Samsung A5 How To Take A Screenshot

The third way is the Assistive Touch app

Samsung A5 How To Take A Screenshot

This is the third way to take a screen on a Samsung a 50 smartphone through Assistive Touch, as for me the most successful. I only use it. A screenshot in one click.

What is it? In the installation of the application, which, in addition to screenshots, can do many more. You can download right here.

After installation, you need to make one small setting (if you want more, customize for yourself). The program is in Russian, so you won’t have to mess around for a long time.

By default, the function to make screenshots is disabled there. Therefore, in the settings, select “Custom menu”, click on the “Square with a plus” and select “Screenshot”.

Now, in the place where you need to take a screenshot, click on the white circle (it will be on your screen) and click the “Screenshot” button. All of it is in your gallery. Conveniently? It seems to me very much. Try it, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

The first way is with buttons

Samsung a50 2019, unlike its older brothers, did not receive a real button that you can touch “Home”.

Previously, on all Samsungs, it was with its help that it was possible to take a screenshot of the screen. Now, apparently, in order to make it less permeable, it was replaced with a touchscreen.

As a result of this change, the button to make a screenshot migrated from “Home” to “Reduce sound”.

Therefore, now to make screenshots you need to quickly press and release the combination “Home” “Reduce voice”.

Is it convenient? As for me, not, especially at the beginning. Probably, only from the tenth time I learned to do it.

I think you will not like it very much, but nevertheless we have what we have, and who wants a simpler option, let’s go further.

5 proven ways to take a screenshot of the screen on the samsung a50

Screenshot or otherwise screenshot allows you to capture the displayed image on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy A 50 2019 and other model year.

Thanks to this function, you can record a photo or an event in the application. You can take a screenshot on samsung a 50 in several ways.

I suggest 5. Why 5 and not one? Because I suspect, due to some convenience, not everyone will like everyone.

For example, the first method will be the most standard, but applying you will need some dexterity of your fingers, while the others will allow you to take a screen with just one click. Go.

Method two is manual dragging

A screenshot of the screen on the samsung a50 can also be done by swiping your hand across the screen, only first you need to set up a screenshot of this type.

To do this, make sure that this function is enabled on your phone. Go to the settings, and then select “Additional functions”.

Now look at the position of the slider opposite the “Screenshot” parameter.

If it is gray (inactive), then move it to the right, making it blue active. Then a new window will open where you can configure everything.

When you are done, by dragging your hand across the screen, you can quickly take a screenshot on your Samsung a50.

Only now, “quickly”, it is from the manufacturer, but as for me, this method did not delight me in any way, but even disappointed. Try, and suddenly you do better and you like it, because it really should be fast.

The fourth way is with scrolling the screen

To do this, we will take a screenshot with scrolling, you need to use one of the first two methods.

Then, from the options displayed at the bottom of the screen, select the one called “Scrolling Capture”.

It is important to note that we will only have this option when possible (there will be more content under it).

Then you can edit it. To draw or mark something you must first create it.

Then, from the options below, select the one called crop or paint. If you paint, then choose a color and paint what we want. Finally, click “Save”.

We do the same when we want to crop. Then we move the frames and cut where we want. At the end. “Save”.

The fifth way. By voice through Google Assistant

Despite the release of Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby, you will still have full access to Google Assistant, as well as its ability to take screenshots.

To do this, click on “Home” and hold your finger until Google Assistant starts. All you need to do is enable certain items in the Google Assistant settings.

After launch Click on the Compass icon below. Then at the top of your profile icon. Select “Settings”. Go to the “Assistant” tab.

At the bottom you will see your connected devices. Select your phone. Go to the General tab and activate the required options.

That’s it, now you can take screenshots by voice saying the command “Take a screenshot”. The assistant will make it and immediately suggest “Share”. To transfer it somewhere and save it to the phone.

That’s all. Honestly, I was already a little tired of writing, since I scribbled everything in one breath. Those interested can see below. Success.

Power and Home button

This method works for almost all Samsung Galaxy smartphones. To take a photo using the keys, you need to simultaneously hold down the Power and Home buttons.

