Samsung Ce0168 How to Open the Cover

A modern mobile phone is designed to simplify our lives. In practice, however, difficulties may arise.

So, some users of gadgets note that not all smartphones are convenient to use or not as advanced as their predecessors.

Therefore, this instruction is useful to you if you do not know how to open the cover on the Samsung Galaxy A3.

After all, it becomes so unpleasant when you do not know how to open the back cover, and nearby, as luck would have it, there is nobody who can tell you or help you.

But everything is not so sad, and now you will find out how in this case you need to properly handle the Samsung Galaxy A3.

A challenge for many

If you ask most users the question: “How to remove the cover on the Samsung A3?”, Then they will not be able to answer anything.

It seems that the development company decided that to perform this action, we should contact the telephone service centers.

In the centers, specialists will do it simply and quickly. Indeed, for this they have a set of special tools: a “shoulder blade” (a device that disconnects the fasteners) and a Phillips screwdriver.

Samsung Ce0168 How to Open the Cover

But what if you do not have the opportunity to contact specialists or simply do not have enough time to visit the service center? There is only one way out. remove the back cover from the Galaxy A3 yourself.

How it’s done

It is important not to use brute force when disassembling the smartphone. Otherwise, this can lead to negative consequences: most likely the smartphone will not perform its functions.

Also, dents, scratches or other damages may appear on the device’s case, interfering with its normal operation and considerably spoiling the appearance.

Therefore, when disassembling the Samsung A3, clearly adhere to the instructions below.

  1. Find where the smartphone speaker is.
  2. You will see a small indentation (click) above the speaker (from the end). With its help, the lid is removed.
  3. Do not lift the cover sharply, otherwise you may damage the back panel. You can simply pinch it with a fingernail and gently pull it away from the device. It’s not worth worrying. it will not break. Never use sharp objects!

The back cover is open!

How to open the cover of Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A3 mini

To open the lid, specialists, in addition to the above tools, use a specialized hair dryer to heat it.

It is difficult enough to do such a procedure at home. After all, you have to warm up the edges around the perimeter in a smartphone.

The phone is monolithic, so it is important to heat it up at a temperature of no more than 150 degrees (use an ordinary hair dryer for this).

After warming up, it is enough to gently pry the lid with a sharpened plastic card, snapping the screen off the case. Everything. access to the internal modules is open!

If your goal is to completely disassemble the phone, then you must carefully read the instructions for complete disassembly. Inserting the lid is also simple. follow the steps in the opposite sequence.

If you know of any other ways on how to remove the cover from the Samsung Galaxy A3, share them in the comments. If you have any questions, ask, I’ll be happy to answer all.