Reset Apple ID password without knowing the password

The Apple ID identifier is used to access all Apple services, and if you suddenly forgot the Apple ID password, you will find a strong limitation of functions and opportunities. So, for example, you will not be able to purchase applications, music, videos in iTunes Store, you can’t enter ICLUD, where important data can be stored, you will not be able to continue using the App Store. Of course, in such a situation it is necessary to restore this password as soon as possible, and this article will be the best assistant for you. In addition, the problem of many users is often a forgotten password of the backup of iTunes, which jeopardizes the safety of a large number of important data. Therefore, especially for you, we have prepared a selection of the most useful and effective solutions on how to restore the Apple ID password, as well as the ITUNES backup password.

All the methods listed below are recommended by Apple itself to restore your Apple ID password if you forgot it. Depending on what settings you initially set when installing this password, you can use various methods of its restoration: use a two.Factor authentication, a two.Stage check, control questions or a link to recovery from an email. So, let’s consider each of the possible options in order.

Apple ID password change using control questions

If when installing the Apple ID password you have provided answers to the control questions provided for use in such cases, then you can restore your password in this way. To do this, take a few simple steps.

Go to Apple ID password recovery page. To do this, use any device available to you with the Internet connection.

How to Reset Apple ID Password without Phone number! [2019]

On the computer: Open any browser, go to the control page Apple HTTPS: // Appleid.Apple.COM/ and select the option “forgot the Apple ID or password at the bottom of the screen?””.

On your iOS device: Open the “Settings” application. Here go to the section “iTunes Store and App Store” or “ICLOD” and click on the option selected in blue, “forgot the Apple ID or password?””.

On your iOS device: Open the “Settings” application. Here go to the section “iTunes Store and App Store” or “ICLOD” and click on the option selected in blue, “forgot the Apple ID or password?””.

In the new window, enter your Apple ID, which uses email or phone number, and then click the “Continue” button.

In the new window, select the preferred option for resetting the password: “answer control questions”, and then click “Continue” again.

After entering the correct answers to the questions asked, click “Continue” and in the Apple ID password change window twice enter a new password. Now you can use this combination to enter the Apple ID account on your iOS device.

Apple ID password reset using email

This method largely repeats the sequence of actions of the previous method, however, in this case, instead of answers to control questions, you use the address of the main or backup mail. You can use this option if you do not remember the answers to control questions or if you did not create them at all, but at the same time you have access to the main or backup mail. So, first perform the same actions as in the previous method.

Step 1-3. The first three steps of this method are the same as in method 1.

At the next stage, select the “Get E-mail message” option as a method of resetting the password, and then click “Continue”.

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After that, go to the mail account, to which the message was sent and go to the link available in the letter to reset the password. After a successful change in the Apple ID password, you will again get access to all Apple services.

Changing Apple ID password through two.Factor authentication procedure

Two-factor authentication is an additional function of protecting your data, which is that in order to access the user account, it is necessary to enter not only the main Apple ID password, but also a 6-digit digital confirmation code. If you have enabled a two.Factor authentication function on your device, you can change the forgotten Apple ID password using a trusted device. Such a device can be iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 9 and later versions, as well as a MAC computer with OS X El Capitan and a later version. In this case, the device should already be entered into your account using two.Factor authentication. So, to restore the Apple ID password through the trust device, follow the instructions below.

Password reset via iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad:

  • On the trusted iOS device, open the “Settings” application.
  • Click in your name, and then go to the “Password and Security” section.
  • Select the “Change password” option. If necessary, enter the lock password for your device to confirm the selected request.

Enter the new Apple ID password and, after saving new settings, use it on your Apple ID account entering your account.

  • Open the Apple menu and select the “System Settings” section.
  • Depending on the version of MacOS, select “Apple ID” or “ICLOD”.
  • Next, select the “Account” and go to the “Security” section (in MacOS Catalina, immediately go to the “Password and Security” section).
  • In this section, select the “Change password” option. Enter the password to unlock the Mac computer and install the new Apple ID password. Now you can use a new combination on the main device with a locked account.

