Repair Meizu M5 After Unsuccessful Firmware

Repair Meizu M5 After Unsuccessful Firmware

Instructions on how to upgrade Meizu M5 smartphone to the new version of android (Flyme OS) using the standard recovery menu or SP Flash Tool, full Russification of Meizu M5 smartphone, getting root.

There are several ways of official firmware Meizu M5, for the simplest you need:

And so first download the desired firmware. Please note that only firmware with the index “A”, “Y”, “C” can be installed on the Chinese version of Meizu M5, and any firmware can be installed on the international version of meizu M5, that is, “G”, “I”, “A” , “Y”, “C”

Download firmware for Meizu M5 “G” Global (international). Flyme OS

Download firmware for Meizu M5 “Y” Chinese on YunOC. Flyme

Then, without fail, we charge our smartphone to at least 60%, so that there is no chance

Turn off your Meizu M5 smartphone and on the phone off, hold down the “power” and “volume” buttons, after the logo appears, releases the power button while continuing to hold on to adding sound, until the recovery menu appears.

Once in the standard Recovery Meizu M5 menu, you will see only two items and two buttons. The first item is responsible for directly flashing the device, the second item is clearing all data on the phone. For the correct firmware of the smartphone, you need to put both checkmarks, as in the photo above.

Then, using the bundled cable, connect the Meizu M5 phone (without leaving recovery mode) to your PC (the operating system does not matter), the phone is recognized as a USB drive and a folder called Recovery will automatically open. In this folder, copy the previously downloaded firmware in the format “”.

When copying is complete, disconnect the phone from the PC and press the Start button. The process of checking the firmware file will start and only after a successful check recovery will start flashing the phone. Usually, Meizu M5 firmware takes 5-10 minutes, after which the smartphone will reboot itself and be ready to use.

Root on Meizu M5

We get ROOT on the m5 meise right in the Flyme account, for this:

We go into the settings of the meizu m5 phone, and we find the item “Flyme account” there. Log in to your account (Flyme account), enter your credentials, if not, register.
Then in the security menu (Well, or “Fingerprint and security”) well, there you just check the Root box

root from flyme without SuperSu. stripped down. It is for a full root that SuperSu is needed with an updated binary

Install Super SU from the market on your smartphone and update the binary
We install any terminal from the market and give it root access rights.

Multilingual Meizu M5 on Chinese firmware “Y”, Change Chinese ID to global and install global firmware

We will carry out the procedure for changing the Chinese ID to global through the SP Flash tool, therefore, for its correct operation, you need to install the VCOM / PRELOADER driver.
Download the archive change ID_M5.rar and install the SP Flash tool, unzip to any directory.

We turn off the Flyme account, do a full reset of the phone to the factory settings and clear the smartphone’s memory.
Download the firmware (see above) and copy it to the root of the phone’s memory and then turn off the phone.

We launch the Flashtool program, look for the Download tab, open the Download Agent field, set DA_PL.bin
We take Scatter from the archive in the Images folder, then click on the preloader field and give the path to preloader_M1611.bin in the Images folder. (There should be no Russian characters in the file path)

Attention: In the Download tab we do nothing more and do not change

Press ctrlaltv, Advenced Mode will be enabled

Go to Write Memory to File path, give the path to the devinfo file from the archive.
Begin Addres (HEX) copy 0x2a300000 Region do not touch. Click the Write Memory icon

We take our switched off phone, the original USB cable and connect it to the computer via the usb 2.0 port (you do not need to press anything on the phone) there should go a red bar and at the end the green window Successfully. Disconnect from the computer.

Turn on the phone while holding down the Volume () and Power, wait for the Meizu logo, release Power, wait for the Recovery to load.

We put both jackdaws in recovery, if everything is done correctly, the installation of the firmware will begin

Increase volume on Meizu phone through engineering

In order to increase the volume in the Meizu phone, dial in the dialer: ## 3646633 ##
We get into the engineering menu in which we select the Hardware Testing tab
Click the top menu item. Audio Volume Audio playback
Set 3/4 pole headset and set Heaset PGA to 160

All now restart your smartphone and enjoy loud music

Recovering Meizu M5 after unsuccessful firmware

There is a small introduction. While on your meizu m3 mini, the bootloader is not unlocked, it will not work to flash some regions (for example EMMC_BOOT. where the preloader is) using this instruction. So for severe cases, such as data corruption in EMMC_BOOT and others, this instruction, at the moment, will not work. Also corrected (patched) images will not be sewn.

1. Download SP Flashtool with our scatter file.
2. Install drivers from the VCOM Drivers archive folder
3. Run flash_tool.exe, the developer recommends launching it by right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator”.
4. Select Download-Agent. DA_PL.bin, Scatter-loading File. MT6755_Android_scatter.txt (on the scatter3 screen, we do not pay attention, just the old screen).
We also click on the Location column opposite the section that we want to flash (in the recovery example) and select the appropriate image. I can’t upload the images themselves, as everyone who could turn the body over probably has it, and besides, it’s worth taking images from the version of the firmware that is on the body.

5. I note that it is probably worth dumping what is now flashed on the body. Backup has never harmed anyone
Here are added lines that almost completely overlap the flash, for example EMMC_USER will be backed up to the cache section.
If someone wants to backup a specific section. add the line with the Add button, double-click on the added line, choose where and with what name we will save the backup, then in the newly opened window select the region from which we want to backup, from which address to start and how much read byte. This information can be viewed in the scatter file (fields region, linear_start_addr, partition_size)
– Next, click the Read Back button. The flash drive enters the device standby state.
– Take the switched off phone, hold down the Vol button (this is necessary) and connect it to the computer’s USB port. A flash drive will load DA onto the body, after which information about our chip will appear under the black smart picture.
If this did not happen, and the error information was displayed, re-read the above again, you definitely did something different from what is described here.
6. The backup is done, it’s time to sew. We go back to the Download tab and here we do all the same manipulations as when creating the backup, namely:
– click the Download button;
– take the switched off phone, hold down the Vol button (this is necessary) and connect it to the computer’s USB port.
FlashTool will start the firmware and upon completion you will see such a notification

All. The firmware was completed successfully, you can try to flash the meizu m5 note smartphone using the standard recovery according to the instructions above.