Samsung Authentication

How to identify the authenticity of a Samsung Galaxy?

Among the fakes, there are primitive copies and replicas of Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 phones and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 tablets as close as possible to the originals.

Determining the originality of Samsung Galaxy

1. Pricing policy and place of purchase

Remember: a check and a guarantee in our time are forged by craftsmen, who then cannot be found to return a low-quality purchase. And in the official service center they will not listen to you.

Samsung has repeatedly stated that it does not make discounts on top models (Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6; Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 4). The price is half the market price (allegedly a sale) clearly gives a fake.

2. The appearance of the gadget

  • The diagonal size of the screen of a fake Samsung Galaxy is often slightly different from the original. To be able to compare, it is better to know in advance the real dimensions on the Samsung website.
  • The latest generation Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a metal case, and the screen is made of high-strength glass protected by Gorilla Glass technology, which protects the surface from scratches and cracks. It is too expensive for manufacturers of Chinese counterfeits to use such materials, usually plastic.

3. Operating system

Samsung runs on the Android platform, which is freely available and can be used on fake devices. However, the Chinese are trying to reduce the cost of this part of production by installing cheap KitKat operating systems on their phones.

To check this nuance, go to the Settings (About device) section. Or you can just flip through the menu on the desktop. 5th generation Android runs smoothly and quickly. Chinese systems slow down and freeze when scrolling.

As with any gadgets often counterfeited by the Chinese, translation difficulties are encountered in fake Samsung Galaxy.

When scrolling through the menu of a fake phone or tablet model, you can see serious failures:

  • Incorrect translation of words and whole sentences
  • Spelling errors
  • Chinese characters instead of Russian and English

5. Performance characteristics

The processor power (in the original Samsung Galaxy S6 it is 8-core), screen resolution, RAM and camera power can be checked by downloading special applications such as AnTuTu Benchmark on Google Play and running on the phone.

Pre-check on the official website of the manufacturing company for real data for verification.

6. Service code

It is installed by Samsung engineers on every smartphone and is not included in the operating system itself.

In the Phone application, use the call button to dial the combination # 7353 #. If a menu appears on the screen to check the functionality of the functionality, everything is in order. Otherwise, you have a fake in your hands.

Authentication method that Samsung experts DO NOT recommend using.

If the seller insists on the authenticity of the gadget, referring only to the IMEI, this is a reason to be wary. Scammers with experience often get the numbers of original devices.

Where is the serial number of the Samsung Galaxy S9

Let’s start by analyzing IMEI, this is the simplest technology by definition “correct” S9 models. Serial numbers are checked during visual inspection of the gadget. Here are the steps to take:

Examine the box (there will be a helpful information sticker on one side of the box).

  • Examine the phone (if the device is new, you will see a sticker under the bubble wrap). The sticker contains information about the model and series number.
  • Look into phone settings (“Phone details”). Read more about getting the IMEI code. In the next section.
  • Dial the command # 06 # (proven method). The number you are looking for will appear on your screen.

To avoid cheating, combine the techniques we have listed. Compare the numbers you get. Any mismatch is a wake-up call. Determining the authenticity of a purchase can be done in more complex ways. Reset the settings with content, and then restore the information. To do this, use the command # 06 #. If the number remains the same, the original Samsung Galaxy S8 check was successful.

How to distinguish a fake from an original

The quality of software and components of original models should be distinguished so as not to get into trouble. Copies are made from outdated and budget parts, while the company itself prefers flagship developments. Pay attention to quality:

  • Display;
  • Cameras;
  • Memory modules;
  • Processor.

Software “sharpened” for Android OS. Everything installed on your smartphone is a licensed development of Google. The original works quickly, you will not encounter crashes and freezes. Fraudsters, on the other hand, don’t care about the quality of the software. Programs function with errors or do not start at all.

