Remove Demo From Samsung Galaxy Tab

Screenshot. Snapshot of a computer or phone screen. This is usually done by pressing a single key. Using screenshots is convenient. You can, for example, leave a reminder for yourself or share achievements in the game.

Computer screenshot

On a laptop or desktop computer, making a screenshot is easy. Press the special PrintScreen key on the keyboard. Now you need to paste the picture into one of the graphic editors, for example Paint. You can also insert a screenshot into a Word or WordPad text editor. On a desktop computer or laptop, you can install a special application for capturing images from the screen. There are many programs for taking screenshots or shootings from your computer screen.

What is it for?

Screenshots are used by developers when compiling instructions. Gamers brag about their achievements. Using a screenshot, you can recognize an error in the operation of your computer. After saving the message on the screen, send it to technical support. Advice for business people: save the calculation results on a calculator with a screenshot. it is quick and convenient. Instead of copying text or saving pages as favorites, take screenshots. You can return to important information at any time without going online.

Information on the Internet can be protected from copying and downloading. Increasingly, we can’t just save the photo to our computer or copy a piece of an important article. Screenshots are very useful for saving interesting pictures and data. You can also copy pages to your computer or tablet in this way to save traffic. Having photographed them and saved as pictures, you can read the text offline. A screenshot is taken faster than the map is saved. If you only need a location map, then just find it on the Internet and take a screenshot.

Screenshots on mobile devices

With the advent of mobile devices in our lives, users are increasingly wondering how to take a screenshot on “Android”. A significant part of people solve the problem trivially. a screen shot is literally taken with a camera. To do this, each time you have to get it before you take a screenshot of the phone. “Android” in its latest versions offers ways much better. Although a single recipe does not exist, all methods can be divided into the following:

  • screenshot of the screen (on “Android”) using the buttons;
  • using the program for Root users;
  • Using a program without Root rights.

The easiest way: push-button

Remove Demo From Samsung Galaxy Tab

This instruction on how to take a screenshot on “Android”is not universal. Depending on the hardware of the device, the buttons for creating a screenshot may vary. In some cases, you may see a dialog box after a long press of the Power button. In it, you will be prompted to reboot, shut down the device, turn off the sound or take a screenshot. Select the desired item. After clicking, the screenshot is saved in the phone memory.

On LG devices, Quick Memo is installed by default, which allows you to take snapshots from the screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 have a special S Pen. You can take a screenshot on these devices with its help. In some cases, you can take a screenshot of the phone. “Android” allows you to install a special application that will help you take a screenshot, even if the buttons are not suitable for this.

On HTC smartphones and some Samsung models, a screenshot is taken by simultaneously pressing the power button and the button “Home”. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 has a special button for taking screenshots. The task becomes more difficult if you want to take a few shots. To help users of Android devices, several special programs have been created, most of which you can get absolutely free.

The best program for screenshots on “Android”

Shot Me is a compact program for screenshots. Automatically saves pictures to a special directory CDcard / Shortme /.

If you need to repeat the procedure, standing and shaking your smartphone is not very convenient. ScreenShot is a program that allows you to take screenshots at a specific time interval. Just set the timer.

SCR Screen Recorder Pro root. a program for capturing images and from the screen. The application runs under the Root user for the operating systems Android 4.0.3. Using hardware acceleration allows you to get a picture and of high quality. Mastering the application is easy. A convenient menu with icons is available even for beginners. A unique application allows you to work with Tegra-devices. If you need to take a screenshot, just take one shot. Although the program does not quite meet the goals, having it on a mobile device is very useful.

Screenshot Ultimate Pro. a simple program for creating screenshots with additional features. How to take a screenshot on “Android”, it will become clear from the first opening of the program interface. Click Take Shot, and the screenshot will be saved to a folder located at: cd / screeshotultimate. Now you can share it. The application allows you to edit pictures. Play, create and communicate by sending snapshots to your friends.

A distinctive feature of the Russian-language program “Screenshot Easy”. work with Android operating systems from 2.1 and higher. The directory for saving pictures you set yourself. You can configure the automatic display of the date and time on the picture, as well as its rotation. You can use it absolutely for free, but the abundance of advertising banners is somewhat annoying. The professional version does not contain ads, but is paid.

Screenshot and Draw. a simple program for creating screenshots. It can automatically take up to five shots at a specific time interval. There are functions to create a simple animation. Overall a very handy little application.

Screenshot ER Demo is a program with great settings functionality. over, the application is accessible and understandable. Mandatory type rights Root. Several ways to create a screenshot (button, timer, icon, widget, shaking) will diversify the work with the application. Creating a screenshot turns into a fun game.

Screenshot UX has both a free and a full extended version. Allows you to take a screenshot by simply shaking or tapping the camera icon. It works only under the rights of Root.

iScreenshot is an application with a built-in editor. Allows you to grab part of the screen. Saves pictures in PNG format. You can take a screenshot with a button or shake, and then share it on one of the social networks.

The DroCap2 application allows you to take a screenshot from the screen, no matter what you do. It works on many devices. A simple and unobtrusive interface makes it easy to learn the program.

Security Screenshot

Most applications require Root user rights. Similar to the administrator profile on the computer. This is done to protect your data. Through a dubious free application (with permission to create and send screenshots of your screen to the network), an attacker can take advantage of your personal information. Personal messages, business information, and contacts may come under attack.

Download applications only from the official Google Play website. Remember that attackers manage to steal and use for their own purposes the most confidential secrets of users. Set Root rights to use the device before taking a screenshot. “Android” also provides a fallback. If there is no possibility to use Root rights, there is still a way to create a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on “Android” without root rights?

If Android SDK is installed on your PC, you can take a screenshot using it by connecting the device via a USB cable. Launch the ddms.bat file from the directory where the program is installed, find your device in the dialog that opens, click on the Device menu and click on Screen Capture, or press the Ctrl and S keys at the same time.

You can use the No Root Screen Shot It app. It does not affect the hardware of the mobile device in its work. The application is useful for students and their parents. After all, it is undesirable for children to trust to use the device under administrative rights. Every student knows how to “Android” Take a screenshot, but not every parent is willing to pay for the purchase of the application.

How to install the application

A few words must be said about installing applications. The rules are common to all programs. There is nothing complicated, but to start taking screenshots, it is useful to familiarize yourself with this information. There are several ways to install programs on a mobile device:

Screenshot File Format

Most applications save the screenshot in JPG, BMP or PNG format. When choosing, keep in mind that PNG files have the smallest weight, and BMP the largest. The resolution of the BMP files is higher, they are better compressed by the archiver. JPG and PNG formats, as well as WORD files with screenshots inserted into them, are compressed less during archiving. If you can choose a format, do not neglect it to get better pictures.


Now you know how on “Android” take a screenshot. For many, this turned out to be much simpler than one could have imagined. Before you complete this or that task, we advise you to refer to the instructions. Then many functions of your mobile device will become more clear and accessible.