Reset Iphone Se Password Code

Reset Iphone Se Password Code

Friends, sometimes such a nuisance happens when a user of an iPhone or iPad tablet forgets his password. Well, with whom it doesn’t happen, a complicated password that can not be associated with anything can be forgotten by a novice user or a more advanced one. If you just forgot your code password from the iPhone (or another device) just like I did, then let’s figure out what to do now and how to solve this problem and reset the password.

To get started, let’s figure out what passwords can be forgotten in our iPhone. If you do not have an iPhone, but an iPad or an iPod, then everything looks about the same there. So in these devices we can forget the following passwords:

    We dealt with the restriction password recently, this password to the restriction settings can be reset without losing any information, you can find the details of removing the restriction password in the material. “If you forgot the restriction password in iPhone or iPad”.

    Today we will fight with the main password that is set on the iPhone lock screen, this password protects the contents of the entire phone. Although Apple has gaps in data security, if you’re interested, you can take a look at the article “Vulnerability in iOS 7.0”. We will not run away from the topic and proceed to consider resetting the forgotten password for the lock screen on the example of an iPhone with iOS 7.0.4 firmware. If you have another firmware, then it should work too. Before resetting the password, try to find the code after all, attempts to enter are of course limited, but if you read the instructions, “iPhone is disconnected. Resetting the password counter ”, there may be more attempts.

    Consider the two main ways that you can reset your forgotten password on the iPhone. Both of these methods are almost identical, the only difference is the speed of your Internet. If the network access speed is good, then use the first method, in it iTunes will download the firmware and restore your iPhone, while resetting the lock password. If the Internet is slow, then use the second method in which we use pre-downloaded firmware. And most importantly, after resetting, all information is deleted from the iPhone, so make backups in advance, and after the reset you can restore the information.

    IPhone Password Reset Lock. Fast Internet

    Before you start resetting your iPhone password, make sure that the Internet is connected to the computer with good speed. Because during the reset, firmware will be loaded, the volume of which is not small at all, for example, our firmware weighed 1.4 GB.

    1. Turn off the iPhone
    2. Turn on the cable to the USB port of the computer and enter the iPhone in Recovery Mode (recovery mode).
    3. As soon as the iTunes icon appears on the display and the cable means recovery mode is started. We start the iTunes program in the computer. The program at startup displays a message:

    “ITunes has detected the iPhone is in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before use with iTunes. ”

    4. Click OK and in iTunes select the button. Restore iPhone, we see a message that does not appear for everyone:

    “Automatically checking for iTunes and iPhone updates is turned off. Want iTunes to check for iPhone software updates?
    To enable automatic check for updates, go to the “General” panel in the iTunes settings and select “Check for software updates automatically.”

    5. Click the button. Check, since the Cancel button does not lead to anything.

    Are you sure you want to restore iPhone to factory settings? All your media and other data will be erased and a new version of iPhone software will be installed.
    iTunes will verify this recovery at Apple. After the process is completed, you will be given the opportunity to restore contacts, calendars, SMS messages and other settings.

    6. Click. Restore and update. The following is information about the version of iOS that will be installed. Choose. Next and agree with the text of the license agreement with the button. I accept.

    At the top of iTunes, we see that 1 object is loading, apparently it downloads the firmware. The firmware downloaded to iTunes for about two hours. During this time, the iPhone woke up had to perform all the actions from the beginning.

    I repeat everything from the very beginning, turn off the iPhone, enter it in recovery mode. iTunes retrieves the software and suddenly error 3004 appears:

    “Failed to restore iPhone. An unknown error occurred (3004). ”

    I read a remedy on the Internet against this error. make Internet Explorer the default browser or try manual recovery (with IPSW preloaded). And so he closed all browsers and made Internet Explorer by default. I repeated the reset actions again, the error no longer appeared.

    From the iPhone screen, the lace with the iTunes logo disappeared and an apple appeared with the firmware recovery process. As a result, the iPhone successfully recovered, booted up and asked for activation, during which we chose. Set up iPhone as new. During the activation process, it was again proposed to set a password, but we refused by clicking below. Do not add a password.

    Well, all the password has been reset, the iPhone doesn’t ask for it anymore. Read about restoring your backup information below.

    How to reset password on iPhone. slow internet

    If you have creeping internet, then the first way to reset your iPhone password will not work for you. If the Internet on your computer is slow, then download somewhere the file with your firmware in the IPSW format. You can download the firmware for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the AppStudio firmware table on some high-speed network connection (ask a friend or in an Internet cafe).

    We pulled out our firmware file iPhone6,2_7.0.5_11B601_Restore.ipsw from iTunes. This firmware file was downloaded by the program during the first method of resetting the firmware described above. The firmware file is located in the following directory:

    • C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates

    If you do not have iOS firmware, then download it. like this. We have firmware. Now we take the firmware and, using another computer with a slow, but working Internet access, try again to reset the password on the iPhone. Earlier this computer was also trusted by iPhone.

    To do this, we perform all the same actions as in the first method, but when you reach the 4th point, you need to press the Restore iPhone button in iTunes with the Shift key pressed on the keyboard. If you do this correctly, a window will appear in which you need to select the firmware manually, click OK and continue resetting the password.

    Based on the recovery results, you will receive a clean iPhone, which will no longer ask for a forgotten password. After recovery, go through the activation and you can use the phone.

    Features password reset in iPhone and data recovery

    I hope you understand how to reset the password on your iPhone if it has been forgotten. During the reset, you may stumble upon iTunes errors. This is normal, it happens. Look for the error code on the Internet and read what people are doing, you can write about your experience in the comments. If errors do not appear, but your iPhone or iPad does not want to reset the password in Recovery Mode, then you can try to do the same actions only by putting the iPhone in DFU mode.