Reset BIOS password on a laptop lenovo

Reset BIOS password, affordable and simple.

Any master knows that sometimes part of the problems of incorrect boot or running a computer, as well as its devices can be solved by simply resetting BIOS. In principle there is nothing complicated about it, but you may come across a situation where you have a password on your BIOS. You say “ask the master password” and the owner of the laptop or computer sometimes forgets the password. It happens that not only do not remember the password, but also do not put it at all does not remember where the password is. Situations can be different, sometimes you can solve the problem yourself without resorting to the services of “experts”.

You need to reset your BIOS settings. Press key to enter BIOS (commonly Del or F2) when starting your PC (laptop) (there are also other keys to enter BIOS). Find option Load setup defaults, in newer models Optimized Defaults or Setup Defaults depending on the manufacturer may be different spelling, the meaning of this inscription is always the same. to reset the default settings to the factory settings, as indicated by the word Defaults.

Administrator command line

The same actions can be done a little faster, if you’re not intimidated by the lack of graphical interface. A console running on your admin account can help. It is necessary to do the following:

  • Pressing WinR (this letter “K” in the Russian layout) at the same time displays “Run” dialog box.
  • Type “cmd” in an empty text field and press Enter.
  • In the console that opens as an administrator, write “net user account_name new_password” without the quotes and press Enter.

The data is changed and you can restart your notebook and log in to the operating system.

Resetting the password and BIOS settings on laptops

In principle, all of the above is true for laptops, but with some reservations.

Firstly, the laptop is not easy to disassemble, especially some models (but often the necessary reset jumpers are located under the cover that protects the RAM, easily openable from the back of the laptop).

Secondly, not always after removing the battery notebook “forgets” the old passwords (some models have another non-volatile memory, which in principle can not be disabled by conventional methods). In some cases you can not do without the service center.

The picture below shows the message that appears on your notebook after you power it on. Without entering a password, the notebook will not turn on.


There is no universal advice for each notebook model! In the article below I will take apart a typical Acer laptop and show you how to reset the BIOS on it.

In principle, the key difference may be only in how to disassemble the laptop, and where will be located the jumper and the battery on the mat. board.

1) First, turn off your notebook and unplug all the cables: power, network, mouse, etc.д.

2) Turn it over and remove the protective covers: from RAM, hard drive. Also take off the battery (see also “Removing the Power Banks”). photo below).

By the way, notice that the battery on laptops are usually held and fixed by a pair of latches. To remove the battery just pull them apart.

3) Remove the RAM slices and the HDD (tix).к. Usually under or next to them there will be the desired pins or a jumper). Usually, the pins that need to be shorted are labeled JCMOS (or Clear CMOS or something like that).

Note! Before removing the RAM from your notebook, open the “tendons” that secure the memory slots. Many people don’t know this and rush to remove the bar.

4) Then close the pins with a screwdriver or tweezers (as in my example). Takes about 15-30 seconds. time.

Note! If you reset the BIOS, and then reassemble it, but the BIOS won’t reset, proceed as follows.

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Close the contacts and do not release them: connect the power cord to the laptop and turn it on (20-30 seconds).). Then turn it off and open the pins.

5) Next, connect the hard drive, RAM, install the protective covers, connect the cords and turn on the laptop. The BIOS should have reset.


1) Similar to the previous method: unplug the laptop, unplug all the cables, and turn the laptop. Remove the battery, protective covers.

Then you should see (or not see. depends on the configuration of your laptop) round small battery (in the photo below it is shown with a green arrow).

2) Carefully remove it with a small straight screwdriver. Wait for about 15-20 minutes then put it back and reassemble the laptop.

3) Turn it on and check. In 98% of cases the BIOS will be reset!

By the way, in some cases to get to the battery have to completely disassemble the laptop.

No big deal, but this operation is very delicate, because you will have to be very careful when trying to reset the BIOS.к. A lot of thin wires that can easily be damaged.

For example, you can see ACER notebook on the photo below, its battery for resetting password is under the keyboard.

special. utilities (by the example of Acer)

For laptops there is another effective way to reset the BIOS, including those with a password. It is about special utilities for resetting the password, they are often made by various enthusiasts (of course, there is no official support, so using them is at your own risk)!).

For example, for ACER notebooks there is a special way to. CLNPWD utility (the developer is not in Russian, unfortunately). On it and show how to work with this type of software.

