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I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 p3110, a problem arose, listened to music in headphones, and sharply the sound became very quiet, I checked the headphones, the sound also works on the tablet, but it gives a very faint sound to the headphones, although the volume is for the whole.

I decided to try the Restartsvuk button. Did not help.

How to Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A – Recovery Mode

Sometimes tablets and phones operating under the Android operating system fail. If you are the owner of the Android Dazhet and decided to reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 settings.0 P3110 To return your tablet computer to factory settings, you got to the right address. It is often necessary to reset the settings due to the application error or if the operating system infected the virus (for example, the reset of settings can help if the Android penetrates the Banner that blocks the screen). Perhaps a similar situation has occurred with your gadget or you just want to delete all the information from the internal memory of your tablet computer.Different factors can cause a system failure. This may be the general clutter of the system due to frequent applications and installation of a large number of programs and games for internal memory and memory card. Or, which is generally quite rare without outside interference, it can be an internal error of the OS. In addition to problems with the operating system, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 may not turn on at all. If the device slows down, freezes, or works unstable, then hard reboot can also help it. But what exactly is rebooted and the discharge of which is on the tablet? It is worth clarifying that there are two types of reset of settings on tablets and smartphones for Android. Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 settings.0 P3110 can be software and hardware. And these methods have differences.On some firmware during program discharge, you can select the necessary removal options. Over, all information is removed from the memory card and the internal memory of the operating system. With hardware reset of settings through a special Android System Recovery menu, there are no such options, so SMS messages, telephone contacts, applications and games may be preserved. Nevertheless, before making Android software or hardware reset to factory settings, we still advise you to make a backup of important data for you if possible and save them. As a result of the discharge, the following data will most likely disappear: established applications and games, Google accounting and all data related to other accounts, your personal data (contacts, SMS messages, notes in the calendar), data tuning and applications.If you want to reset the settings on the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 To return the old device firmware, you are forced to disappoint you. Neither hardware nor software discharges to return the old firmware will help. It can only be restored by manually flashing the gadget. Next, we will consider both ways to reset the settings on the tablet computer Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 p3110 and start with a simpler method. Software restart of the system.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 settings.0 P3110 from Android If your tablet is loaded, it is easier to make a software restart to factory settings than to do hardware resetting of the system. To carry out the program reset of settings, you need to enter the menu of your tablet.After you get into the device menu, find the settings label and click on it.In the settings you need to find the menu item ‘Accounts’ or option ‘personal data’ (depends on the gadget firmware). And after that, select the menu item ‘Restoration and Reset’ or other name of which can be ‘backup and reset’.The next you need to find the menu item ‘Reset of settings’ (it may also be called ‘Database’). As can be seen from the explanation in the picture below, all the parameters will be reset and all data is removed on the device.By going to the data reset menu, it will be possible to reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 reset.0 p3110 to the factory settings of android.After pressing the device reset button, Android will ask confirmation ‘Delete all personal data and uploaded applications? It will be impossible to restore them ’in order to finally drop the settings of the operating system.By click on ‘Delete everything’ (or to erase everything ’) you will begin the procedure for resetting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 tablet settings.0 P3110. This is the description of the software restart of the system to finish and move on to hardware reset

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How to make hardware reset of Hard Reset settings

If your tablet does not turn on and does not start, then perhaps the reason is in the software failure of the Android OS, and not in the hardware malfunction of the device. It was for this that the developers implemented hardware reset of settings, which can be launched by pressing the buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110. To reset the settings without going into the system, you need to turn off the device. Here are a few methods of reset, try to do: 1) Clound the volume button (or volume decrease key) to enter the settings reset and hold the power button). Or we do the same, but after pressing the power button, we continue to hold the volume key. 2) the second option is similar to the first, you need to press and hold a decrease and increase in volume, and then just press the device on the keyboard key. 3) the third option for launching the recovery menu. We clamp the three keys at the same time: the main screen button, volume increase, and the power key. 4) last option. Press the power button and hold for 1-2 seconds, then hold the buttons to increase and lower the volume and the power key, and keep the recovery menu until the recovery menu appears.Here’s how to harden the Android settings in smartphones and tablets from Samsung (Samsung). Turn off the device. To enter the recovery menu, you need to simultaneously click on three keys: on the call button for the main screen of the device, increase the volume and the power key. The settings are reset using the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item, which can be selected using the buttons buttons and lowering the volume buttons. Next, we agree with the washing of data and reboot the device using the ‘Reboot Now’ menu item.After that, the device will either reload and drop the settings automatically, or the recovery menu will appear. As soon as you get in the recovery menu, you must select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset point and volume keys, click on it and agree to removing the settings on the tablet. We hope you managed to go to the recovery menu and drop the settings on Android. If you have a question, or it is not possible to reset to the factory settings on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 p3110 yourself, ask a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.Droidium.RU/KAK-SBROSIT-NASTROYKI-SAM SUNG-Galaxy-Tab-2-7-0-P310SBROS-NASTRO EK-Hard-RESET

