Replace Glass On Meizu M3 S Mini

Meizu M3 Note screen replacement. how to completely disassemble a smartphone

I welcome you dear friends on our website! In today’s article, I would like to tell you about how to completely disassemble the Meizu M3 Note smartphone. This step-by-step instruction will help you when replacing the screen / display on your smartphone, as well as during other work.

What the Meizu M3 Note consists of

Meizu M3 is equipped with a 5.5-inch full-HD (1080 × 1920 pixels) display having a pixel density of 403ppi with a 2.5 D front panel. The smartphone runs on an octa-core with a 1.8GHz MediaTek Helio P10 processor and has 3 GB of RAM.

The main camera is the Meizu M3 Note 13-megapixel with dual LED flash f / 2.2 aperture and phase detection autofocus (PDAF). M3 Note runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop

Well, that’s basically it, let’s get started with the step-by-step instructions for disassembling the smartphone.

Step-by-step instructions for replacing the screen on the Meizu M3 Note

Replace Glass On Meizu M3 S Mini

  1. And so the first thing you need to do when replacing the screen on the Meizu M3 Note is to remove the SIM card tray from the phone.
  2. Remove the two Torx screws next to the Micro USB port.
  3. Then you can remove the back cover with a suction cup or guitar pick.
  4. The main camera is not fixed with anything, so removing it will be easy.
  5. Unscrew the two screws and remove the battery of the smartphone
  6. And so we got to the Meizu M3 Note Speaker Module.
  7. Pull out the adhesive tape and remove the battery.
  8. Meizu M3 Note comes with a 4100mAh lithium polymer battery, 15.79 Wh
  9. Remove the motherboard and bottom board
  10. Rear camera: 13MP, F2 on. 2, Supported matrix. Front camera: 5 MP, aperture F / 2.0, FotoNation 2.0
  11. We remove the fingerprint scanner.
  12. Removing the board with: Microphone, USB port,
  13. We remove the processor board
  14. Removing the display module

Well, in principle, we all completely disassembled the Meizu M3 Note and now you can start replacing the smartphone display.

Video: How to replace the screen with Meizu M3 Note do it yourself

Another new phone from a well-known brand and with a broken screen is under repair. This time, the Meizu M3s model. As on the previous M2 Mini, the three completely changes the display module assembly, regardless of which part of the screen is broken and does not work. The photo below shows in what condition the phone got into our service center. The screen responds to pressing and the picture shows that only the top glass was broken.

The process of repairing a Meizu M3s phone to replace the screen is similar to repairing previous models of the brand. The back cover snaps open, the motherboard is removed, the battery is also better to detach from the frame so as not to spoil it when the screen heats up (to simplify the process of peeling off a broken display module).

The broken screen is peeled off from the frame, the body is cleaned of residual glass and dust. We glue the new display module on a special sealant, wait 4-5 hours until it dries.

This is how the Meizu M3s phone is repaired by replacing a broken glass screen. We use display modules only in OEM quality original. The photo below shows the result of the work done.

Meizu M3s screen replacement cost amounted to 1150 UAH on 05/18/2017. for spare parts are constantly changing, so it is better to check the relevance of the master by phone or ask a question in the comments:

P.S. My answer to the question from the client: “How often do you change the screen on Meizu M3s?”. Believe me, the hand is “full”, they riveted in a week:

Find out how much Meizu M3s repair costs, is it possible to fix the phone, the availability of spare parts, now you can directly from the master

Send by new mail

If you are not from Kiev, you can send a Meizu phone to the ReMobile service center by mail. Payment upon receipt of repair

Repair Meizu Meizu M3, M3S, Note: Replacing glass, screen

Glass and display (or as they say. the screen) in Meizu M3, M3S, Note. this is a single detail. “Even if you have a little cracked glass, you will have to change the whole module. Glass is glued to the screen, ”say most service centers, but it’s not! Modern equipment and direct hands of the wizard literally “stratify” broken glass from your matrix and provide a quality, quick and reliable glass replacement service for Meizu M3, M3S, Note. It is only possible to replace glass separately from the display with specialized equipment, which are rarely available even for large services.
Most likely you noticed that the price of replacing glass can vary greatly in different services. The cost of repair Meizu M3, M3S, Note indicated on our website is relevant and includes work and spare parts without markups or hidden overpayments. We do not underestimate or overstate, it’s just how much quality services cost. But the slogans “Replacement for 500UAH” do not cease to amaze even us.

