Reset Sony Xperia Phone

We can name many reasons for blocking access to your Sony phone. One of the main reasons is to forget the password that you created. Although it is unlikely that someone will not forget their password, this happens quite often among users. The inability to bypass the screen lock is annoying, as the phone becomes an important part of our lives. We will tell you how to unlock Sony password (Xperia) in 3 ways.

There are several ways to reset the screen lock. The methods available depend on the type of screen lock and the version of Android your Xperia device is running on. Some of the methods, such as those using my Xperia service or the Android / Find My Device Device Manager, require that you already enable the service on your device and enable the Internet connection.

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How to unlock using a Google security question?

The note! Before you perform any of the steps in this article, make sure you know your Google username and password. Depending on your security settings, the Xperia device may block after a reset or recovery. Then you need to enter your Google Account username and password to use the device. If you don’t remember your Google username and password, you cannot unlock the device yourself.

Tip. You can recover your Google Account username and password using the Google Account Recovery page at For Xperia X, Xperia L1, Xperia E5 and Xperia Z series (Android 5.1 or higher), you should know that when you receive a new Google username or password, you cannot use them to register and restore the device within 24 hours.

1. Press: Forgot your password?

2. To unlock the phone, you can answer the security question that you set when setting the screen lock. Or you can enter the username and password of your Google account. Click “Further“.

Sony password

3. Enter the answer to your question or enter the Google Account username and password. Click “Unlock“.

4. You will be asked if you want to create a new screen unlock password. If you do not want, click Not.

If you did not create a Google account or if you forgot the answer to your secret question, you need to reinstall the phone software. This will erase any information stored on your phone. It is not possible to recover data that will be lost if you do this, but you cannot reset the screen lock without reinstalling the software. Read below how to reset Sony.

Using Xperia Service to Reset Screen Lock

The note! Make sure you know your Google ™ username and password. You may need to use them to use your Xperia ™ device after a reset.

Use the Xperia service to reset the screen lock. All contents of your Xperia device are saved after resetting the screen lock of your device. The note! This method is not available on devices running Android 7.0 and higher.

This reset method requires that you first enable my Xperia service on your Xperia device. Your Xperia device must also have an active Internet connection (Wi-Fi® or mobile network).

How to reset password using Xperia service

1. Go to from any device connected to the Internet, such as a computer.

2. Log in using the same Google account or Sony Entertainment Network account that you installed on your Xperia device.

3. Click on the image of your Xperia device in the “Devices”.

4. Select “Block” or “Change PIN”, to replace the current screen lock with a new PIN.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by Xperia.

How to remove Sony password on Xperia program

Step 1. Download: Mac, Windows and install the program on your computer. This program supports both Windows and Mac. Choose the correct one. After installation, open the program and click “Advanced Tools”. “Removing the Android Lock screen.”

Reset Sony Xperia Phone

Step 2 : Remove the USB cable and use it to connect the phone to the computer. When it is well connected, click the Start button to begin the analysis process.

Sony password

Step 3 : After detecting the phone, you need to enable the phone in boot mode. Instructions are displayed on the screen. Please follow the instructions to enter download mode. Then click the “Start” button to download the corresponding image on the phone.

Step 4 : Delete the password for the forgotten screen on your Sony phone. It will take several minutes to fully download the package. After the program finishes, the program will automatically start the password removal process. This includes fraudulent scanning, data backup and the final step of removing the password. When you delete the password, a short message appears on the screen with the message “Delete password complete.” Now you can enter the phone without a password.

Sony password

Android Lock Screen Remover. It is a reliable tool, fast, safe and easy to use. Regardless of the reason why you are locked out of your Sony phone, this program comes to the rescue. If you have 10 minutes to save, using this program is worth the time you spend unlocking your screen instead of paying a repair technician for expensive service that you could do yourself at a much lower rate.

Currently, the program can work on several brands of phones and tablets, such as Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. Other brands will soon be compatible with this program. If you want to try first, the developer offers a free trial version, which you can download on your computer. If you are comfortable with the features that you tried, you can purchase the program in just a few steps.

How to reset Sony Xperia Z password if forgot

Before you begin, please note that resetting your smartphone will erase any stored data and settings. We recommend that you back up your data.

To find out more, read a separate article about dumping: How to reset Sony to factory settings?

1. Turn off the phone.

2. To perform a hard reset, start by tapping and holding power buttons the button volume up for a few seconds.

3. The device will vibrate once. At this point, you can release the power button. Continue to hold the volume key for another 10 seconds.

4. The phone will vibrate and then turn off, indicating that the hard reset procedure is complete.

Using Find My Device to Reset Sony Password

The note! Make sure you know your Google username and password. You may need to use them to use your Xperia ™ device after a reset.

This reset method requires that you first enable Android Device Manager on your Xperia ™ device. Your Xperia ™ device must also have an active Internet connection (Wi-Fi® or mobile network). Selecting this method will completely reset the factory data. All content on your Xperia ™ device will be deleted. In some cases, the contents on the SD card may not be erased during a reset using Find My Device.

If your SD card is not encrypted, you can remove it before performing a reset to prevent it from being erased. However, if you use the Xperia ™ device in a corporate environment, your IT department may have to force the encryption on the SD card on your device. In this case, the contents of the SD card are erased or become unreadable when performing a reset, even if you delete the card in advance.

How to reset Sony password using Find My Device

1. If your SD card is not encrypted or is not used in a corporate environment, remove it before performing a reset. Turn off your Xperia ™ device before removing the SD card. Turn on the device when you removed the SD card.

2. On your computer or mobile browser, go to

3. Log in to the Google account you previously added to your device.

4. If you have multiple devices, select the device that you locked at the top of the screen.

5. Select “Erase”. Keep in mind that this action will permanently destroy all your data, such as your applications, photos and music. After deleting the contents of your device, Find My Device will no longer work on it.

6. After remotely deleting the contents of your device, you can set up your device again using your Google account and a new screen lock.

Xperia Device Recovery Software Recovery

The note! Make sure you know your Google username and password. You may need to use them to use your Xperia ™ device after recovery.

You can reset the screen lock using the USB cable, computer, and software recovery feature in the Xperia ™ Companion app.

The note! The software recovery feature replaces the software on your device. All personal data stored on your device will be lost.. Content on an external SD card is not deleted. Xperia ™ devices must have a minimum charge level of 80% before you can perform software recovery.


1. Computer: if it is not already installed, download and install the Xperia Companion app from

2. Open the Xperia Companion app.

3. In the section ” Office Xperia » click “Software recovery”.

4. Follow the instructions on the screen, but do not connect the Xperia device to the computer until you are told about the five-step instructions in the Xperia Companion window.

Sony password