Samsung A5 Factory Reset

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Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. Way 1

The first option involves 5 steps, which will be discussed below:
– in the menu of your smart you need to find and go to the “Settings” directory;
– this is where the “Backup, reset” element is located, which must be activated;
– then you should pay attention to the line “Reset all data”;
– “Reset device” should be pressed further;
– the last step to complete this action is “Delete all”.

After performing all the above actions, you will have a device in your hands that requires your close attention, because the smart seemed to be born anew, you will have to set it up “from scratch”, but isn’t that what you achieved? The speed of response to requests is surprising, no freezes, braking or other inconveniences.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. Reset settings, password, photographic key

During use, any gadget “clogs up” and even superficial cleaning of the phone does not give any results. And at such moments there is no other option except how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy A5 or whatever it is called in the Russian-speaking space. Factory reset. This will completely delete all information and reinstall the software.

And you will have in your hands a completely empty phone, as if it had just arrived to you from the manufacturer. Therefore, you should worry in advance about the safety of your dear data, which is located on the internal memory of the device. The built-in memory card will remain untouched, you can transfer contacts to it, etc., the SIM card will also remain intact.
As for the safety, you can also use the storages located on the Internet, their use is free, available to everyone. It is rational to use them not only when it is necessary to reset the data of the gadget, but also during daily use. The technique can fail at any time and “get” what is stored on the internal memory of the smart can become an expensive task or completely impossible.

There are two ways to resuscitate Samsung Galaxy A5.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. Way 2

The second way may show a little more complicated, but it should be described in stages anyway. Perhaps this is how you will be able to bring your phone back to life. It is suitable for you if you forgot your Galaxy A5 photographic key or password, or if your smartphone cannot boot.
– first, you should connect the phone to the charger, charge it as much as possible and disconnect not only from charging, but also turn it off altogether;
– then you need to hold down several buttons at once, namely: “volume plus”, “Home” (located in the center on the front of the smart), as well as the “Power on” button;

Samsung A5 Factory Reset

Resetting the Samsung Galaxy A5 is definitely an extremely powerful method to clean your smartphone and bring it back to full life. But using this method is not recommended too often. You should pay attention to the signs that your device gives you. With its “glitches” and “braking”, it lets you know that somewhere there are problems that should be fixed. Licensed software and high-quality antivirus can protect your smart and you will not need to reset.

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F / DS

Turn off your phone.

  • Press and hold the keys at the same time: Volume Plus, Home (Center), On / Off. Release the buttons when the display lights up.
  • 10sec. The smartphone will enter recovery menu. If the robot logo is displayed on the screen, press the button On off and without releasing it, press once Gr. (). Release the buttons.

    Select stitch Wipe data / factory reset. Move by buttons Loudness, and confirmation with a button Turning on.

    The phone will ask you to confirm the reset. Please select Yes. Delete all user data.

    Restart your smartphone by selecting. Reboot system now.

  • Wait for smartphone loading.
  • Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F / DS. Reset settings, password, photographic key. Operation hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F will be necessary for you if:

    • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 started to slow down and freeze;
    • If you forgot your google account password on Galaxy A5 2017;
    • Galaxy A5 2017 writes “Too many pattern entry attempts”;
    • If a Galaxy A5 2017 user has forgotten the photographic key;
    • If you need to return the Galaxy A5 2017 to factory settings;
    • If you just want to clean your Galaxy A5 2017 smartphone.

    Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F will perform a factory reset, all user files and settings will be deleted. Therefore, before the procedure for hard resetting a Samsung smartphone, save the data you need (contacts,,, music).
    All applications previously installed by the user will also be removed. To save information, you can use Titanium Backup, here is information about the possibility of data recovery after hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.

    How to reset Galaxy A5 2017 :. Resetting Galaxy A5 2017 settings using the menu:

      At the bottom of the screen, go to Menu.

    Find Settings.

    Go to point Recovery and reset.

    Tap on the name Reset.

    Give your consent to reset by clicking Reset and Erase All.

    Wait for the phone to load.

    Instruction (bypass FRP on Galaxy A5 2017):

    If you have problems with your locked Google account or forgot your photographic key, here’s how to unlock your Galaxy A5 2017:

    How to recover phone numbers after factory reset

    If you did not configure contact sync before hard reset, this guide will help you recover deleted contacts and phone numbers after reset.

  • If the synchronization of contacts was enabled (for example, via Gmail), connect your Google account and wait for the synchronization of the contact list.
  • Check if there is no VCF file on memory card or internal phone memory.

