Samsung A 50 Settings

Updating wallpaper and lock screen

Samsung A 50 Settings

Changing the wallpaper and the lock screen is the very first step in changing the appearance of the OS, for this, just go to Settings. Wallpapers and themes and use any image you like that Samsung gives to its users. The choice is large enough and many will surely find what they like and stop there.

But if it happens that the search for a suitable picture has not been crowned with success, you can always use a third-party application, for example, Zedge Companion, which contains a large number of options for customizing wallpapers and ringtones. The extensive database of the program consists exclusively of high-quality images and sound files, sharpened specifically for Samsung, everyone will find a suitable option.

Zedge will become as convenient as possible and will perfectly fit into the original appearance of the branded windows of smartphones of the South Korean manufacturer. Like most software of this level, not all offered content is free, the developers should eat their own loaf of butter. But there are still more free ones, so you will not be disappointed.

Icon customization

You can change the icons from the same menu where all branded Samsung Galaxy Themes are located. Many users do not particularly like customizing shortcuts, since the changes concern only standard system images, the icons of third-party applications will remain in their previous form. In any case, this way of making your smartphone different from everyone else also has a place to be and is often used to give individuality by updating the images that are boring from daily use.

Alternatively, you can use a good third-party application OxyPie Free Icon, which supports not only Samsung smartphones, but also Huawei, OnePlus and others. For example, you can install branded sets of labels that are used in branded skins from other manufacturers. In general, the choice is huge, there are hundreds of variations for creating a personal screen.

How to change the theme?

When there is no desire to look directly for a new lock screen or specific wallpaper, then you can completely change the entire theme of the smartphone OS desktop. This is done through the same menu item Settings. Wallpapers and themes, which also have tons of all kinds of Galaxy Themes to choose from.

And if you can’t find a suitable one, you can use the Zedge Companion application too or any other. But you need to take into account the factor of full compatibility with Samsung smartphones, otherwise distortions may appear or some functions may not work correctly.

Customizing the status bar

Traditionally, the status bar is located at the top of the screen and displays all the vital functions of the smartphone, here you can find out the time, track the battery level and see how reliable the mobile connection is.

When you receive a lot of notifications, this overload of unnecessary information makes it difficult to quickly find out the basic information. In order to avoid this, you can limit the number of displayed notifications, select Settings. Notifications. Status bar and activate only three icons at a time or completely disable this function.

Screen Resolution Setting

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, you can change the screen resolution when convenient. Just select Settings. Screen Screen resolution and get three options: HD, FHD and WQHD. This will allow not only to achieve the optimal size of the displayed information, but also to save battery power when setting a lower resolution.

Adjusting the edges of the screen

One of the most interesting visual features of Samsung smartphones is screen edge lighting. This feature looks especially good in the flagship Galaxy S10, which has rounded display edges on the sides that light up when you receive an incoming call or text message.

To change the appearance of the side lighting on your phone, select Display. Screen border. Lighting boundary. Lighting style. Here you can select different effects, colors, opacity, width and duration. When you swipe on the right edge of the screen, your favorite apps and contacts appear, you can not only change the content of this element, but also add and remove entire panels.

How to remove Samsung daily on Galaxy a50 or s10

Since the daily is not yet finalized to perfection and it is rather a problem from it, then this service is of little use and it is better to disable it.

First of all, we will remove samsung daily from the notification panel so as not to annoy. To do this, hold your finger on the screen until the smaller windows appear.

Then move the screen to the right and in front of samsung daily move the slider to the left. He will not bother all of them with notifications.

That’s not all. Let’s turn it off completely. To do this, go to Settings and select Device Maintenance.

Then click on Battery. Tap Application Power Monitoring. Select apps in sleep mode.

Now click Add. Scroll down (almost to the very end) until you see Samsung daily. Highlight it. Click Add at the bottom. Now click it again in a new window.

Scroll down the screen and select Storage. At the bottom, click Clear Data. Go back. Scroll down the screen and tap Stop.

We figured out the disconnection. Now let’s remove the power from the side button in the Samsung a50 or s10.

How to turn off samsung daily from the side shutdown button on a50

Owners of phones samsung a50 or s10 after updating the phone to android 10 were horrified by the innovation.

Instead of turning off the phone with the button when you press the power supply, the unknown Samsung Daily starts.

It’s actually a helper that can work with your favorite apps and services to help you get more done.