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab Hard Reset may be required in some cases:

Since all the data after the reset will be lost, it is necessary to save on external media or in the cloud service all valuable data, contacts, settings and files. Be sure to delete all Google accounts from the tablet, because after reset the device will wait for the entry of the last account data. If the device is sold, the new owner will not be able to change the account and access the settings. Such H7 Offices appeared with Android Lollipop. If you forget the data of access to your account, you will have to de6 unlock in the service with the presentation of documents. If you do not have documents confirming the legitimacy of owning a phone, tablet, it will not be unlocked.

Disconnect Google profile on the phone before reset

Be sure to delete the Google user profile-otherwise the device will request a login-paralle after the Hard Reset. If you (or the new owner) will not be able to introduce them, the loading of Android and the entrance to the system will be impossible.

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How to turn off the profile in front of the Hard Reset, read the link:

In extreme cases, it will be possible to unlock the device in the Samsung company service, but you need to have documents confirming that you are its buyer.

How to reflash the Samsung GT-P5100 Galaxy Tab 3?

  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Return to the main menu and click Install;
  • Indicate the path to the firmware Galaxy Tab 2, 3. The one you need, and confirm the choice;
  • After the installation is completed, press Home and Reboot System;
  • To download the application package, you need to go into this menu again; Click on Install and indicate the path to the archive with the assembly. Confirm the choice again, after installation, reboot the device.
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    After all the required files appeared on the tablet, run it. Note that the first load can last quite a long time and this is an absolutely normal phenomenon.

    Now you know how to reflash the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 3 tablet and other models. In principle, this is not so difficult, the main advice is to observe the sequence and carefully treat all the requirements and points of the list with the necessary actions.

    The Galexy notes line is quite popular among users, therefore, like other Android devices, there is a demand for their flashing. It is not necessary to go to professionals, just have little knowledge of how to flash or reflash the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. The Galexy notes lineup is both tablets and smartphones, but there is a large difference in the process of updating those

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 is one of the few Android tablets, which has regular support from developers with the latest software updates. Now you can enjoy the last Android 5.1 Lollipop on Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 and with OMNIROM together. Obviously, you will get the same possibilities, apparently, for previous Omnirom assemblies with a bunch of settings of parameters and other system settings.

    You can update the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 in Omnirom Android 5.1 lollipop firmware using a textbook below. This is an unofficial release from Samsung, but only a custom ROM, which will require recovery (recovery), like ClockworkMod to flash zip files and Google applications on a tablet. So, first get Root and install Recovery (if you still do not have), and then continue to install through the restoration of CWM.

    A warning:

    Use these instructions at your own peril and risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to you or your device that arose as a result of using information in this guide.

    • This textbook is intended only for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100. Please do not try to install on any other device.
    • Make sure the drivers for your device are installed on the computer.
    • You need to enable USB debugging mode which is disabled by default.
    • Your device should have 70-80% of the charge.
    • Never miss nandroid backup, because it is very useful if the firmware does not work the way you want, then you will easily return your former disk.
    • This textbook will destroy all data. Act at your own risk.
    • Samsung Kies will not find your device after installing this disk, because it is a custom firmware.
    • Make sure you have backup all the data in the phone’s memory before continuing. How to make backup read. Another way:.

    First, download all files from the link above to the computer. Do not remove them.

    Connect the device with the computer and copy all the files in the root catalog on the device (and not in any folder).

    Disconnect the tablet and turn it off. And make sure you wait 5-6 seconds to complete the power outage completely.

    Now you will load the tablet into the recovery mode by pressing and holding the volume increase button, at home and power button.

    Screenshots from ClockWorkmod Recovery can change on the release of new versions, as well as for different devices, the menu, can be ironed in different ways, but its main functions will remain unchanged.

    Make nandroid backup by choosing:Backup and Restore Backup.6.

    Choose:Wipe Data/Factory Reset Yes.

    Choose:Wipe Cache Partition Yes.

    Choose:Advanced Wip Dalvik Cache Yes.

