Remote access to iPad from a computer

What this is for?

Download the free program TeamViewer QuickSupport (link) on the device to which you are going to connect.

Download the TeamViewer application (link) on the device you are going to connect from.

Add the Screen Capture shortcut to your Control Panel (if it has not been added before) on your iPhone or iPad, if TeamViewer QuickSupport is installed, to do that: go to Settings → Control Panel → Configure item. Controls and click on the green button next to the option to “record screen.

Run the TeamViewer QuickSupport application itself. There you will see an ID for the connection.

Enter it on the device from which you are going to connect. This can be any computer, as well as any modern Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Confirm the connection by clicking “Allow” in the pop-up window.

Open the “Control Panel” again, press forcefully (or press and hold) the “Record Screen” button until the window with the settings appears.

Select TeamViewer from the menu that appears and press “Start Broadcasting”.

Press the Screen sharing button on the device you are going to view.

Broadcasting from one device to another will start in a few seconds. In addition, the program has an internal chat, photo sharing function, as well as the ability to take screenshots.

If you browse the App Store regularly, you know that the Apple Store has endless thousands of photo apps. They allow you to take and process photos. apply filters and do many other simple things. But relatively recently in the App Store there is a really original application through which you can remotely control the iPhone camera with another iPhone or iPad.

You’ve probably been in a situation where someone at a party says, “Let’s take a picture. This is where the company faces a dilemma. someone has to press the shutter button on the camera or phone. Accordingly, the main character will not be visible in the picture. Of course, there is a delayed shooting function for that, but in this case there are also a number of inconveniences. First of all, you need to go to the place of photographing and stand so that not to fall out of the frame. Besides, if somebody messes up the picture, the process will have to be repeated.

WI-FI Camera requires two iOS devices that connect to each other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. All you need to do is install the program, launch the application and connect the gadgets. Now you can take photos remotely and see the results on your phone or tablet. So the iPhone acts as a camera, and the iPad as a remote control. At the same time on the screen of the latter you can see the image from the smartphone camera. The photos you take are saved in the memory of both devices.

The developer claims that the application can be useful in many situations. For example, when photographing friends and creating a group photo, or when it’s difficult to set the camera position too low or high. The iPhone can also be used as a hidden camera or for remote monitoring.

The app is absolutely free and works on all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models that are compatible with iOS 5 or higher. You can download WI-FI Camera from the link below.

How to control iPad from iPhone or PC. Choosing a remote control program

Developers of iOS has provided this option and equipped their technique with the function “Remote Access”.

In an unforeseen situation, when the tablet needs to communicate with the phone. it allows you to control the iPad from the iPhone and vice versa.

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Parents can use this program to find out what their child is doing in their absence, that is, to set parental control, to control downloading of torrent-files or to find an urgently needed text document in the computer memory.

Light control

One more interesting topic, which we would like to touch in this essay, is the control of light from the iPad. About 10 years ago, the first production models of the Smart Home system were introduced. Its essence is the following: it is installed a lot of sensors, which constantly count information and provide the most comfortable conditions for the person.

In addition, with the development of smartphones and tablets is possible to organize the control of various devices.

It is quite simple to organize the management of light from a tablet, but it requires some costs. For this purpose, special lamps are installed, equipped with transmitters, or a whole complex that controls all the lighting in the house; in turn, special software is installed on the tablet. After that you can adjust the comfortable level of light from the comfort of your seat. one of the most functional tablets on the market. It is the fruit of many years of development by Apple Corporation in the field of electronics. The tablet has many functions, which are expanded by installing additional programs. In this essay we will look at applications that allow remote control of the iPad.

Connecting to VDS server with Mac OS

For Mac OS, Microsoft has an official RDP client, which works fine when connected to any version of Windows. You can download it from iTunes here:

The interface of the program is simple and intuitive. Before you start, you have to configure the connection settings. To do this we create a new one:

In the connection settings window indicate an arbitrary name, for example, “Server on UltraVDS”, the IP-address of the created server and data for authorization (login Administrator and password assigned to the server in automatic mode). these data are displayed in your personal cabinet.

After exiting the settings window, everything will be saved automatically and in the list of connections you will see the new one created:

Double-click on it and you will connect to your server. When you connect to a server you may see information about an untrusted security certificate. Why this notice appears and what it means is described above.

Add your server’s self-signed certificate to Trusted, or just accept it once and you will see your virtual server’s Windows desktop.

How to control PC from Windows via AnyDesk on iPhone

First, you need to download and install the AnyDesk program on your computer. You also need to download the AnyDesk app for iPhone and iPad.

  • Launch AnyDesk on your Windows computer and look for your PC address in the left panel. Now tap the icon with the three bars in the upper right corner and select “Settings”.
  • On the left, select the “Security” section and check the box next to “Allow unsupervised access” as shown in the screenshot below. You will need to come up with and set a password.
  • Remote communication with your computer is established. You can swipe from the left or right edge of the screen in landscape mode to open the keyboard. To complete the remote control, swipe and move your finger to the “X” icon at the bottom of the screen.

This is the whole process. After you will be even easier to establish a remote connection between your computer and smartphone.

It’s important to note that for remote access AnyDesk software should be running on your computer at least in the background.

You can also remotely manage other computers using AnyDesk. For example, for technical support. You can also stream your iPhone or iPad screen to your computer. But you can’t control a mobile device from a computer.

Want more options?? There’s a program called TeamViewer that we’ve already told you about. It works in a similar way.

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Using AnyDesk for professional purposes?

