot should appear in your Gallery.

By the way, on HTC smartphones the production of pictures from a mobile screen is arranged in a similar way. Which is very convenient for those who recently changed their phone.

Screenshot of a separate area

It remains to figure out how to take a screenshot of a particular area of ​​the screen. The time-tested program Scissors will help us with this. Accordingly, the first step will be to download and install this program on your computer. When this is done, we find the program and run it. This can be done either through the folder in which you installed it, or through the Start menu, using the search.

After launching the program, you will see a small window on the laptop screen. The rest of the screen will immediately turn whitish. You need to consider a button called Create. Click on it and see a drop-down list that contains all the tools we need. For example, it is a rectangular shape, a window, etc. That is, you need to select the shape of the area, a screenshot of which we want to take.

Having decided on the choice, we take a screenshot. A window with a snapshot will immediately open, where you can correct the screenshot and immediately save.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung laptop

To begin with, consider the classic situation when you need to take a screenshot of the entire screen on a Samsung laptop. Everything is extremely simple and within the power of even a person who is far from the depths of knowledge in the field of technology.

We will solve this problem with just one button and one standard program installed in any operating system. So, on the keyboard, you need to find the Printscreen button. It is in a laptop of any company and with any OS. Usually this key is located in the top row, closer to the right edge.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

Display the image that we want to save.

  • Click on the Print Screen key.
  • The image is automatically saved to the computer memory. Now you need to choose a place to save it.
  • The standard Paint program, which is available in any operating system, is optimal. If you do not know how to find it, just click on the Start button in the lower left corner of the screen and enter the name Paint in the search. Then press Enter, and the program starts.

Even if you’ve never worked with photographic editors before, it doesn’t hurt to save a screenshot. There is nothing complicated here. You will see a white sheet of paper in front of you, and you only need to press the following key combination on the keyboard: CTRLV. As you probably know, it corresponds to the Insert command. The saved screenshot will immediately appear in front of you.

  • Now you can edit the screenshot. In Paint, the simplest editing is available: resizing a picture, cropping unnecessary areas, etc. But even this is quite enough for solving most problems.
  • It remains to save the image in a suitable format. Usually this is.Png format. Although you can also choose.Jpg. To do this, press the CTRLS key combination, which is equivalent to the Save command. A window appears in which you need to select the location of the file, as well as its format and name. We specify all these parameters and save the picture. Now you can use the screenshot and send it to anyone.

How to take a screenshot of a window on a Samsung laptop

The method described above is good and popular, but what if you need to make not the entire screen, but only a single window on it? Of course, you can save a large screenshot and then cut out the desired element, but this is too long and difficult. Everything can be done much easier!

The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case. There will be exactly one difference. Prtscr will now need to be clamped simultaneously with the Alt button. This combination is just responsible for the screenshot of a single window.

If several windows are open at the same time, then the screenshot will show what is on top. Therefore, be careful when you are going to take a screenshot before pressing the indicated key combination, check that the window you are interested in is on the surface.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung laptop instruction

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung laptop

  • How to take a screenshot of a window on a Samsung laptop
  • Screenshot of a separate area
  • Using third-party software
  • In custody
  • : How to take a screenshot on a laptop, computer

    Owners of personal computers probably know about the possibility of taking a screenshot and saving it to the hard drive. Why might this be necessary? For example, if you saw something interesting on the Internet and you want to save it as an image. A screenshot on a computer is also often used for comfortable communication on the Internet. Indeed, sometimes one or another problem cannot be conveyed in words, and it is very necessary that the interlocutor see what you see from the monitor right now.

    Using third-party software

    You can also use third-party programs to take a screenshot. Among those we will single out the DuckCapture program. It combines all the functions presented above, that is, with its help you can take screenshots of the entire screen, individual windows and areas. The captured picture can be edited right there in a clear and simple menu. The unambiguous advantages of this program should be considered the ability to take screenshots both by clicking the mouse and using hot keys. You can also choose the format in which it is convenient to save the image.


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