Check Galaxy S9 by IMEI

Official portal “Samsung” allows you to effectively calculate counterfeit. Enter 15 digits of IMEI in the special field and wait for the result (the model and warranty period will be displayed). The model will be presented in an unusual format SMG960FZADSER (this is the norm). Similarly (through another form) you can “pierce” serial number.

We remind you that the developers have provided customers with a hotline. This is the way to go for lazy users. Call 8-800-555-55-55 (technical support) and reconcile. Office hours in Moscow: 7.00-22.00. Here, by the way, you can be consulted on any questions. There are other means of communication social networks, email, quick chat.

How to check Samsung Galaxy S9 for authenticity

How to check the Samsung Galaxy S9 for authenticity without the help of specialists? Original gadgets “Samsung” are expensive, so buying a fake will hit your wallet. Fraudsters operate through online forums and social networks, spreading their ads there and attracting buyers with a low cost smartphone. There are ways to determine the originality of devices. Read instructions.


Case (must be metal).

  • Camera location.
  • Ports.
  • Box.
  • Branded stickers.


Go to the menu and look at the translation of individual items. If you make grammatical mistakes, you bought cheap junk. Now let’s move on to the characteristics. Original “Samsung” must comply with a number of parameters declared by the developers:

  • Eight-core processor;
  • Screen type Super AMOLED;
  • 12 MP camera;
  • Built-in memory 64 GB;
  • Ram 4 GB;
  • Usb port modification 3.1 Gen 1.

Fake Samsung phone performance

Some clones of Samsung phones look almost like original devices. But what about their performance?

Let’s take a closer look and find out how to check your smartphone for fake:

  1. Take some pictures with your phone camera. Counterfeits take pictures with lower resolution and quality;

Checking the appearance of a Samsung smartphone for originality

Most cloned Samsung phones are manufactured with cheap parts to reflect poor quality. Therefore, it is quite easy to detect a fake by simply paying attention to the appearance of the purchased device.

Checking the originality of a Samsung mobile device will help us look at the following:

  • The counterfeit screen is made of cheap glass;
  • The counterfeit screen is not as bright and lively as the original device;
  • Some sensors do not work or are missing at all;
  • The Home button is not located in the same place as the original device;

Technical codes for Samsung device authentication

Samsung technical codes in the form of a combination of numbers and symbols are a great way to find out if your phone is original. Such codes allow you to perform a number of tests of the device, to gain access to its parameters.

Below are the most common Samsung phone codes. To enter them, go to the dialer application, dial these codes and then tap on Call. If the device responds to the command, it is genuine. If it doesn’t answer, it’s fake.

Purpose: Code:
Determining the software version, CSC and modem # 1234 # or # 9999 #
SW HW data # 12580369 #
General Samsung phone test # 0 #
Service Mode # 197328640 #
Read ADC # 0228 #
Bluetooth test # 232331 # or # 7828 #
Samsung encrypted information # 32489 #
Battery status # 9998246 #

How to check a Samsung phone for originality

Samsung phones are among the most sought after in the mobile market. Each year, the manufacturer introduces a line of new smartphones that push the boundaries of what’s possible further and further. Due to their popularity and demand, smartphones are massively counterfeited by little-known manufacturers that produce low-power and cheap clones of devices. How can you avoid buying such a clone? And how to check your Samsung mobile phone for originality? We will tell in our material.

  • Checking the appearance of a Samsung smartphone for originality
  • Fake Samsung phone performance
  • Technical codes for Samsung device authentication
  • Other tips to help you recognize the originality of Samsung
  • Conclusion

Other tips to help you recognize the originality of Samsung

The following tips will also help you check your Samsung mobile phone for original:

  • Pay attention to the translation of the system menu. The original has a high-quality translation, the fake has absurdities, hieroglyphs and other questionable visual elements;
Samsung Authentication

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

At first glance, it is far from always possible to distinguish an original device from a fake one, but there are still some ways. Experts who deal with mobile phones recommend paying attention to the following details before buying:

  • Different screen sizes. At first, you may not notice this, but if you look closely, then there may be a strip in fakes, due to which a smaller display is hidden than in the original models.
  • Battery. It is not uncommon for counterfeiters to use batteries with fewer contacts. Also, the capacity of this part of the phone may vary. For example, in original Samsung it leaves 2100 mAh, and in fakes 1850.
  • In addition, it is important to pay attention to the inscriptions, they can be crooked, inverted or contain errors.

