Reset Frp Android 8

Google is actively improving the security of the Android OS and introducing such “anti-theft” protection as linking the device to a Google account. In this article, we understand how to bypass a Google account after a reset.

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Google with each new release of Android is trying to raise the level of security of this mobile operating system and introduces ever new protection mechanisms.

So, from the Android 5.1 Lollipop version a new anti-theft mechanism has been added, the essence of which is as follows: the owner of the smartphone or tablet after the purchase attaches the device to his Google account. If the device is suddenly stolen and the attacker erases all the data, it will run into Google Device Protection protection called Factory reset protection or FRP

But not everything went as smoothly as you would like, if you bought a phone with your hands or forgot your account and performed a reset, then naturally you fall into FRP protection. You must reset your Google account!

Google Account After Reset

There are considered globally, then there are two options for resetting protection:

  • Official
  • Unofficial (Factory Reset Protection Bypass)

Let’s first look at the official FRP reset option or how not to get into this problem when resetting, and after that we will look at all the ways to bypass Factory Reset Protection.

Official Reset / Bypass FRP

  1. Enter the username and password from the Google account that was before the reset, if the device was purchased with hands, then ask for this information
  2. From your computer, go to your Google Account settings and untie your Android device
  3. If you have checks and warranty cards, contact the service center.
  4. When replacing key modules or the system board of a smartphone or tablet

To completely disable Factory Reset Protection / FRP

  1. In order to disable protection after a reset (Factory Reset Protection / FRP), you will need to go to “Directly reset”Settings»Android. “Accounts/Accounts»And delete your Google account.
  2. Activate “Developer Mode / (USB Debugging)” and enable “OEM Unlock”.
Reset Frp Android 8

If after trying to reset Android, you’re trying to enter your Google account, but it’s not possible to go further, then most likely you have recently reset your password, if so, then wait 24-72 hours, then try again.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection / FRP or how to bypass Google Account? (Unofficially)

Below, we will offer a lot of methods on how to unofficially circumvent FRP protection, you just have to try each one to get a working Android.

Option 1 bypass Google Account after reset

  1. Insert the SIM card into the device on which you want to delete your Google account
  2. Call this Android device
  3. Accept the call and click the add new call button
  4. In the dialers write any numbers and “Add a number to an existing account”
  5. Enter your Google Account Details
  6. Save contact in your account
  7. Reboot Android

Option 2 bypass Google Account after reset

  1. Insert SIM card into locked Android
  2. Call this device
  3. Accept a call and create / add a new call
  4. In the dialers, dial the following engineering code ## 4636 ##
  5. After dialing, your Android should automatically transfer to the advanced settings menu
  6. Press the back button and find ourselves in the settings menu
  7. Go to the section “Recovery and reset” or “Backup and Restore
  8. Disable “Data Backup” and everything related to data recovery
  9. Perform a factory reset
  10. When setting up the device for the first time, enter your account

Option 3 bypass Google Account after reset

If your Android device supports Fastboot, then you can try to reset FRP through it.

To do this you need:

Then you can enter the following commands:

fastboot oem clean_frp

or execute such a command

fastboot erase persistent
fastboot erase frp
fastboot erase config

Option 4 bypass Google Account after reset

After the reset, you need to try to enter the settings menu, after which you will need:

  1. A computer
  2. Android drivers installed
  3. Download ADB RUN to your device
  4. Connect Android to computer and run ADB RUN