Reset iPhone without Apple ID

Effective methods 5 to reset your Apple ID or password

Forget your Apple ID or password. it’s a panic, right? This means that you are blocked from the App Store, iTunes, iCloud and cannot buy content on your iPhone. importantly, you cannot access your data in iCloud and iTunes backups. How to reset your Apple ID? The answer is a bit complicated because Apple has developed different methods to do this in different situations. In this guide, we’ll talk about these methods and help you successfully reset your Apple ID. In addition, to avoid data loss, we also provide the easiest solution to recover data from your iPhone and iTunes backup if you have forgotten your Apple ID or password.

First way. Easiest when you have forgotten your Apple ID account and related security issues to reset.

You will need third-party software, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker. This is a professional Apple ID uninstaller if your old Apple ID can’t be logged in because of a wrong password or Apple ID can’t be unlocked because of a security issue, trusted number, etc. Д. You can have full control of your iOS device after removing Apple ID.

Remove locked Apple ID from iPhone iPad and iPod.

Wipe screen password to enter locked iOS device.

Restore and erase the time-limit screen password.

Support iPhone 12, 11, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, etc. Д., Running iOS 14/13, etc. Д.

Now let’s simplify the process of removing Apple ID on your iOS device.

Step 1. Download Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker for free by clicking the download link below. It supports both Windows and Mac computer and you can use it as you like. Run this program after successful installation.

To open the window, you must click Delete Apple ID. Connect your iOS device where you want to reset Apple ID to your computer.

Step 2. Press Start Button and this program will begin removing the existing Apple ID from your iOS device.

Your iOS device will then be unlocked from the original Apple ID so you can reset your new account.

If Find My iPhone / iPad is enabled on your iOS device, you must reset all settings first.

Any iOS devices running iOS 11.4 or later, you must turn off Find My iPhone / iPad.

Ways to Decide How to Unlock the Activation Lock Without the Previous 2020 Owner (No Password)

1.1 How to bypass activation lock with PassFab Activation Unlocker

If you are looking for an answer to how to remove iCloud activation lock without previous owner, the best solution is to use PassFab Activation Unlocker! Solves the problem of bypassing activation lock without Apple ID and password on iPhone / iPad / iPod. And it is fully compatible with the latest versions of iOS / iPadOS 14.6, iPhone 12 and more. You can try the following instructions to get the best result of how to remove iPhone activation lock without previous owner:

  • 01 Download the PassFab Activation Unlocker software for free to your computer system select [Override iCloud activation lock] click [Start] for the launch process.

1.2 How to get around the iPhone activation lock without the device password

Note: The only prerequisite is that two-factor authentication has previously been enabled in your iCloud account.

Apple also provides an easier way to unlock an activation-locked iDevice to prevent accidentally locking your device with someone else’s Apple ID. Remove the iCloud activation lock without a password. This is the best answer to how to remove Find My iPhone activation lock without previous owner 2021 if you know the device’s password.

  • 01 Open your iPhone and connect it to Wi-Fi.
  • 02 When you are on the remove activation lock page, click “Unlock with password” below.

You can then reset your device and log in with your Apple ID to use all the features.

1.3 How to disable iPhone lock activation with a DNS server

Note: You need to try many times. You only have limited access to your iPhone.

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Paid methods can help you with less effort. If you’re looking for how to remove my iPhone activation lock without the free use of the previous owner, iCloud DNS Bypass. Another choice for you. DNS. It’s a domain name server. When you connect to Wi-Fi and try to block the activation of iPhone deleting the device from the previous owner’s account, your device first connects to the DNS and reaches the Apple server. iCloud DNS Bypass is designed to switch your device to, not on the Apple server. Here’s how to use this service.

  • 01 Open your device, go to the “Choose Wi-Fi Network” page.
  • 02 Press the “Home” button select “Wi-Fi Settings” tap the “i” icon behind your Wi-Fi network.
  • 03 Select “Configure DNS” and configure it according to your region.
  • USA:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • South America:
  • Australia and Oceania:

Now you can watch videos, visit websites, play games, listen to music or do other things with the iCloudDNSBypass server.

1.4 Contact Apple Support for help

Note: You’ll need to prepare secure purchase coupons.

The official answer to how to remove the Find My iPhone activation lock without a previous owner when you can’t do it yourself. Ask Apple for help on how to remove activation lock without previous owner 2020.

To ask Apple to unlock your locked iCloud iPhone, you must prepare documents proving that the iPhone belongs to you, such as the original purchase receipt or other documentation of ownership, serial number, IMEI or MEID.

You can then request activation lock support.

1.5 How to unlock Find My iPhone activation lock without Apple ID Online: IMEI:

Note: Risk of fraud. No refund. There is no guarantee that such service providers are genuine or not.

On the question of how to remove the iPhone activation lock without a previous owner, many experts will suggest unlocking the iPhone using the online tool AppleiPhoneUnlock, for which you simply need to provide the serial number or IMEI number, how to remove the activation lock find my iPhone without an Apple ID. However, according to our research, most user reviews of this online tool are negative. So if you are aware of the risk, use this product with caution.

