Replacement Glass HTC One X9 Dual

Repairing HTC phones is a job requiring high qualifications from the master, as well as the availability of a special tool. Only a qualified engineer with all the necessary equipment will be able to perform this work. Therefore, we meticulously approach the selection of specialists for our center. Re: Store carries out high-quality and urgent repair of HTC. The service center is equipped with modern equipment for repairs of any complexity.

HTC Repair Features: devices of this brand are characterized by low maintainability, due to design features. There are models in the line that cannot be disassembled, for example, the HTC One line. To disassemble and assemble the above phone models, you have to perform jewelry work, which requires vast experience and practical skills.

Maintainability: iFixit experts assess the maintainability of HTC-branded devices at 2-4 points out of 10. This rating means that the device can only be repaired at a specialized HTC service center, and practically cannot be repaired independently.

Reliability: The phones are quite reliable with the exception of some models (one x, desire 600), but they do not tolerate very bad falls and other mechanical damage. Often after an impact, in addition to cosmetic defects, the phone has to change microcircuits or restore circuits, loops, connector connectors.

Common problems: most often, customers turn to us to replace the screen, broken glass, damage the flash memory, replace the case, replace the microphone or speaker, recover from moisture, clean or replace the connector, connector, or replace the camera. But even if the screen of your phone does not go blank during a conversation. we will help with this!

The main causes of HTC malfunctions

The main reasons for the failure of mobile phones brand HTC is a violation of the operating conditions. Most often, the malfunctions that clients contact are caused by:

  • moisture in the device (the phone fell into the water);
  • mechanical damage;
  • using non-original chargers;
  • interference with the software part of the phone;
  • battery failure (phone goes down quickly)
  • consequences of self-repair.

How is the repair of HTC phones in the Re: Store service center

What is important to know when renting an HTC phone for repair? First, be sure to make sure that the company specializes in repairing smartphones of this brand, since they have their own characteristic features in repair (this is far from Apple that any schoolchild can disassemble). Secondly, pay attention to the presence of an open pricing policy, that is, all must be indicated on the site and always taking into account the details. That is, handing over the device for repair, you know exactly how much this or that service will cost. As for the procedure for customer service and their equipment in our service center:

  • when you visit any of our company’s branches you will be offered to issue a receipt, in fact an agreement between the client and the company for the provision of services;
  • after the diagnosis, the manager will contact you and inform you of the cause of the malfunction and the cost of further work. Draw your attention to- diagnostics of HTC phones is free In the service center Re: Store;
  • after completing all the work, you will receive an SMS about readiness;
  • picking up the device from repair, an employee of the company will write a check and a warranty card. Warranty, depending on the type of repair work, can be from 3 months to 1 year.

Re: Store Service Center Benefits

We provide free diagnostics for HTC smartphones and carry out repairs as soon as possible. When replacing spare parts, we give a guarantee for parts and work done.
Finding us is very easy. We are located at Kiev, st. Obolonskaya 25, ave. Obolonsky 1B. Also in other cities of Ukraine. Odessa, Lviv and Krivoy Rog. In order to find out the address in your city. select the name of the settlement in the upper left menu of the site. Call on any day of the week and get advice by phone (044) 333-60-78 right now!

Our company provides a full range of services for servicing HTC phones.

ReStore service center masters will repair any complexity and as soon as possible.