Ruby-Tortoise At Home

With proper care, rubella turtles can live about 30-35 years. This period is significantly affected by the conditions of detention. In order for the animal to remain healthy for a long time, it needs to create a comfortable living environment.

Ruby-Tortoise At Home

The turtle needs a spacious aquarium with water, proper lighting and temperature conditions. Periodically, the pet should be washed and shown to the veterinarian. It is also important to provide him with a balanced diet.

Trachemys is considered an American freshwater reptile. This is an amphibian animal, whose homeland is Central America and the northwestern part of South America. Mostly it lives in water, but it needs to periodically get out to land in order to warm up and lay eggs. The reptile tolerates temperature extremes and eats almost everything.

The turtle is small in size – the length of the male shell is from 20 to 25 cm, and in the female varies from 25 to 30 cm. In the first year of life, the animal can grow by 20-25 cm. An adult reaches its maximum size in the third year. Her shell grows to 30-35 cm.

According to the description, yellow stripes stretch across the body of the animal. On the sides of the head are red spots resembling ears, which determined the name of the species.

The eyes of the animal are bright green. The color of the shell. dark green, on top it is decorated with yellow and blue spots. It is in this part that determines the age of the pet. In young individuals, it is much lighter; over time, the coating darkens.

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The female can give offspring several times a year. On average, mating is repeated 3 times in 12 months. At one time, the red-eared turtle can produce 5-10 small individuals.

The rubella tortoise needs to create conditions as close as possible to the natural habitat.

To do this, maintain a relatively high temperature and take into account the nutritional needs of the animal.

In order for a pet to feel comfortable, he needs to live in water, having the ability to periodically get out to land. Usually a spacious aquarium is sufficient for this. For a turtle 13-15 cm long, a capacity of 100-150 liters is required, for larger individuals it should be even more capacious.

The aquarium does not need to be completely filled with water, it is necessary to leave about 30 cm to the edges. Preliminarily, the liquid should be defended for at least 72 hours. Water is recommended to be changed every 2 weeks. Otherwise, pathogenic bacteria can start in it, which will negatively affect the health of the animal.

Red-eared turtles need fresh air. For this, a special island of stones is laid out above the surface of the water, which should occupy at least 25% of the land.

Ruby-Tortoise At Home

It is recommended to use a water heater that immerses in water. The optimal temperature regime for keeping the red-eared turtle is a range from 24 to 27 degrees. On the shore, it should be within 30. 35 degrees. You should carefully monitor this and prevent overheating, otherwise the pet may get burned.

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