Samsung A 30 Supports Wireless Charging

Life hacker tells why the gadget has three lenses and how to position the fingerprint sensor so that everyone is comfortable.

The kit includes a smartphone, a microUSB cable with a 1.5 amp adapter, a headset and a clip.

Samsung A 30 Supports Wireless Charging

Design and ergonomics

A7 is sold in three colors: black, blue and pink. The last two modifications are very bright. And although they look pretty, classic black is still much more universal. The device of this color also got to us as a sample for review.

The smartphone looks and feels almost monolithic. The case is glass and very easily soiled. In general, the device looks nice and expensive.

A7 is a large and wide smartphone. In my hand, it lies uncomfortably: the thumb does not reach the top of the display, and the grip is less strong. Due to the glossy surface of the case, the A7 risks slipping out of the gloved hands more than once. But the weight is distributed correctly: the smartphone is not too elongated, and the center of gravity is somehow always felt in the palm of your hand.

On the edges of the device there is nothing superfluous: on the left is a slot for SIM cards and a flash drive, on the right are the volume and power buttons, at the bottom is a speaker and microphone hole, a microUSB connector and a mini-jack. On the top edge you can see the eyes of the sensors and cameras.

On the back of the case is the camera module, flash and the Samsung logo. And a million prints.

Screen and sound

The smartphone does not try to seem frameless. there are noticeable edges on the top, bottom and sides. The aspect ratio of the display is close to 2: 1. with such proportions it is convenient to use the split screen function.

To the screen, as usual, no complaints. Samsung’s Super AMOLED is installed here. vibrant, contrasting and perfectly calibrated. The smartphone gives a nice picture “out of the box”, but it also supports a bunch of settings for the display, including color temperature or filtering by RGB-palette.

Always On Display mode is supported. with it, the time and current information are always displayed on the screen. At the same time, the charge is spent slightly, thanks to the OLED screen.

But the sound is not very. Firstly, only one speaker is installed in the A7, which means that you can forget about comfortable viewing the when the smartphone is horizontal. And secondly, even this speaker could be better: the sound is high-pitched and unconvincing. Apparently, AKG is designing an audio system only for the “older” Galaxy. The difference between the A7 and the flagships in the sound is very noticeable.

One-button headphones out of the box, which produce a very compromise sound, do not save either. However, if you treat them as a conversational headset, and not as a musical accessory, then claims will disappear by themselves.


The main feature of the A7 is the camera module, which includes three lenses. Classic aperture for use in most shooting scenarios, auxiliary for determining depth when creating portraits, and wide-angle for increasing frame space.

It all works. The idea with three lenses is justified. But if you understand the details, it becomes clear why the A7 is still not the flagship.

You can find fault with the operation of each lens. The first, despite the high resolution, is far from ideal in poor lighting conditions. Noises are raised, shutter speed is increased. the slightest movement of the hand, and the photo is smeared. The portrait work of two lenses is also not very impressive: it seems that Samsung was frightened by the clumsy clipping of the faces of focal objects, which even premium smartphones sin. As a result, the camera “smears” in the bokeh only a very distant background. But you can change the degree of blurry right during the shooting.

A special feature of the A7 deserves special attention. the presence of a wide-angle lens. It will help to make more successful collective shots and photographs against the backdrop of attractions. The effect of the fish eye when using the “wide-angle” is not seen. With her, a little more just gets into the frame. Here are just the characteristics of the lens compromise: resolution. 8 megapixels, aperture. ƒ / 2.4. Therefore, images with a 120-degree viewing angle are slightly worse than those taken with the main camera. Especially in low light.

There are no complaints about the front camera: selfies of acceptable quality are obtained both during the day and under the light of lamps. Nothing unusual.

Verdict: by the totality of the characteristics, the A7 camera is even nothing. It’s easy to take good pictures with it, at least in natural light. But whether the presence of as many as three lenses is justified is a moot point. Perhaps you will use only the basic.


Three types of unlocking are supported: face, fingerprint, and PIN. Iris identification and therefore no hybrid smart unlock. But this is not necessary. you will use your finger.

Samsung has integrated a fingerprint into the power button. Despite the small area, the sensor works smartly and confidently. Unlocking happens unnoticed, because we usually start work by pressing the main button. Good idea, the embodiment did not disappoint either.

Additional data protection can be provided using the “Protected Folder” function. This is an icon in the list of applications where you can drag everything important and confidential: from photos to entire applications. The folder opens with its password. A useful feature for those who hide adult content from children or conduct secret correspondence in the messenger from the second account.


Performance is average. It is enough for any household tasks, but in powerful toys the limit of power is felt. For example, in PUBG with maximum graphics settings you can’t play. This does not affect the operation of the system. everything works as smartly as it does on the flagships.

A few numbers for numbers lovers. Geekbench 4 test results:


The A7 has a battery with a capacity of 3,300 mAh. He sits slowly and smoothly. It does not break autonomy records, but at the end of an active day, it should survive until evening charge.

Although the A7 case is made of glass, wireless charging is not supported.


A7 runs on Android 8.0 with Samsung Experience 9.0, a classic add-on for Galaxy owners. This is a pretty friendly shell, not overloaded with pre-installed services and strange gestures. There are applications from Samsung, Google and Microsoft.

A lot is tied to the Bixby assistant. There is little benefit from it. The Bixby screen, which is swiped from left to right, can be deleted.


The new Samsung Galaxy A7 is a sturdy mid-budget with an excellent screen, good autonomy and acceptable performance. At the same time, Samsung added several interesting features to it that are not even found in the company’s flagships: a triple camera and a fingerprint in the power button. This does not allow the A7 to compete with leading models of smartphones, but favorably distinguishes it in the price segment of devices up to 30 thousand rubles.

If you don’t really understand why you need a flagship, if you don’t want to spend more than 500 on a smartphone and if you want to buy a device that looks more expensive than it costs, the new Galaxy A7 is an excellent choice.

The cost of the Samsung Galaxy A7 at the time of writing is 26,990 rubles.