You can also unlock your iCloud activation lock without a password online if you don’t want to download or install anything on your computer. AppleiPhoneUnlock bypass services. is a terrific service that ensures that the unlocking process is quite professional, simply using the serial number or IMEI number. Follow these steps to how to remove the activation lock to find my iPhone.

  • 01 Go to your browser and find the AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud Unlock website.
  • 02 Now you need to enter your device’s IMEI number or serial number. This will be written on the case.

How to recall (reset) your Apple ID password?

If you remember your Apple ID, but you’ve forgotten your password, you’ll have to reset it and set a new one. Here are a few ways to do it:

On an iPhone or iPad with two-factor authentication

Tap your name at the top of the screen.

Tap Password and security.

Specify a new password, confirm it, and click Change.

On a Mac with two-step verification

Click on the Apple menu (in the upper left corner of the screen) and click System Preferences

Click the Security tab → Change Password.

Enter your new password, confirm it, and click Change.

In the Find iPhone app on another iPhone or iPad

If you only have a friend or family member’s smartphone handy, open the Find iPhone app (download link) and do the following

Make sure the device owner has logged out of their account.

Click the Forgot Apple ID or Password button?

Enter your Apple ID and follow Apple’s instructions to reset your password.

reset, iphone, apple

In any browser on your iPhone, iPad, or computer

Go to the Apple ID web page and click Forgot Apple ID or Password?

Enter your Apple ID and click Continue.

You’ll be presented with options to reset your password. Make your selection and follow Apple’s instructions.

If you have two-step verification enabled, you’ll be prompted to verify the phone number associated with your Apple ID. An SMS will be sent to it with the necessary instructions.

How to recover your Apple ID through two-step verification

Type iforgot in the address bar of your 2. Enter your Apple ID.

If you have two-step verification enabled, enter your recovery key. You got it in the very first setup of the two-step test.

Select the device where you will receive the 4-digit verification code. This is most likely your phone number.

After the SMS is sent to your phone, enter the code in the special fields and press “Continue”. 6. Enter your new password. Note that it must be different from your old password, which you used within the last 12 months.

Confirm your new password and click “Reset Password.”.

Important! If you have forgotten your password and can’t find the recovery key. you will NOT be able to recover your password even if you have a verified device!

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How to reset a locked / locked iPhone without iTunes

The last method is very effective when your iPhone is disconnected, hung up, crashed or stuck in other problems.

What you need to do is use iOS System Recovery, which brings your troubled iPhone back to normal.

Note: You must ensure that your iPhone is successfully connected to your computer and a trusted computer.

In addition to restoring iPhone factory settings, this software will allow you to unlock your jailbroken iPhone, lock the carrier unlocked iPhone again and update the iPhone iOS version to the latest supported iOS 14 / 13.

Fix iPhone in DFU mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc. Д.

Resetting your iPhone and updating iOS to iOS 13 / 14.

Work on iPhone 12/11 / XS / XR / X / 8/7/6/5/4, iPad, iPod and other devices.

Connect your iPhone to your computer

Run iOS System Recovery and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Select “Restore iOS System” and press the “Start” button.

Put iPad into Recovery / DFU mode

In the pop-up interface, you’ll notice that this software detects the state of your iPhone. Here you need to click on the question mark to get your iPhone into Recovery Mode or DFU mode manually.

After getting your iPad into DFU or Recovery Mode, you’ll see that you go to the model information check interface.

Just click the “Back” icon and select “Advanced Mode” and the “Confirm” button to start downloading the firmware and restore your iPhone to its factory settings.

As in iOS 15.2 Reset iPhone without a computer

You can only do this if you have the password to the Apple ID account you use on your smartphone.

Warning! During the reset, all data, apps, content and settings will be erased from the gadget. Anything that didn’t make it to the latest smartphone backup will be lost.

Enter the wrong unlock code several times to make the smartphone go into the “iPhone temporarily unavailable” state.

See the Erase iPhone button at the bottom of the screen, click on it.

In the dialog box, select Erase iPhone device and enter your Apple ID account password to exit it.

Wait until the process of wiping your gadget is complete.

Get a reset smartphone with no data or content. You can set it up again or download an up-to-date backup from iCloud.

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reset, iphone, apple

You need to Backup before Reset iPhone

You should make sure to back up your iPhone before you erase the content and reset all your smartphone settings.

Only if you have an up-to-date backup saved will you be able to access content from your device again, even after you’ve completely reset your iPhone. To further restore the contents, you’ll need to download a pre-made backup without setting up your iPhone as new.

All of your further actions will depend on whether or not you can turn your iPhone on, whether or not the screen works, and whether or not you have access to the Apple ID password and numeric code installed on the device.

There are a large amount of methods on the internet of how to reset your iPhone to factory settings if you don’t understand how to back up. Unfortunately, these methods most often lead to the loss of a huge amount of data, as users do not always back up their phone correctly.