    I lost access to my account after a factory reset

    I lost my phone. When they returned. Realized that they tried to reset the settings, but could not, as the Google Account prevented. How to enter the phone now, given that I do not remember either the password or login?

  • I accidentally reset my phone and lost my Google account. I tried to restore it, but it popped up: not enough evidence. What should I do?

    Answer. The problem is solved quite simply. You need to go to this Google page and answer the questions. If the account belonged to you and at the same time you had data for recovery (for example, a backup Email or phone), you will be able to restore access and again “link” the account to your mobile device.

    What to do if the phone does not work after a hard reset

    I have an HTC One V phone and after a reset the phone stopped working. The screen turns on, the HTC logo appears, and more and more nothing happens. What to do?

  • Clicked on reset to factory settings. Now the phone has the inscription Secure Fail: Recovery and a yellow triangle. Inside there is a black exclamation mark and again neither here nor there. The phone has not turned on for a long time, what to do?

    Method 1. Perform a factory reset again. With the deletion of all data from the internal memory of the phone.

    Since you do not have access to the Android OS, you can do a hard reset through the hardware buttons. For this:

    Remove the battery and put it back in the phone

  • Press and hold the volume up button
  • In addition to this, press and hold the power button

    After which you will enter the recovery mode to factory settings.

    Note. The hard reset method is different on many android devices. See the smartphone manual for details.

    Method 2. If repeated hard reset does not help, install an alternative one. Unofficial. Firmware. We advise you to look for instructions on the forum

    Recovery and after hard reset

    Answer. Yes you can, but the likelihood of recovery depends on your persistence and the time that has passed since you reset your Android settings. You can use the recovery method described above (by creating an image of the internal memory).

    You can use any, even free software like PhotoRec or Recuva to search for photos in the connected disk image (enable the deep scan option). How to use them, see this:

    File name recovery

    I had a problem with my phone: if someone calls while using it, a message appears that the Phone application has been stopped. I asked on the forum and they said that you need to reset the phone settings. After the reset, the problem was solved, but the music, it turns out, was in the phone’s memory. Is it possible to restore it or at least find out what music was?

    Answer. You cannot restore the music. Find out the names of files. Yes, but only if they are saved in the file table. To do this, use the recovery method from internal memory, which we described in this guide. This procedure is rather complicated and time consuming.

    Recover data on Android after factory reset. Life after hard reset

    A factory reset deletes all data from your phone’s internal storage. This, music, applications. Everything that was recorded during the use of a mobile device. In this case, the sd card will remain intact: the files on it will be saved after a hard reset.

    So, without thinking twice and thinking that this is the fastest way to solve all problems, you reset your phone. Is there life after a factory reset? Is it possible to recover data on the phone after you’ve done a hard reset.


    How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F Phone If Forgot Password or Photo Key

    There are many reasons why you need to unlock your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F. Photographic key is an auxiliary tool for locking Android smartphones. The operating system offers to install it for joint work with a fingerprint sensor or means for unlocking in the face. The exception is the budget versions of smartphones, in which a photographic key is offered as an alternative to the usual digital password. Composing a photographic combination that is too complex can lead to problems. Multiple incorrect entries will automatically lock the device. You can figure out how to unlock Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F if you forgot your password or photographic key (whichever you prefer to lock your phone), knowing some of the tricks of modern versions of Android.

    Usually, after entering the key incorrectly, the phone displays information about the lock. Here, the operating system offers the user several solutions. Among the main ones are the SOS function, which is necessary to call the rescue services, as well as a means to restore access. The last option will be considered first.

    Unlock Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F via Google Account

    It should be noted right away that this method is not relevant for all devices. The list of tested models includes models on “pure” Android, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, as well as some Xiaomi.

    If you enter the wrong key 5 times in a row, but the display will show a blocking notification with a timer. Below is the button “Forgot your photographic key?”, Which you should press. The system will automatically offer authorization to the Google account to which the phone is linked. You will be able to enter your own mail and password only if you have a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. If there is a network, and authorization was successful, the smartphone will be unlocked and all data will remain in place.

