Samsung A40 TV Connection

Modern smartphones, and tablets, have capabilities similar to those of desktop computers. With them you can surf the Internet, watch presentations and even movies. But the smartphone screen may seem a little small. It is clear that many users are not averse to displaying information from smartphones on large screens, and for this, the smartphone can be connected either to a conventional monitor or to a TV. I must say that modern technology allows not only view photos ands on a smartphone through a TV, but also watch online TV, display games and programs on a large screen. This can be done mainly in two ways: through a wireless connection and through a connection through a cable. You can connect to an old TV through an ordinary tulip.

Samsung A40 TV Connection

We connect the smartphone to the TV via the USB port

Now almost every modern TV is equipped with a USB port, so the easiest way to connect a smartphone is through a USB port. But how to connect a smartphone to a TV via a USB port ? To do this, you just need to take the connecting cable with a USB connector on one end and MicroUSB on the other. Actually, through this cable we most often recharge our smartphone or transfer files from it to a desktop computer. We connect the smartphone to the TV via cable. Then on the remote control from the TV we find the desired button. Different TV models may have different names: USB; MULTIMEDIA; HOME; SOURCE.

By clicking on the desired button, we launch the menu for selecting signal sources, and in it you should choose USB or Multimedia as the signal source. Often the menu prompts us to choose also the type of file., audio or photo.

It is important to consider: if you intend to watch TV later as usual, you must return to the menu for selecting signal sources and select the antenna or HDMI input.

It should be remembered that, in this way, you can only view files that are stored on your smartphone.

How to control the TV from a smartphone

If you have a smartphone that has an HDMI port, you can take a cable with MicroHDMI. HDMI connectors. Using this cable is also easy to connect your smartphone to the TV. In such a connection, select the HDMI item corresponding to the HDMI port number in the menu for selecting signal sources. If the setting does not happen automatically, you need to go to the smartphone’s settings, in the HDMI section, find the HDMI format and specify the frequency and resolution supported by your TV. Thus, you can watch and read everything that you find using your smartphone, including movies ands online.

If you have a completely new TV, then most likely you can connect a smartphone to it through MHL and SlimPort. For an MHL connection, you need your smartphone to support MHL technology, and you had an MHL adapter from micro-USB to HDMI. We find the micro-USB connector on the smartphone, connect the adapter, and the HDMI cable to the adapter. If you want to connect your smartphone via SlimPort, you will need a SlimPort adapter. And “apple trees” can be connected via AirPlay.

Wirelessly connect your smartphone to a TV

You can connect the phone to the TV wirelessly. Now TV manufacturers are trying to ensure the connection of smartphones with TV via Wi-Fi. Most newer televisions have built-in Wi-Fi modules. Samsung has the AllShare function instead, and the lucky owners of the Apple iPhone can connect it to the TV via AirPlay. This is done in approximately the same way: you need to configure your home network, connect the necessary devices to it and activate the wireless connection function.