Ways to Reset iPhone If You Forget Password

Way PassFab iPhone Unlocker iTunes Recovery Mode DFU Mode iCloud Find My App Settings
Index of Recommendations
You need a screen password
You need an Apple ID password
You need iTunes
You need a computer

According to my research, PassFab iPhone Unlocker. The best and only option to reset your iPhone 12/13 to factory settings if you forgot your screen password and Apple ID password. But if you know your Apple ID password, you can also choose iTunes, recovery mode, DFU mode, iCloud or “Find My App”, how to reset iPhone to factory settings if you forgot the device settings password. over, if you want to quickly reset iPhone settings or prevent other iPhone problems, PassFab iPhone Unlocker will still be your best choice.

reset, iphone, apple

Reset iPhone to factory settings without password via PassFab iPhone Unlocker [best way]

As we know, performing a factory reset on an iPhone without a password is quite difficult. What makes it even more difficult is that you also forgot your Apple ID password and can’t use iTunes or iCloud to restore iPhone factory settings. However, PassFab iPhone Unlocker. The perfect solution to restore iPhone factory settings without password. And it’s also available to restore your iPhone 13/11/12/X/8/7/6/5/4 to factory settings. PassFab iPhone Unlocker with absolutely reliable feature set can easily and 100% effectively bypass iPhone/iPad screen password to understand how to reset iPhone to factory settings.

4 Reasons to choose PassFab iPhone Unlocker

  • No password needed.
  • Highest success rate: 100%.
  • Multiple features: quick lock screen unlock, factory reset iPhone, remove Apple ID or screen time access code, bypass MDM.
  • Easy operation: you just need to click the on-screen buttons to understand how to reset iPhone if you forgot your password.
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Use PassFab’s powerful iPhone unlock software that does the job for you in just 3 steps. Just follow the instructions below:

Download and Install iPhone Unlocker

Simply download this software to your desktop PC or Mac to start the process. After installing, launch the app and click “Unlock iOS screen”.

Then connect the device to your computer or Mac and click “Start” in the interface.

You will need to download the latest firmware package. Make sure you’ve chosen the right path, then click “Download” to continue.

Reset iPhone to factory settings without a password

After downloading the firmware package, the program will reset your iPhone to factory settings. Click “Begin” to remove the iPhone passcode.

Just wait a little while. Once the password is removed, configure your new iPhone and make changes to the security settings. In case you have a common iTunes/iCloud backup, restore iPhone from the backup.

Reset iPhone if you forgot your password through iTunes

iTunes, the official iPhone media player. Is primarily a music app for Apple users. But it can be used to figure out how to wipe your iPhone without a password, as well as for other purposes, such as updating your device. If you want to access a second iPhone device, fix software/hardware issues, or fix any glitches, reset your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes. The best way to do and understand how to reset your iPhone to factory settings without a password. All you need is a connection between your device and your PC, and follow these steps.

To erase data from your iPhone using iTunes, you need to:

  • Know your Apple ID and password.
  • Disable the “Find Me” feature on your device.
  • Have you ever synced your iPhone with your computer and trusted it.

Reset iPhone without password in recovery mode

Putting your iPhone into recovery mode can fix a number of problems, such as your iPhone getting stuck on the screen with the Apple logo. Of course, you can also use it to reset your iPhone without a password in the situation, but you must know your Apple ID password and the “Find My Concerns” feature is disabled on your device.

  • 01 Download the latest version of iTunes and open it on your computer.
  • 02 Put iPhone into recovery mode.
  • For iPhone 8 and newer: press and hold one of the side buttons and one volume button. Drag the shutdown slider to turn off your iPhone. Then press and hold the volume down button to connect your iPhone to iTunes and enter recovery mode.
  • For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press and hold the Side button until you see the “Turn off” slider. Drag it to the right to turn off your phone. Press and hold the volume down button until you see the recovery mode screen.
  • For iPhone 6 and earlier: press the side button and release it when you see the “shutdown” slider. Drag it to turn off your iPhone. And press and hold the home button to enter recovery mode.

Part 4 Recover iPhone data after it’s been stolen

If your iPhone is stolen, it must be very frustrating. What’s worse, you could lose a lot of important files. Okay, if you’ve ever backed up your iPhone data using iTunes or iCloud, you have a great chance of getting it back. So, after resetting your stolen iPhone, how to get that data from your stolen iPhone to your new iOS device?

Most people have enabled iTunes sync or iCloud backup features on their devices. Easily restore the entire backup file on your iPhone. But restoring certain data on your iOS device from an iTunes backup or iCloud backup. that’s another story. You’ll need a third-party tool like iPhone Data Recovery.

Restoring iPhone data

It allows you to view and recover stolen iPhone data (photos, contacts, messages, app data, etc. Д.) From iTunes and iCloud backup on Windows and Mac with a simple click, even if your iPhone is corrupt.

In short, if you are looking for an easy way to selectively restore data from backup after resetting a stolen iPhone, it is the best.

In the lesson above, we explained how to reset a stolen iPhone. Finding a stolen or lost phone. luck. And we hope that our guides will help you easily recover your stolen device using iTunes or settings. In addition, we recommended the best solution to restore data from iTunes or iCloud backup to a new iOS device, iPhone Data Recovery. You can download it for free and give it a try. You can also use it to back up all types of data on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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