Replacing the Batteries in the Power Bank Xiaomi 10000

Power bank is an external, portable battery that, like any equipment, cannot work forever. Repair of Xiaomi bank is inexpensively offered by the specialist of SC “My. Repair”.

Replacing the Batteries in the Power Bank Xiaomi 10000

With the advent of more and more mobile gadgets in our life, the popularity of portable batteries. power bank (power bank), has also grown. A bank of a wide variety of capacities and brands is represented on the market, but this material is dedicated to repairing a verified bank of the Chinese brand Xiaomi.

The xiaomi power bank line is presented by models with different capacities:

  1. xiaomi power bank 10000.
  2. power bank xiaomi 10400.
  3. xiaomi power bank 16000.
  4. xiaomi power bank 20,000.

Banks differ in weight, size and capacity of batteries. These devices have a large number of fakes, some of which are almost impossible to distinguish from the original without disassembling.

Repair original Xiaomi bank

Over the years of practice, we have repeatedly come across owners who bought Xiaomi Verbank, thinking that this is the original, but it turned out that it was a fake with an overestimated capacity (the actual capacity was two times lower than stated). To determine the fake, first of all, you can by the weight of the device. The original power bank cannot weigh less than 300 grams, you can also check the device before purchase, you need to connect the bank to itself using a cable, the replica of the device will charge itself, the original is not. The service center “My. Repair” repairs the original banks. Copies or replicas are impractical to repair, the cost of repair is often higher than the cost of the device. Yes, and by the way, it is not possible to find the necessary details on a copy of the banks.

The internal device of the power bank is not difficult, so there are practically no complex failures. An exception may be the ingress of large amounts of water or other liquid inside, when the boards and the batteries themselves are oxidized, then repair may become inappropriate.

  • Most often, specialists are faced with repairs such as replacing USB and mini USB connectors, due to incorrect connection of the cord (polarity reversed, forcefully connected to the connector, which led to its deformation or failure inside the case).
  • The bank does not turn on. there is probably a problem with the power button, if it is not pressed, then you need to look for an open in the power circuit or an open track in the board.
  • The bank does not charge or charge. There is a problem with the power connector or controller.