Beware of fakes, or How to check the phone for authenticity

Before buying, you need to know how to check the phone for authenticity and distinguish the original from a fake. But, besides this, in order not to be deceived, you need to follow a few simple rules:

The easiest and most accurate way to verify the authenticity of the machine

To do this, you need to refer to such a concept as the IMEI code, which each device has. This is a special individual number set by the manufacturer. It consists of a large number of digits: the first 6 is the series number, then 2 is the code of the country in which the device was produced, and after another 6 digits denoting the serial number, the last number is a special reserve, with which originality is determined.

Before you check the phone for authenticity by IMEI, you first need to know where to look at it. To do this, you need to open the cover of the device and remove the battery, since it is under it that the IMEI and serial number are indicated.

Original Samsung galaxy s4: how to distinguish from a fake?

This model is the flagship of Samsung, now it is the leader in sales, so there are many copies of it. Before checking the authenticity of a Samsung galaxy s4 phone, you need to know the evaluation criteria.

The appearance is the first thing to pay attention to, although sometimes it is extremely difficult to distinguish a fake one from a real model by this feature. To figure it out, turn on the device and pay attention to the buttons: the central one should be located strictly in the middle. There must also be an LED flash, the correct spelling of the company name and the weight indicated by the official manufacturer.

How to distinguish an iPhone 4S from a fake, read this article.

Software. To verify the authenticity, you need to go to the settings and check which program the phone is running on. The original Android 4.2.2 may also have a different interface, but it must be TouchWiz.

It is these two criteria that will help distinguish an original phone from a fake one, but you should not neglect the IMEI check.

How to check a Samsung phone for authenticity?

The main thing is that all the inscriptions on the phone or on its packaging correspond to the grammatical norms of a particular language. Before buying a phone, be sure to visit the official Samsung website and study the appearance and main characteristics of the model you like (weight, dimensions, logos, stickers, a palette of available colors, etc.). You can also use 3D visualization, which allows you to carefully examine all the details of the device.

How to check Samsung for authenticity?

Be sure to turn on the proposed device and check the sequence of the information that appears on the screen:

Specific device model name.

  • Brand name;
  • Operating system name (platform logo);

How to identify the authenticity of a Samsung Galaxy?

The price is twice lower than the market price (supposedly a sale) clearly betrays a fake. 2. The appearance of the gadget

The diagonal size of the screen of a fake Samsung Galaxy is often slightly different from the original. To be able to compare, it is better to know in advance the real dimensions on the Samsung website.

  • The latest generation Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a metal case, and the screen is made of high-strength glass protected by Gorilla Glass technology, which protects the surface from scratches and cracks. It is too expensive for manufacturers of Chinese counterfeits to use such materials, usually plastic.

3. Samsung’s operating system runs on the Android platform, which is freely available and can be used on fake devices.

However, the Chinese are trying to reduce the cost of this part of production by installing cheap KitKat operating systems on their phones.

How to check the original Samsung or not.

Using service codes

This is where scammers set up their networks for gullible buyers.

If you buy a Samsung Galaxy off-hand, you won’t be able to return or exchange it, even if you have a receipt and a guarantee: these documents are easily falsified. The Koreans explain their approach in such cases by the statement. What is the relationship with trading platforms in this area?

This includes all trading platforms. How can customers tell real and fake batteries? Customers can reduce the risk of counterfeiting if they follow the following tried and tested tips.

You should only buy from reputable sources. Another point is packaging labeling.