Low on the Internet can be associated with the following factors:
Silence about the final cost of repair
The cheapest parts, of dubious quality
The lack of a clear guarantee for the service / part
During the repair process, many terrible malfunctions are found, which must be urgently addressed

All this can be applied both individually and together.

By time glass replacement for Meizu M3, M3S, Note takes no more than 4 hours (per phone). Usually it takes just so much inspection, repair, or testing.

Replacement of glass on Meizu M3, M3S, Note can be divided into several stages, you can write a lot, well, it’s better to see it once.

A warranty for the replacement of Meizu M3, M3S, Note glass is given for every repair. The warranty is valid for the serial number of the phone from the moment you receive the finished device, it extends to the display and touchscreen sensor if they are not damaged. For convenience, the guarantee is valid even if the warranty card is lost, because you have so many pieces of paper in your life.

We replace broken glass on all models of smartphones Meizu, Xiaomi, iPhone, OneOplus.

The price can be found on our website..

The article is posted on a partnership basis!

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrlenter.

Repair Meizu M3 Note. replacing the broken screen M and L versions

Smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Meizu have proven themselves among users. Good build quality, reliable design and relatively low cost are the main factors of the brand’s popularity. But like all touchscreen phones, Meizu’s smartphones also suffer from “asphalt disease”. after the fall, their screens beat just as often.

Today, the Meizu M3 Note phone got into our repair. The device was dropped to the floor, as a result, glass on the screen broke. At the same time, the sensor continues to work, and, as seen in the photo below, the display shows a picture. But this is not so important, because on the Meise M3 the screen module is completely changed. Glass, sensor and display are glued together in one spare part. It is not possible to replace broken glass separately!

Different screens. M and L version

Note! There are different versions of the Meizu M3 Note phone. M681H and L681H. According to the characteristics, they do not differ, but the display modules in their hardware are not compatible. They are distinguished by a touchscreen connector.

This is how the cables of the screens look. On the left is the L-version display module, on the right is the M-version. The first is installed on the L681H modification, the second on the M681H of the Meizu M3 Note phone.

How to recognize M681H or L681H?

You can look at the box with which the phone was purchased. You can go into the settings of the smartphone, however, if the screen is broken, the sensor often does not work and it is difficult to do this. The easiest way is to look at the sticker on the back cover of the phone, the figure is circled in red:

How is the screen replacement Meizu M3 Note

Repairing a Meizu M3 Note phone to replace a broken screen is similar to repairing the previous M2 Note model. First of all, do not forget to turn off the device and get the SIM card tray. Next, unscrew the two screws from the bottom near the charging slot. Using plastic blades, we snap off and remove the back cover of the smartphone.

We unscrew and remove the plastic frame that protects the connectors of the loops on the motherboard.

Immediately disconnect the battery. We snap off the touchscreen cable, display, volume and power buttons, the system cable and the coaxial antenna cable. Unscrew the screws and get the phone board.

Now you can proceed directly to replacing the Meizu broken screen. To make it easier to peel off the old display, we heat it along the contour and tear it off from the middle of the case. We clear the frame of glass fragments and dust.

Glue the new display module on the sealant, wait 4-5 hours until the glue dries. We collect the phone and fully test its functionality. This is how the Meizu M3 Note phone repair works to replace the broken screen. The photo below shows the result of the work done.

Meizu repair cost

The full cost of the repair to replace the screen Meizu M3 Note on 07/15/2017:

  • M-version: 1180 UAH;
  • L-version: 1400 UAH.

The for spare parts are constantly changing, therefore it is better to check the current price with the master by phone or ask a question in the comments to the article.

Find out how much Meizu M3 Note repair costs, is it possible to fix the phone, the availability of spare parts, now you can directly from the wizard

Send by new mail

If you are not from Kiev, you can send a Meizu phone to the ReMobile service center by mail. Payment upon receipt of repair

Screen Replacement for Meizu M3s

If you need a replacement for the Meizu M3C phone display, then you will be happy to be helped in the Meizu Telemama service. This process will not last long through the availability of a screen on this model always. We have original spare parts, we deliver them directly from production, therefore their price is affordable. Warranty service is written out up to one year. You can find the address of the center in Moscow in contacts or call us, the manager will tell you how to find us.


Instructions and methods for replacing the display on Meizu M3s

To change a damaged screen, we offer two options: do-it-yourself repair using the instructions or repair it at the Meizu Telemama service center. Before making a replacement part, specialists will check the device for other malfunctions, and after it you will already decide on how to fix the problem.

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