Replacing Batteries On Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Service center engineers quickly, inexpensively and professionally install a new battery on your smartphone. At the same time, craftsmen use modern equipment and original components. After the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge battery is replaced, the wizard will perform testing and provide a guarantee. Repair work in the service is carried out within the time agreed upon with the client and at the lowest rates. The price includes both the work of a specialist and all the materials used for this.

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Samsung repair cost

Before starting work, the specialist of the service center will make sure that the cause of the breakdown is in the battery by performing diagnostics. The procedure takes a minimum of time and as a result shows the degree of battery wear, the presence of damage to the phone caused by its deformation.

Replacing Batteries On Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Replace the Samsung Galaxy S7 Age battery with a professional, and the master will provide a working gadget at the agreed time. Customers of the service receive the following benefits:

Tariffs in the service center are set at an affordable level for all and depend on the amount of work performed.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge battery replacement with free shipping

Technical specialists of the service center have extensive experience and carry out battery changes in accordance with the standards and instructions. When contacting the center, customers save time on the delivery of the gadget, since the courier by agreement arrives at any specified address.

Battery replacement is necessary in the following cases:

  • the gadget began to turn off spontaneously;
  • there are visual signs of a faulty battery. bloating, spots and an odor;
  • the battery indicator does not work correctly;
  • The device charges for a long time or does not hold a charge.

A professional will install a new battery if the old one fails due to improper use, natural wear, moisture, or mechanical damage.

Change the battery of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with a guarantee

Service center engineers have extensive experience and use modern equipment, proven materials in their work. Spare parts are purchased from authorized representatives, and a warranty is issued upon completion of the repair. If necessary, the service provides after-sales service, preventive maintenance.

Replacing the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is carried out taking into account the characteristics of the gadget, in accordance with the standards and instructions. The wizard will urgently repair the smartphone with its partial disassembly, since in this model the battery is non-removable.

The engineer will carefully remove the faulty battery, determine the degree of damage and possible negative consequences for the gadget, install a new battery and check the device’s performance. The implementation of the entire amount of work from the moment of appeal to the provision of the final result takes an average of 2-3 hours.