It will also launch if you accidentally swipe right from the home screen to the right.

Naturally, the majority did not like this, and perhaps everyone and they want to remove samsung daily.

That’s just a Korean, does not allow you to delete applications that he himself has implemented. You can, of course, delete it, but this will require root rights.

I’m almost sure that no one will receive them, and since how to do this on android 10, it is not really known yet.

There is an exit. You can simply turn it off and remove it from the side shutdown button. It’s easy enough.

How to turn off samsung daily from side power button

Removing the daily app from the power button is a little easier. Just hold down the 2 buttons Power and Turn down.

You will be transferred to another window. There you need to move the black dot, opposite the Shutdown Menu line.

Now your Samsung a50 or s10 will turn off traditionally, and you said goodbye to the daily app by rebranding Bixby Home.

If you get bored with the news and other content they provide from various services and sites in a map-based user interface, it’s easy to return.

Note: if the Power off menu does not appear after pressing the Side key setting, then you need to reset the phone to factory settings. Then you can turn off or restart with the Power button. Have a good day.

Features of the model

The budget model burst into the market and immediately impressed users with its technical characteristics, which are not inferior to the flagship lines. Features of face recognition and fingerprint protection against unauthorized access appeared in inexpensive devices only from Samsung, and this is a significant breakthrough. Two microphones and a unique noise cancellation system make using a budget gadget convenient and comfortable, and high performance, economical battery consumption and fast charging with the original charger were immediately appreciated by the owners of the novelty.

The smartphone supports the functions of custom settings, in addition, the gadget has a night mode, perfectly photographs and takes pictures well. A 50 has standard security and privacy features, and also allows the owner to have multiple social media accounts and clone applications.

A large number of positive aspects do not protect the smartphone from malfunctions. Often the device requires a reboot, and this can be done in different ways.

If frozen

Hanging Samsung A 50, you can try to reanimate a simple, but very effective method: pry off the cover and remove the battery from the device. A radical solution will not eliminate the failures that have occurred, but will return the smartphone to work.

If the freeze problem persists, then you need to eliminate the root cause. Think, are there any dubious applications or programs installed on your smartphone that can conflict with Android? First, you need to delete them, and then reset them, removing their traces in the system:

We open “SettingsSamsung A 50.

  • Tapay “General settings”.
  • Choose an item “Archive and reset”.
  • Tapay “Reset”.

We are waiting for the phone to reboot and enjoy a clean system that works without failures due to conflicts with installed dubious applications. Reset allows you to fix problems in the functioning of Android and does not affect user files.

If it does not turn on

A reboot is sometimes required for a smartphone that has stopped turning on, although it is definitely charged. To restart and fix the system crash, follow these simple instructions:

Clamp the power and volume down buttons together.

  • Do not release the keys and hold them for at least 7 seconds.

After that, the device should start, and the legendary Samsung screensaver will appear on the screen. If the problem recurs frequently, we recommend that you reset your phone to fix system problems.

How to restart a smartphone

The method of how to restart a Samsung A50 smartphone does not fundamentally differ from the restart methods of the entire line. For this:

Hold down the power, volume down and screen activation buttons at the same time.

  • Wait until the phone prompts you to choose an action and tap “Reboot”.

The Samsung Galaxy screen will go out, and after a while a splash screen will appear and the phone will enter operating mode again, getting rid of the existing Android crash.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy A50

You may need to restart your Samsung Galaxy A50 if the device malfunctions, often freezes or does not want to turn on at all.

Possible problems

Samsung A 50 is a fairly new model, so serious malfunctions in its work, despite careful study, often occur. Some of them are of a temporary nature, for example, problems with a fast charge consumption, which gradually disappears by itself. Also, users note failures in the identification of fingerprints, but here the craftsmen also found a way out instead of three different pads, they scan the same one, which allows taking into account all the nuances of reading.

Other problems arise already during the operation of the device due to the fault of the users. Samsung may freeze and require a reboot due to overflowing memory, mechanical damage to internal parts due to the fall of the smartphone or deformation, moisture ingress. Android malfunctions can also occur against the background of installing questionable applications or not yet stable updates on the device.

If you suspect damage or a factory defect, it is advisable to seek professional help. The official website of the manufacturer provides a list of service centers where qualified employees of the company will diagnose the device and identify the real cause of constant malfunctions.

