Replacement Glass On Iphone 5c

Replacement Glass On Iphone 5c

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone 5s and features of their repair

Repair iPhone. it is a combination of professionalism, attentiveness, accuracy, complemented by special equipment and tools.

Our experts will establish the exact cause of the breakdown of your phone and be able to repair the iPhone 5s in a quality manner.

Replacing glass and display on iPhone 5s

Probably, this problem takes the 1st place among all breakdowns. Accidentally missed the phone or spilled something. pixels, stripes, cracks immediately appear on the screen.

IPhone 5s glass is replaced when there is external damage, but the display, at the same time, works properly. During the repair, it is very important to remove all the remnants of the old glass using special tools. Only after this can you glue a new one according to the factory technology.

If the touchscreen stops working correctly, the image is distorted. display replacement required. We offer an original screen that is shot from a donor phone or a high quality copy.

Sensor does not work on iPhone 5s

Often, such problems arise:

the sensor does not respond to commands;

there are delays, “stupid.”

The causes of breakage are usually mechanical damage or moisture entering the phone. You can fix the problem by replacing the Touch-controller chip on the system board.

Replacing the battery on iPhone 5s

Perhaps one of the most common malfunctions. It arises through:

use of non-original chargers of poor quality;

frequent use of car chargers;

problems with the power controller.

Replacing the iPhone 5s battery is necessary when the phone is quickly discharged, or turns off when the battery charge is more than 20%.

Symptoms of problems with the power controller:

the phone only works on the network or does not turn on at all;

the charger is not recognized;

The phone heats up while charging.

This problem is solved by soldering the power controller chip.

Speaker or microphone issues on iPhone 5s

If you have stopped hearing your interlocutor or he is you, the reason for this:

moisture or dust in the case;

In most cases, breakdown occurs through dust on the auditory speaker mesh. If the pollution is negligible. the problem can be solved by cleaning. In the case when the phone for a long time worked in this condition. it is necessary to replace the loop of the auditory speaker itself.

Problems with the microphone can be for the same reasons. In our service center, professionals will diagnose and establish the exact cause.

Home button does not work on iPhone 5s

Has the Home button started to sink, press hard, or make strange noises? Such damage is often the result of mechanical damage to the bottom of the phone or moisture.

In this case, you need to replace the Home button.

It should be warned that after fixing the damage, the fingerprint scanner will not work. The reason is that the scanner sensor is directly connected to the processor. After replacement, the processor does not perceive the scanner as original.

Network or Bluetooth does not work on iPhone 5s

If instead of the name of the operator you see only “search”, and at the same time the sim-card is in good condition. The problem is in the communication modem. By the method of precise soldering, the specialists of our service center will replace the modem chip on the system board.

Wi-Fi malfunctioning is often associated with a Wi-Fi module. To determine the exact breakdown, iPhone 5s diagnostics are needed.

There is a malfunction in Bluetooth. We suggest starting with the correct flashing. It will help to solve the problem, if the reason is at the program level. In the case when it did not help. Bluetooth repair required.

Camera Issues on iPhone 5s

Problems with the camera, which may be:

fuzzy photos or black screen when the camera is on;

the presence on the photo of “extra” elements (dots, stripes, ripples, highlights).

Failures most often occur through dust or moisture in the camera module, mechanical damage, and software malfunctions.

We will conduct free diagnostics of your phone and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

IPhone 5s does not turn on

Do not rush to panic, the problem may be through a system error. To turn on the phone, just hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

If this does not help turn on the iPhone, a comprehensive diagnosis is necessary, as there are many possible causes of breakdowns:

the battery or power controller is malfunctioning;

the processor has failed;

the battery cable has been unfastened;

there was a short circuit on the system board.

Our professionals will be able to restore iPhone 5s as soon as possible.