Reset BIOS On Asus Laptop

Good afternoon friends! Today I want to talk with the happy owners of asus laptops. I will tell you how to reset the BIOS to the factory settings on the asus laptop if it blocks the correct operation. Do not be afraid, it’s not difficult at all, it doesn’t require a lot of skills and will not be difficult for any of us.

What is a bios?

A laptop in itself without special computer software is nothing more than a fruit cutting board. Well, or meat, for example. It is special software that mediates between the user and the computer hardware. In fact, it is a translator converter that allows a person and a smart device to communicate. Of course, all of you immediately thought about Microsoft products, such as Windows 7, for example. But, not so simple. After all, your laptop turns on even before installing the OS, right? What provides its work? Right! Basic information input / output system or BIOS. This system is the factory default setting for the laptop and “lives” on a special chip sealed into the motherboard. It also has a separate power source from an individual battery. It is the bios that will determine the parameters by which the operating system will load and work. details about the bios here.

Why reset BIOS?

The basic system of input / output of information is responsible for all the work of the computer completely. Any inaccurate intervention and reconfiguration of its parameters can lead to serious consequences.

The need to reset the system can follow after such events:

  • To reset the old BIOS password
  • To “overclock the system”
  • In the absence of laptop loading
  • Incorrect previous system setup
  • Other possible reasons.

Attention! If at each new start-up of the laptop, the system spontaneously resets to the factory settings, then the bios system needs to be replaced with an individual battery.

Mechanical reset method

There are several ways to reset the hardware method, with which you need to be extremely careful not to damage the microcircuit.

  1. At the bottom of the device case, find the inscription “CMOS” and a tiny hole next to it. Insert the needle into the hole with the blunt end forward and make a short, light push against the stop for 10 seconds.
  2. Disassemble the laptop and find the motherboard. Remove the round battery from the socket and reinstall it in the old place after 10-15 minutes. Be extremely careful and careful not to damage the battery holders.

Software reset

In order not to disassemble the laptop, you can try the simplest, most affordable and time-tested method of resetting to standard settings. It is performed at the boot stage in the BIOS settings menu.

Remember! Each model has its own reset key combination. Usually it is indicated at the bottom of the screen when starting the device. You should be extremely careful and use only the restart buttons recommended by the manufacturer.

Most often, logging in through the activation of the keys “Del”, “Esc” or “F2 ″. The next step is “Set BIOS Default” or “Use Default Settings”. Select and press “Enter”, and then confirm your decision via “Yes”. The general algorithm of action is understandable on any Asus model, but on devices of the last 2-3 years of release, sometimes not a text but a graphic screen is involved. Navigation in the system by default is done through the keyboard (block with arrows right, left, up, down) and a set of function keys.

Sometimes it may be necessary to save the “Save” reset. Exit. ” After saving, it is recommended to restart the laptop. Re-customize your laptop and use it with pleasure.


Immediately make a reservation that this method is not suitable for the latest x64 Windows 10. But on an x32 system it is built-in immediately and quite effective, the launch itself occurs “as administrator”.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Open the program “run” Win R;
  • We enter “debug.exe”;
  • Now enter sequentially “o702E”, “o71FF” and “q”;
  • Confirm the entry with the special “Enter” button.

Restart your computer again.

Resetting the laptop to factory settings is an extreme measure of debugging work. You should not resort to it without special need. If not one of the methods helped to solve the problems with the device, contact the service center.

I hope my advice helped you and were very clear. If you liked it, like it in social networks, let your friends see the material too.

Reset BIOS On Asus Laptop