Even after opening the package, we doubted the authenticity of this smartphone.

How to check a smartphone for authenticity?

To check the match, you need to dial a combination of numbers # 06 #.

Xiaomi. A separate article about Xiaomi verification.

  • Huawei / Honor
  • Samsung
  • Meizu
  • Apple

Another quick and easy way to check the device for originality is to compare the characteristics of the smartphone with those indicated on the manufacturer’s official website. To be sure, you can use third-party applications, for example, AnTuTu or CPU-Z. There is also a special program for authenticating phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 IMEI check for authenticity

How to do this, read on: The most basic and correct method!

This is the Galaxy S8 check on the official Samsung website.

A noticeable advantage of this method is additional information about your smartphone. For example, for use in which country it is intended, and whether it is covered by a VIP guarantee. What is there, ask what you want.

At worst, you can send a request by mail from the official website, or ask questions of interest to the online consultant on the website.

How to check a Samsung phone for originality?

This method is only relevant when buying a used device.

Also, the screen displays the name of a specific device model.

  • When you turn on the screen of a real Samsung, the first thing is illuminated by the brand name.
  • This may be followed by the name of the operating system, which is the logo of the Android platform.
  • Also, the screen displays the name of a specific device model.
  • When you turn on the screen of a real Samsung, the first thing is illuminated by the brand name.
  • This may be followed by the name of the operating system, which is the logo of the Android platform.
  • If any of the named items does not appear, this may indicate a fake.

    There are two main codes:

    • Dial # 7353 # on the keyboard.
    • Dial # 7353 # on the keyboard.

    Endless Obtaining IP Address

    Reason # 1: weak signal.

    Solution: try to reduce the distance to the access point (read above in step 2.)

    Reason # 2: the MAC address filter is enabled on the router. Your device’s MAC address is not whitelisted or blacklisted.

    If obtaining an IP address is blocked by the MAC address filter, errors may also appear on the smartphone:

    • Failed to get the IP address;
    • Network disconnected due to slow internet connection.

    Solution: whitelist the MAC address of your device or remove it from black. If the router is not yours, ask the administrator to follow these steps.

    Typical errors in connecting to a Wi-Fi network

    If the connection to the wireless network is successful, the message Connected should appear under its name. Any other signature indicates that it was not possible to connect to the network for one reason or another. In practice, when trying to connect to Wi-Fi, the following error messages are most common:

    • Message Saved.

    Authentication Error or Authentication Problem

    Reason # 1: security mode and encryption type incompatible with the client device.

    Solution: If the mode is WPA2-PSK, try changing it to WPA-PSK.

    Reason # 2: Incorrect security key.

    Typically, if the security key does not match, the Android device will prompt you for a password. However, there are other manifestations.

    Solution: Enter the correct security key. Be careful with layout and case. It is categorically impossible to use the Cyrillic alphabet in SSID and passwords, and you can get confused in registers. If in doubt about your password, temporarily install a 10-digit key on the router.

    Reason # 3: weak signal.

    Solution: test the network from a closer distance from the router. If the problem disappears when you approach the router, try to find a freer wi-fi channel and install it on the router. Then reconnect to the network.

    An authentication error has occurred

    Reason # 1: weak signal.

    If possible, reduce the distance to the access point;

    • Try to choose a free channel.

    Reason # 2: Incorrect network security key.

    Solution: Enter the correct security key (read above in paragraph 2.)

    We recommend reading the articles:

    General recommendations and optimal settings

    Below is a checklist for resolving most wireless problems. If you do not want to delve into each case described above separately, follow the steps listed in sequence. If the problem persists after performing the action, continue to the next.

    Disconnect from the wireless network on your Android device. To do this, press and hold the network name in the list for more than a second. When the menu appears, select Forget Network. After that, reconnect to the network by entering the security key.