You also need another utility, HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL (it is quite popular).

Here you can find a link to download the CLNPWD utility.

Here is the link to the software portal (HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL).

1) The first thing you do is insert a USB flash drive into the USB port and run the HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL utility.

2) Then you need to select the inserted flash drive, specify the file system (FAT 32), enable Quick Format, check the box “using a DOS startup disk” and specify the folder with the DOS-version you want to write (it is recommended by the developer CLNPWD).

3) Then copy the file itself onto the USB flash drive (i.e.е. clnpwd.exe).

4) Reboot your notebook and open the Boot Menu (the F12 button in the example below). Usually a button to enter the Boot Menu is displayed on the first screen after powering on your PC.

5) Choose a flash drive you want to boot from.

6) The last step is to run the clnpwd utility: just type clnpwd and hit Enter. Next, the utility will ask you what to reset:

I recommend deleting both. Then reboot the laptop, and we see that the password is gone.

For different brands of laptops (and even models). you must use your own utility.

Also, be warned again that you use these at your own risk. Officially they have not tested, and the manufacturer does not give a warranty (by the way, if your device is under warranty. this method of resetting may cause its “zeroing. ).

Reset BIOS password on your PC

Resetting BIOS password on your desktop computer is no problem. It is reset by clearing the CMOS flash memory, a small 32 foot PLCC chip on the motherboard that stores the BIOS settings.

There are many ways to cleanup, but since we are not allowed to enter BIOS Setup and the operating system does not boot, we will consider only the hardware methods.

Warning! Before performing the following instructions, disconnect your computer from power supply.

  • Temporary removal of the flash memory battery. The CMOS memory is powered by a CR2032 pill battery (number 1 in the photo below) which is also located on the motherboard. Remove it from the socket and install it again after 15-30 minutes.
  • short-circuit the Clear CMOS contacts with the jumper (see number 2 in the photo below). These contacts are usually near the battery and in addition to “Clear CMOS” they can be marked as “CLRTC”, “Clear RTC”, “CLR CMOS”, “CRTC”, “CCMOS”, etc. п. The jumper is in the 1-2 position in the working state. To clear the flash memory, move it to pins 2-3, wait 30 seconds and return it to its place.
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When PC is turned on again the BIOS password will be reset and other BIOS Setup settings will be restored to their original state.


Enter any set of symbols and press enter. Wrong password will be shown.

Type 2 more random numbers and BIOS will prompt you to enter unlock password or continue booting the system.

Choose Enter Unlock Password (Enter Unlock Password).

Will appear the password to be entered into my master BIOS password generator.

Enter the code and press get password.

Depending on the brand of your notebook we will enter the received code into the field offered.

Now go to the Security tab and remove the password. Press enter on the set supervisor password field and enter the password we have generated at the service, in the second and third field we do not write anything, just press enter.

And now do the same thing in the field Set HDD Password, remove the password to boot the hard drive.

Thank you very much for the article! The child pressed something on the laptop and an error occurred.I looked and decided to restart the laptop, and BIOS required a password, and I do not understand what happened there. Well after reading this article I got it all, the code that was in this article helped me.

The password generator is very helpful. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for your hard work, it helped!HP laptop.(InsydeH2O BIOS (Acer, HP) 20890517)

Didn’t think so, but it really works. My laptop HP. Thank you. Use it guys. Do not believe me? CHECK.

Amazingly, it works. Entered the BIOS)

In Sony vayo after three attempts to enter a password gives out a password of type XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (numbers letters) and when the generator enters this code nothing happens

reset, bios, password, laptop, lenovo

It worked for me too, thank you, no need to take it to the service.

It worked for me too, thank you, no need to take it to the service.

And if a laptop Acer 10-digit key pops up and it does not work

It doesn’t work now. Please let me know if you find a solution !!

How to turn off the reset forever? I don’t see the point of a password if it can only protect against children under 10

Where is the password generator itself, where to download it or find it?

Many thanks to the Author.I was going to take apart my Hewlett-Packard and take out the battery, but I read the article, 5 minutes. and ready.I also set up my friends Samsung and Acer. THANK YOU.

Cleaning of BIOS password with the help of services

This method works fine for modern motherboards and laptops. To use this method you will need a smartphone or another computer with internet access.