    Factory reset

    The problem can overtake the user at the wrong moment. In the absence of the Internet. In this case, authorization with Google is not possible. There are two ways to deal with this circumstance:

    • Find a place with Wi-Fi, which is saved in the device (relevant if the automatic connection option is activated in the settings) and perform the steps described above;
    • Reset to factory settings through a special smartphone menu.
    • The latter option deserves more detailed consideration. Almost every Android model comes with a stock Recovery utility preinstalled for performing service settings. It is through it that you will have to unlock. Before performing the actions, you should understand that after resetting through Recovery, all files are deleted from the device’s memory. The fate of items on a MicroSD card depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you back up your phone data before taking any action.

      You need to do the following:

      Turn off the phone completely.

    • Press the mechanical buttons “volume up” and “on / unlock”.
    • After the phone vibrates, release the power button, while holding the “volume up” until the engineering menu appears.
    • After opening Recovery, release the button and select the Wipe data / factory reset item.

      Most often, the menu in the Recovery is touch-sensitive, respectively, clicking on Wipe data will turn out as in the usual control of the device. However, on older models, the menu may not display normal sensor operation. Management in this case is implemented as follows:

      • Selection of menu items. With volume keys;
      • Confirmation of action. With the power button.
      • After the reset, the phone will reboot and prompt you to perform the initial system setup. It is worth recalling again. A factory reset will delete all user files saved in the smartphone’s memory.

        The second way to reset data is using the buttons

        This method is used when the smartphone or tablet does not turn on, or the screen is locked.

        If Recovery does not appear, repeat steps 1-3 again, holding the buttons longer.

        Related questions

        Answer all questions.

        What is a data reset for?

        Resetting device data (reset, hard reset, factory reset) is the deletion of all data from a smartphone or tablet: contacts, messages, downloaded applications, photos, music, mail settings, alarms. After a reset, the smartphone or tablet returns to the factory state.

        Usually, data reset is done in the following cases:

        Before selling or giving a device to another person;

        If a problem occurs on the device that cannot be fixed by other methods;

        After updating the device software (firmware).


        Consult a technician online

        You can get a response within 24 hours for general information or technical support

        Leave a complaint or suggestion

        If the device does not turn on after a reset, a Google account is required

        Starting with version 5.1, Google has implemented anti-theft protection in Android. Google FRP. If you do a data reset, and do not delete your Google account before doing this, the device will be locked. When enabled, you will be prompted for the account that was on the device before the reset, and the password from it. To turn on the device, enter the Google account that was on it before the reset.

        If you do not remember what account was on the device before the reset, contact a Samsung service center. Be sure to take with you documents confirming the purchase (receipt, completed warranty card, loan agreement). If there are no documents, you cannot unlock the device.

        Things to do before resetting data

        Copy important information from your device.

        During the reset, the device memory will be cleared and all data will be deleted. If there is any important data, make a copy of it.

        Remove Google account from device.

        If this is not done, then when you turn on the device after the reset, the account that was on the device before the reset will be requested. Without entering this account, you will not be able to turn on the device.

        This change appeared in Android 5.1 at the initiative of Google to protect against theft.

        If you forgot or don’t know your Google Account password, you can unlock your device at a Samsung Service Center. You must have documents confirming the purchase with you (check, completed warranty card, loan agreement). If there are no documents, you cannot unlock the device.

        Your-mobila.Ru. Hard reset:

        To factory reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 follow these steps:

        Make sure your phone is charged and turn it off.

      • Press the buttons at the same time: Volume is positive Home (center) Turn on.
      • Release the buttons as soon as you see the Samsung logo.
      • After 5-10 seconds, your device will automatically enter the recovery menu. If the robot’s logo appears, hold down Power on and, without releasing it, press Volume () once. Release the buttons.
      • Go to the item “Wipe data / factory reset”. Moving the cursor is done with the Volume buttons, and confirmation with the Power button.
      • The phone will ask you to confirm Hard reset. Select “Yes. Delete all user data”.
      • Click the Power button once, thereby selecting reboot system now.
      • Wait for smartphone loading.

        Set up your phone correctly! Internet, hard reset, photographic lock. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.Hard reset, factory reset

        It is important to remember or write down the data (login and password) to log into your google account. After resetting the settings, you will need them to synchronize your data (contacts, applications, etc.) with your phone.

        Instruction :. Reset settings using the menu:

        At the bottom of the screen, go to Menu.

      • Find Settings.
      • Go to Restore and Reset.
      • Tap on the name Reset settings.
      • Give your consent to the reset by clicking Reset and Erase All.
      • Wait for the phone to load.

        Samsung Galaxy software crashes

        If you need an experienced technician or service center to fix mechanical problems,
        software problems can be easily solved at home. The main task is to accurately determine the reason, namely, the application due to which the system crash occurs.