    • Restart your router and Android device in order to eliminate the possibility of unexplained crashes and freezes. After restarting the router and gadget, wait a couple of minutes and try to connect to Wi-Fi again.
    • Check if the security key of the wireless network is correct (popularly the password for Wi-Fi). Set a key of 10 random digits to avoid confusion in layouts and registers.
    • Check your MAC address filter settings. Try to temporarily disable the filter and reconnect to the network.
    • Check the region settings on your router. Please enter the correct region. Try to select Russia, then USA, then Chile. This can affect the sensitivity of the receiver and the power of the transmitter. Please note that many router models may not have region setting.
    • Set the router security mode to WPA2-PSK and the encryption type to AES. Save your settings and wait a couple of minutes. Delete the network on your Android device and try to reconnect to it.
    • Set to Mixed 11b / g / n for maximum compatibility with various devices and standards. Save the settings and try to connect to the network after 2 minutes. For reference: if you set 802.11n only, only those devices that support the n standard will be able to connect to the router.
    • Set the channel width setting to Auto. Save the settings and after a couple of minutes try to connect to the network again.
    • Hard reset your router and configure it from scratch. There are times when this action fixes a router crash.

    Illustrations for items 5,7 and 8:

    Configuring Wi-Fi mode and channel width on a D-Link router Configuring Wi-Fi mode, channel width and region on a TP-Link router

    Message Saved under the network name

    Most likely cause: Weak signal.

    Try to reduce the distance to the access point. If the error is eliminated when the Android device approaches the access point, it means that it was observed due to the lack of the smartphone’s transmitter power. This, in turn, may be not only due to the large distance of the mobile device from the router, but also due to the clogged air when there are many wireless devices and networks around.

    • Try changing the channel on the router to a freer one.
    • Try changing the channel width in the router settings.

    How to fix a problem on a Samsung device?

    If there was a wifi samsung authentication error, it is advised to start solving the problem with correct settings on Samsung which is running Android operating system.

    Settings Wi-fi network connections.

    • Now you need to select an access point for connecting to the Internet and enter the correct password.
    • It is advisable to check the password by opening the visually entered combination. Without fail, the password must match, both in the Cyrillic Latin alphabet and in the case of letters, the order of all alphabetic and numeric values.
    • If it is not possible to re-enter data to change them, it is recommended to click on Forget network and re-enter the information.

    What to do if wifi authentication error occurred on samsung smartphone?

    Modern Samsung mobile phones are ready to please with a consistently high level of connection when connected to wi-fi. However, in order to open access to the World Wide Web, you need to properly connect. Authentication error appears quite often, but still it can be eliminated in the shortest possible time. Understanding the causes of the error and the best course of action ensures correct settings.

    Samsung wi-fi authentication error: what is it?

    An error in wifi authentication occurs when the result of the security key control and encryption of transmitted information from the Internet is incorrect. If control is not carried out, there is a risk that a stranger will be able to join the access point. A high level of security is possible only thanks to a strong password and the correct encryption standard for information that is transmitted when using the Internet on a mobile phone.

    Authentication failure occurs due to the following factors:

    • Incorrectly entered Internet access password;
    • Mobile phone and wi-fi router use different types of encryption;
    • Communication channels are not consistent.

    In most cases, samsung wi-fi authentication error occurs due to incorrectly entered password. For this reason, it is recommended to enter the password with special care, because the slightest mistake can lead to an undesirable result when trying to connect to the Internet. In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to other problems, because the problem cannot always be solved in the shortest possible time.

    How to proceed with the router settings?

    The router must be properly configured to connect to Samsung.

    First of all, in the browser you need to enter or and go to the settings control panel.

    • To enter your personal account, you must enter the username and password admin.
    • Now you need to go to the Wireless Mode tab and configure password protection. For home wi-fi, only one WPA / WPA-2 authentication method is suitable. However, for older Samsung models, they use 802.11 b / g instead of n, b / g / n, auto. Only occasionally need to change the region.

    Correct settings guarantee a stable and fast wi-fi connection.

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