When pressed simultaneously, the user will hear a characteristic click, reminiscent of the sound of the device shutter. This means that the screen is ready and can be viewed in the image gallery.

Attention! The buttons must be held simultaneously. Otherwise, one of the functions will be performed earlier and the photo will not be taken. Sometimes it may take more than 3 attempts to take a snapshot

How to take a screenshot on Samsung A5

You can save important information from the smartphone screen using a screenshot. The data will be saved in image format. There are several basic methods on how to take a screenshot on the Samsung A5. You can take a picture of the screen using hot keys, gestures and special applications.

Third way

In addition to the first two methods, you can take a screenshot with your palm, but this function is not available on all devices. For more information, see the article “How to take a screenshot with the palm of your hand”.

How to make a screen on Samsung?

Below we will study in detail how you can take a screenshot on the Samsung A6 or other modern models. There are several effective methods for screenshots, which are used depending on your device.


On the Samsung Galaxy A5 phone, you can take a picture of the display using gestures. The option must first be activated in the settings. Samsung Galaxy a5 how to take a screenshot using gestures:

Go to “Settings”. “Gestures”. “Hand gestures”.

  • Activate the “Swipe to grip” function.
  • Open the page you need for photography.
  • Place your palm with the edge to one side of the display.
  • Slide your palm to the opposite edge.
  • After that, a characteristic sound should appear. Screenshot will be created

    Taking a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A5 Phone

    Screenshot is one way to save important information as a picture. It can be done both on a computer and on a tablet or smartphone. On the Samsung Galaxy A5 phone, you can take a picture of the screen in three ways:

    • Through mechanical keys;
    • Through gestures;
    • Through additional programs.

    The finished picture will be saved in the image gallery in a separate folder Pictures / ScreenCapture or Pictures / Screenshots. Using the built-in editors, the resulting image can be edited

    Samsung A5 2017 (SM-A520F): answers to the most popular questions. How to set a ringtone on Samsung A5 2017?

    To set the ringtone, go to the settings tab and from there to the “Sounds and Vibration” item. Choose where you want to put a melody or sound. A notification or SMS for a call. A tab with music will open, where we select the desired track. If you need a melody for a specific contact, then click “Phone”. “Contacts”. Find the required subscriber from the list. Go to “Details”. “Change”. “”. At the very end of the list with parameters there is a “Ringtone” item. Click “Allow access to media data” (if not already allowed) and at the very bottom, in addition to standard melodies, the “Add from phone” button will appear. Next, select the track you like and you’re done. To place the melody in the general list, using any file manager, place it in the sdcard / Notifications folder.

    How to enable T9 on Samsung A5 2017?

    To start the predictive typing system, go to “General Settings”. “Language and Input”. “On-Screen Keyboard”. “Samsung Keyboard”. There, in the “Intelligent dialing” section, the T9 mode is hiding.

    How to open the back cover of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017?

    This question may appear if the battery or display needs to be replaced. For opening you need a thin spatula or something similar to it. Just watch the beginning of this here:

    How to connect Samsung A5 to TV?

    Download the Screen Mirroring Assistant application from the playmarket (if it is not already installed), and after launching it, the TV will be searched. You need to select TV in the list of found ones and the image and sound from the phone will be broadcast to the screen.

  • We buy an MHL adapter with an 11-pin connector for Samsung, which we connect to a smartphone in the charging socket. Connect the other end with the HDMI output to the TV.
  • We buy a special Wi-Fi adapter using Miracast technology and connect it to the HDMI connector on the TV. The Wi-Fi transmitter of the phone will broadcast the signal to this adapter with Full-HD resolution and five-channel audio.
  • In case of using Samsung SmartTV, the simple solution is to use AllShare Cast technology. We activate the function in the “Settings”. “Additional settings” section, and then go to the TV menu and use the “smart TV” interface through the “DLNA” network to view the contents of the smartphone. For other TVs, we purchase the AllShare Cast Dongle, and through a special icon on the phone we send the file to the big screen.

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung A5?

    You can get a screen on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 by holding down the power button on the right side and the bottom button on the left side. After about three seconds, you will hear a sound similar to the camera’s shutter release. A beep means the screen has been photographed. What happened can be found in the gallery.

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