        There are 3 main reasons for software-related breakdowns:

        • Software conflict of the application with the official Android operating system;
        • Incomplete or incompletely installed program update;
        • Virus applications (spam bots) or malicious software (trojans);
        • Let’s consider each of the situations in more detail.

          Reboot reasons and how to fix them

          Many users, as well as more experienced service center specialists, highlight several main reasons why the Samsung Galaxy is constantly rebooting:

          • Breakage of power contacts or lithium-ion battery;
          • Mechanical damage to the phone;
          • Failure of the system board as a result of oxidation of contacts or conductive connections under the influence of moisture;
          • Breakdown of a RAM module or processor;
          • Incorrect operation of one or more applications;
          • Destruction of the android operating system kernel.

          We will try to independently identify several reasons for the phone’s malfunctioning and, if possible, fix the problem without resorting to the help of experts or a service center. First, you need to determine the nature of the malfunction, that is, what caused it.

          All types of breakdowns can be roughly divided into 2 types:

          • Mechanical damage. Occurs if any of the phone’s parts breaks down;
          • Software problems. Caused by incorrect or improper operation of any system application or third-party program on the phone.

          In the event that the Samsung Galaxy is constantly rebooting, reacting to user actions (for example, pressing a finger on the screen sensor), it must be put into safe mode. With this launch, only the main system applications are loaded on the device.

          All extraneous programs installed by the handset owner after activating the device will be forcibly disabled in this mode.

          Malicious software

          Using applications on the Samsung Galaxy phone that were not downloaded from official sources (such as Play Market or Samsung Apps), there is a very high probability that low-quality software or a virus program will be installed on the smartphone.

          Modern manufacturers of anti-virus programs, such as Kaspersky Lab, dr.Web or Avast, have long been established in the telephony market and release anti-virus programs specifically for smartphones of various versions and configurations.

          After downloading one of the above programs, install it on your device and select the “Full Scan” option. The antivirus will identify the threat and offer a choice of several actions: block malware or remove.

          Cyclical restart of a Samsung smartphone: causes and solutions. Samsung is constantly rebooting

          Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy is the top model of the global brand, it, like many smartphones, can fail and start constantly rebooting. Such a breakdown may be caused by a malfunction of any program or operating system on which this phone is running.

          A hardware failure can also cause problems, as a result of which the smartphone will constantly or periodically reboot.

          This behavior of the Samsung Galaxy will cause a number of inconveniences to the user, and in the worst case will lead to a complete loss of data on the mobile device and the inability to use the gadget for its intended purpose.

          What to do if Samsung phone keeps restarting? Let’s consider several reasons for such a malfunction and try to find ways to fix it.

          Machine breakdowns

          If the device worked adequately in safe mode, and when it went into a normal situation, it resumed, the question remains what to do: the Samsung phone is constantly rebooting as before. You should start looking for mechanical damage from the removable parts of the mobile device. This could be a battery that has become deformed due to the destruction of an electrical element. By visual inspection, it is necessary to determine if the thickness of the battery plate has increased, whether there are any extraneous bulges, dents or cracks.

          If you have a standard household voltmeter available, it will not be superfluous to check the internal capacity of the battery. This procedure should be performed after the battery is fully charged, as a result, there may be 2 results:

          • The sensor will show 4.0-4.2 V. The battery is in good condition;
          • The value will be equal to 3.7 V. The battery is discharged.

          As a result, the reason for restarting the Samsung phone lies in low or insufficient power supply. In this case, the battery should be replaced with a new one.

          Another reason for turning off or restarting the smartphone may be a small gap between the back cover body and the battery.

          If the phone turns off during a conversation, that is, when it is in an upright position, most likely this is caused by a loose contact between the battery and the electrical circuit.

          You can check and eliminate this damage in an elementary way: lay a thin layer of paper between the battery and the back cover.

          What to do if the Samsung phone is constantly rebooting, and the battery and its contacts are in good condition? The restart may be caused by mechanical damage to the internal parts of the mobile device due to a strong impact on a hard surface. As a result of the phone falling, the connecting or contact wires, thermo-soldering or any other component may peel off. The motherboard, to which all the main elements of the gadget are soldered, may also crack.

          In this case, it is not recommended to repair the phone yourself. It must be handed over to a service center for full diagnostics, since this procedure requires special equipment and a lot of experience.

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