Samsung Authentication

The first way is to check the Samsung a50 for originality by IMEI

Samsung Authentication

The IMEI number is an international identifier representing a unique code associated with each mobile phone.

This is one of the easiest way to check an original Samsung a50 mobile phone.

There are several ways to check. The easiest to dial the code: # 06 #. Is dialed as if the subscriber’s number.

You can also go to settings, scroll down to find information about your phone. The “About phone” section displays the IMEI code, model number, and serial number.

Then check all the information regarding the number (samsung a50) by visiting the site. Imei.Info

The search function on the IMEI.Info website is very easy to use and is always available completely free of charge.

All you need to do is enter the IMEI number in the special bracket and click the CHECK button.

How to check the authenticity of a smartphone samsung a50

Along with the high tech associated with the new Samsung a50 phone model, people tend to think they can get the same features at a much lower price.

Due to lack of awareness among buyers, sellers deceive buyers by selling them fake phones at a lower price.

Therefore, you should know what can be used to authenticate Samsung phone by performing samsung galaxy a50 verification upon purchase.

Here you will see how to check if a smartphone is an original or a duplicate.

You should know that Samsung manufactures mobile phones developed on the Android platform, which is open source.

Since anyone can use it, it’s easy for companies to counterfeit the original device.

So, if you are planning to purchase a new a50 and do not know how to check if the smartphone is original or not, this entry will be very useful to you.

Keep reading the article to see key features like IMEI check, original check code, etc. To check for authenticity.

Other ways to check for authenticity of samsung galaxy a50

In addition to checking IMEI, there are other ways to distinguish between genuine and fake Samsung a50.

Originals have bright display colors, while duplicates display dull ones. Also, fakes have a large gap between the edge of the screen and the body.

The logo on the counterfeit is easily removable and the volume buttons have unusual spaces unlike the original ones.

There is no doubt that only company representatives can check with high accuracy whether your smartphone is a fake or not. Success.

External evaluation

When conducting a visual inspection, you should pay attention to several important points:

  • Packaging. The original smartphone is sold in high-quality sealed packaging, which contains instructions, a warranty card and a charger;
  • Stickers. Not only confirm the authenticity of the product, but also allow you to keep the manufacturer’s warranty. Remember, the real phone should not contain the names of other companies and logos of foreign mobile operators;
  • The body and small parts are intact, strong, well secured;
  • Front camera. Expertly fitted, with white LED bulbs, most models, including the latest galaxy s9, are in the center;
  • Screen width and height. To determine them, you can use a ruler or a caliper (allows you to determine these indicators with millimeter accuracy);
  • Power button. A sinking and inconveniently located ON / OFF button indicates a fake;
  • The number and format of SIM cards. For 2020, most smartphones work with micro-sim and have 2 slots;
  • Image quality. Ask to turn on your smartphone and take a close look at the quality of the images. They should be clear and even;
  • Os version (operating system). The same as indicated in the instructions;
  • Font size. Must be the same for all sections;
  • Side lighting. All Samsung smartphones, be it Galaxy s7 or Galaxy Win 2, simply do not have it! To check it is enough to put a black screensaver on the entire screen. The original will remain without backlight.
  • Localization and language are different for each country. The main thing is that all the inscriptions on the phone or on its packaging comply with the grammatical norms of a particular language.
  • Before buying a phone, be sure to visit the official Samsung website and study the appearance and main characteristics of the model you like (weight, dimensions, logos, stickers, a palette of available colors, etc.).

    First turn on

    How to check Samsung for authenticity? Be sure to turn on the proposed device and check the sequence of the information that appears on the screen:

    • Brand name;
    • Operating system name (platform logo);
    • Specific device model name.

    Advice! If at least one of the named elements is not highlighted, refuse to purchase.

    Also pay attention to the structure of the screen. The main feature of Samsung smartphones are special AMOLED matrices with subpixels of different sizes. They can be seen under a strong magnifying glass.

    How to check a Samsung phone for authenticity?

    Having become one of the world leaders, the smartphones of this famous South Korean company have become a favorite copy object.

    How to check a Samsung phone for originality and not fall for the bait of scammers?

    This can be done in several effective ways. Let’s consider each of them.

    Imei check

    Any phone (regardless of cost and manufacturer) has its own personal code called IMEI.

    It is assigned to the device during manufacture, refers to the international identifiers of mobile equipment and allows cellular operators to identify phones in their network.

    To check Samsung by imei on the official website, you need to find out the specific model number. As a rule, it is indicated inside the warranty card, on the seal with which the box is sealed, or under the battery near the barcode.

    For smartphones of the old generation (not older than the galaxy s7 model), another method is relevant. If you do not know how to recognize imei samsung, dial # 06 # on your smartphone.

    After that, the screen will display a 15-digit numeric code. It must be entered into a special verification form located on the official website of the company.

    Service Codes

    A service code or specialized team is one of the main ways to determine the authenticity of a phone.

    In the case of Galaxy s9 and other South Korean devices, enter the engineering menu by dialing # 7353 #.

    This combination of numbers is radically different from the standard options, so a fake will not react to it in any way, while the original device will immediately enter the component testing menu.

    Another specialized command is the # 1234 # character sequence. It is not reflected in any official instructions, but it works quite successfully.

    When you enter this code, the screen will display the smartphone model (for example, Samsung Galaxy s8), its production date, build number and other important information.

    Mobile applications

    If you failed to verify samsung by serial number, use special applications with which you can authenticate a particular device.

    The most popular are:

    • Gfxbench;
    • Gps Test;
    • Antutu;
    • Cpu-Z;
    • Geekbench.

    Mobile applications show the performance of the device, analyze the processor and system state of the device, and determine the state of the GPS sensor. Then all this data is displayed on the screen.

    If you doubt your own awareness, ask for help from someone who is familiar with the products of this company and is well versed in modern gadgets. This is the only way you can protect yourself from scammers.

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