Samsung Does Not Catch Wi-Fi

After purchasing a tablet, you will most likely want to use a wireless connection. Often, users find themselves in a situation where the device does not see the network or gives a number of errors when connecting. In this article, we will consider the most common problems that arise when accessing the Internet, and ways to solve them.

Why the tablet does not connect to the wireless network

1. Entering the wrong password

Samsung Does Not Catch Wi-Fi

The most common reason for the failure of the wireless Internet on the tablet. Most often it occurs if the user has changed the password, and the Android device has never connected to it. Enter a new password and check if the device is connected to the Internet.

2. Viruses

Sometimes the reason your device doesn’t connect to the Internet may be due to malware exposure. To fix this problem, you need to scan the gadget with antivirus.

3. Power failure

For inexpensive routers, unstable operation is characteristic. Power surges can cause your tablet to not see the network. To solve the problem, restart the router by disconnecting it from the voltage for 2-3 minutes. Then turn it on again. Sometimes a reboot needs to be done several times.

4. Wrong type of encryption

To check the type of encryption, go to the settings of the router. To do this, in the address bar of the browser, enter the IP address of the router. These data can be found on the device sticker or in the instructions. In the tab that opens, select the item “Advanced Settings”. Then, in the Wi-Fi section, click Security Settings. To see the type of encryption, go to the “Network Authentication” menu. From the proposed options, select WPA-PSK \ WPA2-PSK2 mixed. Reboot the router. 5. The time and date settings are not set correctly.

In some cases, the tablet does not connect to the wireless network due to incorrect date and time values. After correcting these settings for the correct operation of the network resume.

6. Checking the mode of the MAC filter

Another reason why the user doesn’t see Wi-Fi on the tablet may be changing the settings for filtering MAC addresses. To exclude this option in the parameters of the router in the “Wi-Fi” section, go to the “MAC filter”. Check which mode is selected. The following values ​​are possible:

  • Disabled. by default, there is no restriction for MAC addresses.
  • Allow. access to the wireless network is allowed only to those devices whose MAC addresses are listed on the corresponding tab. Other devices are not allowed to access the Internet.

Deny. there is a list of MAC addresses that restricts access to the Internet. If the router sees a prohibited MAC address, it closes Wi-Fi access for this device. If the “Allow” or “Deny” modes are selected in the router settings, check if the MAC address of your device is open to the wireless network. Or change the mode to “Disabled”. After these manipulations, check how the gadget connects to the network.

7. Channel diagnostics

If the tablet sees the network but does not connect to it, check the matching channels. This problem occurs when the signals of two routers operating on the same channel intersect. There is interference blocking access to the wireless network.

Look on your tablet to see if there are other wireless networks nearby. If your neighbors have Wi-Fi, then perhaps your routers work on the same frequency.

To change the channel in the settings of the router, go to the “Basic Settings” tab in the “Wi-Fi” section. Find the line “Channel”, try to choose a different value.

Reboot the router. If the channel is set in the settings in the “Auto” mode (Auto), then the router itself will search for an available free channel and use it. Therefore, in most cases, it is recommended to use this particular mode. 8. Change Wi-Fi version

The reason why the tablet does not see the wireless network may be that it does not support the version of wireless communication that is installed in the router settings. On the “Wi-Fi” tab, go to the “Basic Settings”. In the line “Wireless”, put the item 802.11b \ g \ mixed. In this mode, the router provides Internet access for all types of devices.

What to do if the tablet sees the network and connects, but the connection is unstable

  • Try connecting the device to another router and check if the connection is stable. If the connection is stable, then the problem is in the home router.
  • If the tablet has depleted while connected to the Internet and is connected to the power supply, check the connection when the adapter is turned off. A malfunctioning power supply can cause wireless issues.

If all else fails, watch this and repeat:

If you used the above tips, but the device still does not see the network, contact a specialist. You may need to reflash your tablet or router.