Reset Xiaomi Power Bank 2

Today, almost every person who leads an active lifestyle or is more or less involved in sports knows what a fitness bracelet is. It is acquired not only by athletes, but also by ordinary people who want to monitor their health or increase the amount of physical activity through walking. Fitness bracelet, or, as it is also called, a fitness tracker perfectly helps to cope with these tasks, because it allows you to count the number of steps taken per day, measure your heart rate, track weight and much more.

The Chinese manufacturer of technology Xiaomi recently released the second version of this device. the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet, which perfectly copes with the tasks, and therefore is practically a bestseller among such devices, advantageously combining high quality and low price.

But sometimes in the bracelet’s work there are malfunctions that interfere with its normal functioning, or simply there is a desire or need to sell your gadget. in this case you need to know how to reset the Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet to factory settings. For some reason, the manufacturers did not tell in the user manual how to do this, but because you can find out how to reset the Mi Band 2 bracelet in this article.

Reset Mi Band via Mi Fit

As you probably already know, all interaction with the bracelet occurs through a special official application that is installed on your smartphone. it is called Mi Fit. You can download it on the Play Market https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xiaomi.hm.healthhl = ru (if you need Russian, download and install using this link) or in the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/mi-fit/id938688461?mt=8. And if you have a bracelet on your hands that you need to reset to factory settings, and a smartphone to which it is tied via Mi Fit, then you can start the disconnection procedure. Follow the instructions in all steps:

  1. Launch the Mi Fit app and log in to your account using the login (this can be either an email address or a mobile phone number) and a password invented during registration.
  2. Make sure that the tracker is attached to the smartphone, and from the main window of the application, go to your personal profile.
  3. Select the Mi Bend bracelet itself in the list of connected devices and click on disconnect the gadget.
  4. Confirm the unlocking of the bracelet from the smartphone.
Reset Xiaomi Power Bank 2

By the way, many users, when following this instruction, begin to worry about the fact that all their personal data on heart rate, weight, height, and, of course, on the number of steps taken for all time will be deleted, and they will lose all valuable statistics. We hasten to assure you that this is not so. the statistics are stored in the user’s profile itself, and disconnecting only unbinds the tracker from a specific smartphone. And if you want to record statistics again, from scratch. you just need to bind the bracelet to the new Mi-account.

Reset Mi Band without Mi Fit

There are situations when it is impossible to disconnect the bracelet using the previous method. the user simply lost access to the account, and therefore cannot do this procedure. In this case, we can offer you a second method, which is to completely discharge the gadget. However, this method can be very time-consuming, since the battery life of the Mi Band 2 tracker can last up to 1 month. Some users, in order to quickly discharge the device, put it in the freezer, however, we would not recommend putting such experiments. this may end badly for your gadget.

In addition, the effectiveness of this method has not been confirmed, so you can try just to recover a forgotten username or password for your account. it is both safer and much easier. But there were such cases when the bracelet didn’t react at all to charging, and then it was put in the freezer, which gave a 100% result.


From this article, we can draw the following conclusion: the most effective action to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet is to disconnect (untie) it from the account with subsequent re-linking it to the new device. This method is ideal for those who are going to sell a fitness tracker. just untie it from your profile, and the new owner will attach the bracelet to his Mi-account and begin to use an almost new device without any other settings.

But if you like to take risks and can wait a month until the device runs out and the settings are reset. try the second option, and wait until the tracker is completely turned off. To our regret, the development team did not provide for resetting the statistics to zero, and therefore you have to reset the bracelet in these ways. In any case, good luck!