So all you need to do is to enter the wrong password three times. After that, you will see a message on the screen that the system is disabled, as well as a special code.

This code will help us disable BIOS password. Write it down or memorize it. Then go to the BIOS-PW website.Org and type it in the “Enter your code” field. Click the “Get password” button.

Then you can use the following password variants as a password. To enter it. turn off the computer, turn it on again and enter the password from the site in the field.

How to unlock BIOS if you can boot from CD / USB

When Windows doesn’t boot properly and there is no way to enter BIOS to change the boot sequence, you might get lucky and boot from CD or USB already set a higher priority. In that case you should insert the CD or USB stick, and the device will automatically boot from them. Also CD or USB flash drive booting can be set to have a lower priority than that of hard drives. This will require you to temporarily disconnect your hard drive.

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How else to remove the password in the BIOS? If you have access to Windows, another solution to enable you to boot from CD / USB is a tool called Plop Boot Manager. It makes it possible to boot from those media, even if the BIOS does not support it.

Here are some tools you can use when booting from a CD or USB flash drive.

PC CMOS Cleaner

Designed to restore, delete, decrypt and display the user or super user password stored in the BIOS, regardless of the make of the device. Supported BIOSes include Award, American Megatrends (AMI), Compaq, Phoenix, Samsung, IBM, Compaq, DTK, Thinkpad, Sony, Toshiba. So there is a good chance that your BIOS is included in this list. PC CMOS Cleaner is a bootable Linux CD, so you don’t have to worry about operating system compatibility. When launched, the program will first try to decrypt and display a list of possible passwords. If unsuccessful, you can remove the password using two options, the second of which will reset the BIOS completely to its default values. you will have to reconfigure them later.

CmosPwd by CGSecurity

It is one of the most popular and up-to-date CMOS decryption tools, though it was released quite a long time ago. in 2007. CmosPwd decrypts the password stored in CMOS and displays it. The following BIOSes are supported:

  • AMI WinBIOS 2.5;
  • Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0;
  • Compaq (1992);
  • Compaq (new version);
  • IBM (PS/2, Activa, Thinkpad);
  • Packard Bell;
  • Phoenix 1.00.09.AC0 (1994), a486 1.03, 1.04, 1.10 A03, 4.05 rev 1.02.943, 4.06 rev 1.13.1107;
  • Phoenix 4 release 6 (User);
  • Gateway Solo. Phoenix 4.0 release 6;
  • Toshiba;
  • Zenith AMI.

CmosPwd can also be used to remove the password from the bios on a Lenovo laptop, create backups, restore, erase or even completely clear the CMOS. When booting up, select item 9. Next- 2. BIOS / CMOS Tools- 2. BIOS Cracker 5.0 (cmospwd). There is also a version that can be run from Windows.

!BIOS from Eleventh Alliance

Allows to backup and restore BIOS. There is even a Blaster option that can be used to clear certain parts of the BIOS, with the expectation of removing the password-a powerful and potentially insecure option, as it can corrupt the BIOS. !BIOS can crack passwords used in some common versions of BIOS, including various versions of IBM, American Megatrends (AMI), Award, as well as Phoenix. This is an old tool, introduced in the late 90s, so it is unlikely it can work effectively on modern computers. !The BIOS is also included in the Hirens Boot CD software. Select item 9. Next- 2. BIOS / CMOS Tools- 4. BIOS 3.20 (ibios). You can also download the following separate tool !Windows BIOS.

reset, bios, password, laptop, lenovo

Hardware method of password resetting

Unlike desktop machines, the process of clearing the BIOS password on laptops is less universal and is different for each model.

This option is to use the traditional way to reset the password on stationary computers by removing the CMOS battery. Some models have the same location as PC. under the “Clear CMOS” jumper near the South Bridge. In rare cases, the CMOS battery is located under a separate removable cover and must be removed from the main body.

Before opening the case turn off the laptop from the electric mains! Once detected, the battery should be removed. About 10 minutes is enough to reset the BIOS password.

The methods of BIOS resetting provide the opportunity to solve the problem without resorting to third-party specialists. often the problem is solved in several minutes, most of which will be spent for disassembly and assembly of the laptop.

But if none of the methods helped to reset the password, you will still need to turn to a wizard to restore the ability to change the settings by yourself.

reset, bios, password, laptop, lenovo

It is possible that in this case the device is protected with a separate non-volatile chip.

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