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video


If you’re already familiar with LogMeIn on your computer, using the LogMeIn remote access app will be second nature. Even if you have never used LogMeIn before, you will find it very pleasant and intuitive to use. After logging into your LogMeIn account with the app, you’ll see your remote computer’s desktop and toolbar with all the available features. From there you can control the keyboard, commands, and all available functions. You can also customize the tool controls. For example, you can choose whether to left or right click on the screen.

Jump Desktop app promises a fast and secure remote desktop, compatible with RDP and VNC. It’s a safe and secure way to access your PC or Mac from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. This app provides split-screen support on the iPad and supports pencil.

One of the great things about this app is that it works well with an external keyboard, which is great for those who need to work on their iPad for long periods of time. Leave your laptop and use Jump Desktop on your iPad to control it.

AirDroid app

The web app’s notification system allows the user to exchange event messages with the remote Android device, receiving information directly to the desktop. Premium version of the program includes unlimited file and folder transfers. It can also be used to monitor a remote location through the device’s camera in real time. If you want to transfer files from a remote device to your smartphone, AirDroid makes it possible. You can even monitor the battery level of your Android device.

Like other high-end apps, ISL Light also supports real-time screenshots on the remote Android device, and allows you to send and receive instant messages, sharing information with the person on the other end of the “wire. The program is specially designed for Samsung phones and gives the user full and real control over the remote device. During a remote interaction session with your smartphone, you can easily install or remove apps from it with a basic click of the mouse, with immediate effect.

What you have to do to control your computer from your iPhone

There are various apps in the App Store to help you control your computer with your iPhone, but finding the right one that will quite satisfy you is really difficult. Fortunately, this excerpt will list some of the best apps for remotely controlling your computer from your iPhone. Please keep reading and learning.

Top 1: HippoRemote Pro

When it comes to controlling your computer from your iPhone, HippoRemote Pro should be a good choice for you. Not only does this software work as a viable trackpad and keyboard combination, but it also provides many profiles for controlling programs on your computer. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can also create documents, switch apps, activate your device over the global network, and even use the international keyboard and t. Д.

The newest vision of HippoRemote Pro has a wonderful Boxee plugin that supports adding gesture controls. It also has features with a built-in web browser and client. that can help you check your tour timeline, mention and send tweets from a remote device when you use your iPhone to control your computer.

Top 2: Jerk

Snatch is another remote control program that allows you to control your PC, laptop and Mac with your iPhone. This app has a built-in touch trackpad, keyboard, and a built-in remote editor to help you edit and design the layout of your control computer, as well as add buttons to a specific function. In addition, you are also allowed to create “docks” for applications that you need frequent access to.

When controlling your laptop with your iPhone, one of the features of Snatch is that it’s easy for you to switch between running apps. If you’re interested in this software, you can download a free trial version of Snatch to see if it meets your needs.

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Top 3: Remote HD

Remote HD works when controlling your PC, laptop, Mac and even Apple TV from your iPhone. It acts not only as a remote management application, but also as a full-featured Virtual Network Computing program. With Remote HD, you can connect your computer with your iOS device over Wi-Fi, 3G and even GPRS, which means you can still control your computer with your iPhone while you’re away.

Remote HD also offers a wireless remote, wireless keyboard, mouse, and also a trackpad for your computer to get better control. In addition, it allows you to effortlessly start, switch and close certain applications, quickly access all your files, provides desktop search integration when controlling your computer from iPhone.

Top 4: Keymote

Keymote by Iced Cocoa is designed to remotely control your Mac from your iPhone. This Mac-only app will create specific sets of keys to allow you to perform certain actions on your Mac. The biggest advantage of Keymote is its simplicity. What’s more, its Keymote repository has different sets of keys that you can choose from, which helps you have key commands and shortcuts at your fingertips, and makes it easier to control your computer from your iPhone.

To summarize, Keymote is a really great remote app that’s worth downloading, especially if you’re a Mac user. This should be a convenient way to remotely control your Mac from your iPhone with a set of keys.

Top 5: TeamViewer

TeamViewer not only remotely controls your computer from your iPhone, but also transfers files to and from the remote computer. It uses a fantastic VNC client, which gives you full access even when you’re on the couch with your iPhone. You just need to download TeamViewer, a server application for iPhone and computer, you can easily control your computer from your iPhone. You can choose landscape mode to see your computer better.

Overall, TeamViewer is quick to set up and easy to use compared to other computer controller apps. The Lite version for personal use is free, but it’s expensive for a monthly subscription.

How to manage computers with your iPhone

Step 1, Download and Install the App

To control your computers using your iPhone, first download the one app you are most interested in from the recommendations mentioned above to your computer, and install the iOS app on your iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to the same wireless network as your computer. If you see a window asking for a password on your computer, set it according to the instructions, which prohibits other users from controlling your computer.

Return to your iOS device and toggle the VNC button until it turns green. Run the remote app, set up a connection between your iPhone and your computer, and enter the password that you set on your computer just now.

Once connected, you can access and control your computer from your iPhone. You can step away from your computer and try to play videos or magnify the computer screen on your iPhone.

iTeleport Remote Desktop

iTeleport is another very powerful utility to remotely control your computer. There is support for Bluetooth keyboards, SSH security protocol, and support for an unlimited number of devices at once.

You do not need to create an account, you can access via your Google account. iTeleport is the most expensive program on our list and in addition to the iOS client, which costs 24.99, you can also purchase a Mac version to access other Macs for 29.99.

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