Reinstall BIOS On Laptop Hp Pavilion G6

Now I’ll show how you can configure the BIOS to boot from a USB flash drive or drive on an HP Pavilion G6 A5H13EA laptop, this instruction should also apply to the entire HP Pavilion G6 series.

And so, unlike Asus laptops and other companies, HP provided for the possibility of a one-time launch from the selected device, be it a flash drive, drive or external hard drive.

But we will not look for easy ways, I’ll tell you everything and show in the photos how to configure bios to boot from a USB flash drive or drive every time you turn on your laptop and one-time launch from a USB flash drive.

First we need to enter the BIOS.

What we do is when the HP logo appears (or better immediately when turned on), press “Esc“, such a message will appear before us, or rather “Startup menu“.

Reinstall BIOS On Laptop Hp Pavilion G6

What items are we interested in here? Only two are “F10 BIOS Setup” (BIOS entry) and “F9 Boot Device Options” (Select the device from which the download will take place).

P.S : “F11 System Recovery” this is reinstalling Windows with the previously done image, that is, reinstalling windows using the HP Recovery program (possibly called a girlfriend).

And so, who needs a one-time launch, press the key “F9” and look at the picture below, and who needs a move in the BIOS, skip it =).

Here we select the device from which we want to start, in this example, I have a HP v165w flash drive, then click on “Enter” and it starts from it.

And so, now let’s go into the BIOS for this, press the key “F10“, such an image will appear in front of us.

Here we see the characteristics of the laptop, such as how much RAM, which processor, BIOS version, serial number, etc.

Next, go to the tab “System configuration“, then select the option “Boot options“.

And then go to the option “Boot order“.

And here we see the priority, which is set according to the standard (in the photo the priority for starting from a flash drive is already set).

And so we set priorities, as shown in the photo.

If you need to boot from the drive or USB drive, then put in the first place “Internal CD / DVD ROM Drive” or “USB CD / DVD ROM Drive“.

P.S : Priority is set with the two keys F5 (lower) and F6 (increase).

After choosing what you will be loaded with and set priority. Press the key “F10” (a window appears, see below) and select “Yes” and click “Enter“.

The laptop restarts and boots from the selected device.

In this case, I advise you to prioritize the CD / DVD drive, and use to boot from a USB flash drive “Boot manager” (key “F9“)

In general, here is the entire BIOS setup (the choice of which will be loaded) of the HP Pavilion G6 A5H13EA laptop and it is quite possible this instruction for other HP Pavilion G6 series laptop models will do.