Password recovery options

The most logical step if you forgot the password from the Apple ID account. Perform the recovery procedure, and it can be performed both from the computer and from a smartphone or other portable device.

  • The length of the password should be at least 8 characters;
  • The letters of the upper and small register should be used, as well as numbers and symbols;
  • Do not indicate passwords already used on other sites;
  • The password should not be easily selected, for example, consist of your name and date of birth.

ICLOUD password restoration through control issues

If the password from iCloud is lost, and there is no access to the main or backup e-mail, you can use control questions:

  • We connect the iPhone to the Internet. We move in the settings in the icloud menu.
  • Click “Forgot the password”, introduce the login from Apple ID.
  • Choose the relevant answers to the proposed control questions.

In a situation where the answers are correct, a password replacement window will be displayed on the screen. Indicate the new security key, then confirm it and do not forget it anymore.

If the iPhone is activated by the option of two.Stage authentication and the trusted gadget is connected, you can use it to return access.

reset, apple, password

When the key received during the inspection is introduced, the code will be sent to the proxy. With it, you can reset the password from iCloud.

How to unlock the Apple ID account

How to Unlock Disable iPhone without WiFi, Apple ID And Password Every iPhone Any iOS 100% Results

How to restore Apple ID if you forgot the login

If you do not remember the login of the identifier, then you will not be able to reset the password, how to be in such a situation? Initially, check all the mailboxes that you use to have letters from apple corporation. If there are such letters, then this email is a login for your account.

Another option in order to recall the login is to ask friends what email was displayed by him when you receive messages from you through Imassege. The fact is that if you use Imassege to communicate with friends, then when sending such messages, your Apple ID login, and not your phone number, can be used as an identifier. Therefore, it is quite possible that when you sent Imassege to your acquaintances, your contact was displayed with the mailing address, which was the login for entering the system. Remember, when and how you created the identifier, perhaps all these data are recorded in you in some kind of notebook.

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If you did not work out anything, then the Apple ID login should be restored:

  • Follow the browser by link.
  • Click on the “Forgot Apple ID” button.
  • The site will invite you to find the identifier, click on the “Find it” button.
  • To find the identifier in the corresponding columns, enter the name, surname and email that you indicated when registering an account.
  • When entering email, you have the opportunity to enter a lot of mailboxes to guess which of them the identifier was registered. After all, the right mailbox will correspond to the login of your ID.
  • When all three input parameters coincide, the system will write to you that “Apple ID is found”.
  • After that, you can easily go to account.

Recalling data indicated during registration is not so simple, but as one of the options, this method can be used. If you manage to correctly enter a name, last name and mailbox, then you are guaranteed to receive data for entering the account.

If you could not remember the data, then there is only one option left. It is to contact the Support of the company. How to restore Apple ID login through support service:

  • Also follow the link.
  • At the very bottom of the page you will see the phone number by which you can call and provide all the information about your identifier so that the corporation employees make a decision whether to help you in this case or not.

You can contact Support in this way:

  • Next will be 2 points from which you can choose: talk with the support service now (they will call you back immediately) or start the chat. Choose a convenient option for you and get a solution to the problem from Apple workers.

As you could notice, drop the forgotten password or restore Apple ID, if you forgot the login, it is not always easy and fast. In order for such situations not to be repeated, try to memorize or record access codes to a notebook or diary. This will help you in the future not spend a lot of time to restore your account and not lose your data. Take seriously the creation of the entrance code, enter truthful information, use the current email for the account and thus you protect your data and devices.

How to remove Apple ID on iPad via Tenorshare 4ukey

Tenorshare 4ukey. A simple and effective decision to reset an Apple account on your iPad if you forgot Apple ID or do not know the password from your account.

