Reload Iphone S Max

Reload Iphone S Max

After buying a new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, many users are wondering how to turn off or restart this smartphone. This information will be especially relevant for those who purchase an Apple smartphone for the first time or switch from iPhone 8 or older devices.

The methods for rebooting and disabling these models are slightly different.

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How to turn off the iPhone 11

Holding the power button on iPhone X and newer devices, which is familiar on previous models, does not lead to a shutdown menu. Instead, Siri’s voice assistant will activate.

If you disable Siri or turn off activation by pressing the side button, then a long press on it will not work at all. Turn off the iPhone in one of the following ways:

1. Shutdown through settings

The shutdown button for this case has long been hidden in the bowels of the system.

Go to Settings. Basic and at the very bottom of the page we see a button Switch off. After clicking, the familiar slider appears, one swipe and the smartphone turns off.

When it helps: when you need to turn off the smartphone for a while so that it does not lose battery power.

2. Shutdown through the emergency call menu

Holding the power button and any of the volume keys on an iPhone with Face ID brings up an emergency call menu. So you can call the rescue service without unlocking your smartphone, see the owner’s medical card and, of course, restart the iPhone.

When it helps: when you need to turn off your iPhone even without entering an unlock password or face scan.

How to restart iPhone 11

There are three ways to reboot at once:

1. Turn off and on

Just hold down any volume button paired with a side button on the opposite side of the smartphone until the shutdown slider appears, move the slider and wait for the iPhone to turn off. After turning off, press the power button to turn it on again.

When it helps: This method is useful if the iPhone started to fail, some application does not start, or Bluetooth headphones are not connected. The first and most effective remedy for such failures is to turn off and on the smartphone again.

2. Hard reset

Such a reset also helps get rid of all kinds of glitches and problems with the iPhone. You can run it both on a working smartphone, and when it freezes.

If the gadget does not respond or just want to quickly restart the smartphone: press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then hold down the side button and do not release until the iPhone reboots.

When it helps: this is the only way that helps when the iPhone freezes. You can use it to combat glitches and crashes in the system.

3. Special reset button

Using the AssistiveTouch menu, you can create a virtual button to restart the smartphone.

Go to Settings. Accessibility. Touch. AssistiveTouch and activate the main switch. Now add a button to the menu Restart.

You can add it to the top-level menu, set the restart to long press or double-tap.

When it helps: this feature is convenient to use if you want to control your smartphone with one hand. Add volume, shutdown and other buttons to this menu, after that you can perform manipulations without pressing the physical keys.