Setting up a Samsung account

The phone will not work fully if you do not create a Samsung account. You can perform the operation by going to the Settings menu, where there is a subsection Accounts.

Now go to the sub-item Add account and select your Samsung account.

Add your entry

Create a Samsung account

You must select in the window that appears, the column Create a record indicating personal registration data.

You must enter a valid email address to which the user has unlimited access, as they will have to verify the account.

We form an account

Do not forget to provide and confirm the password, which is subsequently used when logging into your account.

Enter personal information that allows you to identify the user in the system, indicating the first name, last name and date of birth.

The procedure ends by pressing the Register button.

We enter personal data

The system will require you to agree to the terms of the user agreement, even if you strongly disagree, still click on the I Accept button.

We accept the terms of the agreement

Now you need to log into your account and confirm your account, otherwise you will not be able to use it later.

For this purpose, use the mailbox specified during the registration procedure, where the letter was sent.

Log in to your account

Confirm account creation

Setting up a Google account

You can take advantage of the free benefits given to the user only after you manage to set up a Google account.

Having an account with a personal login and password will allow you to access the following services:

Create an account

It is necessary to prepare the phone for work by registering an account, which is to reserve a username and ensure secure access to personal data using a password.

You will need to open the Settings menu and select the Accounts item, where there is a Add account section.

Select the Google type and go to the window offering to create a new user.

Create a Google account

Enter your first and last name using the keyboard that appears when you touch any field.

We enter personal data

After specifying personal data, press the Next hot button.

You will need to enter a unique username using Latin letters with numbers, without using punctuation marks and without allowing spaces between characters.

If the entered login has already been used by someone, a corresponding informational message will appear. We’ll have to find another option.

After specifying the correct login, press the Next button.

Along the way, you will have to think about a password consisting of 8 characters and need to be confirmed after the introduction.

Unique username

Enter the number for password recovery

If you don’t want to enter your phone number right away, then press the Remind me later button and go to the next step, which consists in saving a number of personal data and subscribing to a news feed from Google.

If you are going to make purchases in the Play Store, you will need to specify a payment method.

Choosing a payment method

Time and date setting

Setting up your Galaxy phone isn’t too difficult, the last thing to do is set the time and date.

In general, the system automatically binds the user to a specific time zone when the Internet is connected.

If the current settings do not meet the requirements, then the operation can be performed manually.

Follow a simple scheme:

  • Settings menu;
  • Item General;
  • Subsection Date and time;
  • Removal of a tick from the column automatic detection and selection of date and time settings;
  • Manual input of the required data

Having prepared the phone for work, the user will be able to fully exploit the gadget. There will be access to the Internet and the ability to download games, applications offered in the PLAY Market.

Having a Google account will provide you with reliable free email and create your own YouTube channel.

The phone will turn into an information center providing access to news online.

The user will be able to use virtual file storage and chat on a social network.

The phone will become multifunctional and will be used to solve a variety of tasks.

Setting up Internet access

Wi-Fi setup

Initially, we will try to configure the Internet via Wi-Fi, in order to obtain hassle-free access to the network at any point where traffic is distributed.

You will need to perform a few elementary manipulations:

  • Visit the Settings menu;
  • Go to the Network connections section;
  • Manually move the Wi-Fi key.

The phone will show the available points, informing about the possibility of a free connection to the network. If there are locations not protected by a password, then the connection will occur automatically.

You can connect to a closed access point by entering a password, subsequently the configuration will be carried out automatically when a specific location falls within the range of the Wi-Fi network.

Access point selection

Configuration using a 3G modem

It is possible to set up the Internet in Galaxy via a 3G modem, providing data transfer in accordance with the requirements of the mobile operator. The following manipulations are performed:

  • Settings menu;
  • Section Other networks;

Choosing other networks

It is required to select an access point or contact an operator with a request to configure the appropriate option. The main task is to fill in the profile name column.

Installing the access point

Most important: How to set up Samsung Galaxy

Users who have managed to acquire a fashionable gadget are interested in the question of how to set up a Samsung Galaxy, ensuring the full functionality of the device.


A phone created on the Android platform needs user participation when setting the date, time, Internet settings, Google account and Samsung.

By applying the necessary settings, the user will be able to use the full potential of the gadget.

How to install Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) on Samsung Galaxy Young (GT-S5360)

Most important: How to set up Samsung Galaxy