Download the 4ukey installation file from the official Tenorshare website. Install the program on your computer or Mac.

Run the program on PC/Mac, after which, on the right side of the program window, select “Remove Apple ID”.

In the next window of the program, click “Start”.

If the “Find iPhone” function is turned off on your device, then after a few seconds Apple ID will already be removed from the device. In this case, all the data of your iPhone/iPad will be saved.

If the “Find iPhone” function on your device was turned on, first of all, you will need to reset the device settings (settings. The main. Reset. Reset all the settings). After automatic reloading the device, the program will begin to delete your Apple ID.

reset, apple, password

After completing the process of resetting the account, you can go to another account or create a new.

Reset Apple ID using the Tenorshare 4ukey program

Tenorshare 4ukey utility is designed specifically to unlock the iPhone in cases where the password from the device is forgotten. One of the important functions of the program is to reset the Apple ID on iPhone/iPad without a password, which will be used in this case.

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Download 4ukey from the Tenorshare official website and install it on your PC/Mac. Connect the device to the computer and the program will automatically find the device, select the “Remove Apple ID” function

In the new window, the utilities click on “Start” and 4ukey will begin to remove your Apple id

After you removed the Apple ID, you can configure the new Apple ID and enter the system with it.

  • One. If the “Find iPhone” function is enabled, 4ukey can delete Apple ID, but the data cannot be saved on IOS 10 versions.2 and below. After successful removal of Apple ID, do not restore factory settings. Otherwise, the device can simply be activated using the previous Apple ID.
  • 2. If the “Find iPhone” function is turned off on your device, then after a few seconds Apple ID will be successfully removed from your device. Your data will be lost after the Apple ID deletion if your device is below iOS 10.2,
  • 3. For non.Active devices or iOS 11.4 and above, which included the function “Find iPhone”, this function is not supported.

Third.Party software

Delete the Apple ID account from the iPhone, the password of which could not be restored, can be using third.Party software. In the example, then we will use the 4ukey product from Tenorshare, which allows us to solve not only the problem of interest to us, but also remove the passwords of the screen lock and screen time.

  • Download the program at the link specified above, install it and run it.
  • Use the “Unlock Apple ID” in the main window.

Note: if the phone is not recognized by the program, click on the link “device connected but not recognized” located in its right corner. Follow all the proposed recommendations, then repeat the previous actions.

“Locator” disconnected

Tenorshare 4ukey software in automatic mode will unlock the iPhone, while your personal data will not be deleted.

The procedure will not take much time. After the notification shown below appears, click on the “complete” button, close the program and turn off the phone from PC.

reset, apple, password

“Locator” included

In the case when the indicated function is active, the further algorithm of action is determined by the IOS version.

To delete the account, you will need to reset iPhone settings. Instructions on how to do this will appear in the 4ukey integration, we will additionally duplicate it.

reset, apple, password

    Without disconnecting the phone from the computer, open its “Settings” and go to the “Basic” section.

The necessary conditions for deleting an account on old iPhones using the software in question is the availability of the shuttle password on the screen of the screen and two.Factor authentication. If these functions are inactive, first you need to configure them.

    Run the iPhone “settings” and go to the “Touch ID and Code-Parol” section.

Upon completion of this procedure, the Apple ID account will be removed from the device. Consistently use the points “Unlock using the password” and “Use the device password”, then enter the password from the lock screen that was installed and used earlier. 4ukey window can be closed by pressing the “Fully” button.

How to contact Apple support?

Before applying in support, prepare all the information: when the Apple ID was created, what was the login, which PIN code was previously used for the entrance, name. All this information will help Apple identify you and quickly provide access to the account.

Do not panic if you forgot the password from Apple ID. Try to restore the account via iPhone or computer. Contact in support if other methods have not suited you. After you create a new PIN code for your account, write it down and remember, turn on two-factor authentication so that there are no more problems with access to the account.

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