    Choose:Install Zip from Sdcard Yescard.

    Choose:Choose Zip from SDCARD OMNI-5.1-20150313-044-P3100-HOMEMADE.ZipYes.

    Repeat 9) 10) Step and sew Gapps:Install Zip from SDCARD Choose Zip from SDCARD GAPPS-LP-20150314.Zip Yes. Similarly, stitch Beta-Supersu-V2.71-201603 31103524.Zip.Eleven.

    After that, select:Go Back Reboot System Now.

    Now you have to work for Android OS 5.1 lollipop. Enjoy!

    To return to the previous ROM, load in recovery, select Backup and Restore and restore your previous ROM, choosing it from the list.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 tablet.0 for a new official or custom firmware, firmware of the custom recovery of TWRP Recovery, obtaining ROOT rights of a superpoler.

    Instructions for installing official firmware

    First, download and install the ODIN program on your computer.

    Then you need to download the official firmware for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0-Firmware for GT-P3110

    Hardware reset of settings on Galaxy S8, S8 and Note 8. Step.By.Step instruction

    Instructions for the implementation of hardware reset on the Galaxy S8, S8 and Note 8 are slightly different from the instructions for other Galaxy devices. After turning off the device, holding the power button for 10 seconds, perform the following actions.

    • At the same time, press the power buttons, the volume and bixby, until the Samsung logo appears. Please note that you can see subsequent messages with the inscription “Installation of update” and “no command”, but you do not need to do anything on these screens, except to continue to wait for the android recovery screen.
    • On the Android recovery screen, press the volume reduction button until the parameter “Data cleaning / reset to factory values” is selected.
    • Press the power button.
    • On the warning screen, press the volume reduction button until the “Yes” parameter is highlighted.
    • Press the power button
    • After a few seconds, the Android Recovery screen will appear again with the selected Reboot System now option. Press the power button to restart the device.
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    Why dump the Samsung smartphone to factory settings

    As you know, the reset of the settings returns the phone to his software view, which he had during the initial sale. Applications and settings installed by the user are deleted, the user Google account is deleted, user files recorded in the phone’s memory are deleted. The phone becomes absolutely clean and you can start all over again.

    Thus, the reset for Samsung will be useful for:

    How To Factory Reset Restore a Samsung Tablet to Factory Settings / Phone. Galaxy Tab E

    • Elimination of constant software failures in the work of the device;
    • Removal of viruses and advertising software that fell on the phone;
    • Getting rid of unsuccessful settings of the system made by the user;
    • Elimination of the slow operation of the device and undesirable external applications that fell on the device;
    • Samsung sales when you need to get a smartphone clean from user files. Reset to factory settings may be needed for problems in the operation of the Samsung device

    Having one of the above reasons, we may want to drop our phone to factory settings. Let’s figure out how to do this on different models of Samsung phones.

    How to reset the settings on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E via settings menu

    This is the easiest way to reset the Galaxy Tab S5e settings. You just need to go to the “Settings” menu and perform the following actions.

    • Create a backup copy of your personal data and delete your Google account.
    • Enter the settings menu.
    • Scroll and tap global control.
    • Touch reset.
    • Select the reset of factory data from the proposed options.
    • Read the information, and then click the “reset” to continue.
    • Click “Delete everything” to confirm the action.

    Alas, it is not always possible to at least turn on the phone and go to the settings menu to perform the reset procedure using the “Reset Settings to the Factory” button. It is for these purposes that in modern devices there is a recovery menu that can be entered by squeezing certain keys. In the Samsung Galaxy Tab device, this process is as follows:

    First you need to make a complete shutdown of the phone. If it is hanging, then you can simply pull out and insert the battery.

    Next, clamp the two buttons: the button to turn on the device and the volume control button “-“ (the same key that is located on the volume control panel closer to the power button).

    Before us will appear an image of a green robot with the inscription Downloading and a white box with a small Android robot, where we need to go. You need to press the volume button “-“, and then “” to enter this box.

    4.Next, a certain list of actions should appear in front of you. In it you need to select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item. The choice of directory is implemented using the volume control buttons, and confirmation of the action using the inclusion key.

    5.After another list will appear after. On the contrary, many points will be the word “no”, but we choose the only one with the word “yes”, the way that is described in the previous point of the instruction.

    6.Now the process of deleting information will begin. You need to wait a few minutes.

    7.After removing the data, another list will appear, in which the Reboot System Now item will be in the first place, which you need to click on. After rebooting, the device will work as a new.

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