Replacement Volume Buttons iPad Air 2

Replacement Volume Buttons iPad Air 2

Our service center performs the most diverse iPad repair. In particular, we periodically have to repair the HOME button. This is a fairly common problem that resolves quickly enough and the client takes his tablet back, possibly even after waiting for the repair to finish without leaving the service.

  • 5 years repairing Apple. Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Repair at you. We manage to make 72% of repairs in 35 minutes
  • Free diagnostics
  • Original Parts
  • Warranty for all work

IPad Repair Cost

Important! The price of repair already includes the cost of spare parts and the cost of work.

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How repair works:

  • 1Free diagnose brought-
    device by you or our courier.
  • 2We make repairs, as well as give a guarantee for new installed parts. On average, repairs last 20-30 minutes.
  • 3Get a working device yourself or call our courier.

As we already wrote. Replacing the HOME button on the iPad. Is often found in our work. And without this button, the full functioning of the tablet computer is impossible. Therefore, in order not to experience inconvenience, you should repair your device as soon as possible. Of course you can do it yourself. If you are not afraid to take responsibility for the breakdown of such an expensive device. Or you can contact us. Professionals in their field, or rather, repair of Apple equipment.

We are ready to take responsibility for the replacement and high-quality operation of the new HOME button on your device. And all because our masters have extensive experience in repairing such malfunctions, which means they can guarantee its high-quality implementation with your device.

Therefore, you should not try to repair a complex device yourself. Entrust our specialists to repair the power button or other buttons.

Why it is profitable and convenient to contact us

Contacting us is convenient and profitable. It is worth telling only that all the details used by us in the work are supplied by reliable suppliers. We have been working with them for many years and have been convinced of their quality and responsibility personally and more than once. Therefore, boldly and use their products, repairing the apparatus of our customers. We responsibly declare that our parts are the most reliable and high-quality.

In addition, the constantly changing and evolving market of electronic devices, dictates to us the need for constant training of our specialists. What happens periodically. That is, as soon as a new device from Apple arrives on the market, our specialists thoroughly study its device, features, and troubleshooting methods. After which, having gained experience, they successfully repair the iPad of our customers. And if you need to replace the button, then we will easily do it.

The combination of all these advantages allows our customers not to look for another service to repair their electronics, but to contact us again and again, trusting their best gadgets manufactured under the Apple brand.