Refurbished Iphone 4 How To Distinguish A Fake

Everything is simple. you say, the original comes with a special aroma of luxury with a subtle touch of elitism, but it’s better not to look at everything else and you will be right only partially. Today we are studying in detail what a restored iPhone is, what role Apple plays in this, how profitable it is and, most importantly, whether such savings are justified.

What kind of beast?

Certified Pre-Owned is not a stigma, but only a mutually beneficial event in which smartphones (and other gadgets) with minor damage Apple does not throw in a landfill, but delicately updates and sells at a reduced price. The update of such a smartphone includes a mandatory replacement of the screen, housing and battery. The rest. if necessary. Such devices are equipped as well as ordinary ones, moreover, the headphones and the charging unit with cable will be completely new. In addition, they pass the same test as other Apple gadgets, which minimizes the amount of marriage.
The main problem is different. The status “restored” was often used by dishonest sellers who do not have sufficient skills to assemble devices or the time to test the resulting monster. They spoiled the reputation of refurbished gadgets, because the latter are unstable and really often break.

How to distinguish from a new device and fake?

To begin with, CPO models are packaged in a distinctive box, white, with a simple label (model and marked “Apple Certified Pre-Owned”), without embossing. There is no gap between the box and the film, the seams are even. The serial number on the box will contain the abbreviation “FG” or “RFB”. By the way, the same serial should be on the smartphone, you can find it by going to Settings → General → About this device. Sometimes you can see the notes “Refurbished by Seller”, that is, restored by the seller. It is better not to trust such options. For how the apparatus was assembled and from which components. it is unclear and better not to risk it.

Refurbished Iphone 4 How To Distinguish A Fake

Having opened the box, we carefully consider the smartphone. The transport film on it should also be flat, and in general on the smartphone should not be any signs of damage. The easiest way to find them at the connectors: it will be small scratches or traces of dust. A screen protruding from the case is also a sure sign that the device was assembled in conditions far from ideal. Also, a crookedly inserted front camera gives out a fake.

By turning on your iPhone, evaluate its screen and overall performance. The display should not be overexposure, color reproduction. the same as on other smartphones of the company. The latter indicator is most conveniently assessed by direct comparison with another iPhone, the authenticity of which you have no doubt.

If there is such an opportunity, immediately check the guarantee and authenticity on the official Apple website for all three points should be positive marks.

Be sure to check IMEI, we can repeat this endlessly. This number on the box, on the case and in the settings of the smartphone must match. It can also be broken on the specialized resource imei.info. If there are discrepancies in the data indicated there and the device you actually have, this is a reason to beware.

Are refurbished iPhones breaking?

Do you know a technique that does NOT break? Electronics of all stripes and absolutely any manufacturer are subject to breakage and marriage. For refurbished iPhone, the likelihood of getting a poor-quality device is the same as in the case with the usual models of the company. You will receive the same one-year guarantee for the restored iPhone, in the same way you can return it within 14 days, in general, there are no differences in service, as there are no visible differences from the new device. If you do not directly say about the status of the refurbished of your device, no one will notice the difference. However, why be silent? You are saving nature here, by the way, not only is it a consumer society.

In general, if you come across a certified device, there is nothing to be afraid of. You need to be afraid of fakes, but this, however, is understandable.

There is an opinion among users that refurbished smartphones are still dangerous. As an example, memory modules are used that do not replace if the failure is not in them, and whose resource has already been allegedly exhausted. For this (and all similar) reasons, only one thing can be said: the recording / dubbing resource is huge and, believe me, you will want to change your smartphone before the memory, flash, or something else like that fails. Let me remind you that smartphones with minor damage fall into the Certified Pre-Owned program, usually delivered under warranty or within a 14-day period, rather than having been in active use for a year or two.

How much cheaper?

The difference in price between the new iPhone and iPhone CPO can be about 20-25%. If you are offered cheaper. this is an occasion to beware. Yes, in monetary terms, the amount is small, and you can’t buy a freshly released device under the Certified Pre-Owned program. But if you are not chasing after the “hot” new products, and just a couple of thousand are not enough to buy the desired gadget. it makes sense to look at refurbished models.

So to summarize. A refurbished smartphone can be an unpleasant surprise if you are aiming for a new device. Then it can issue a specific box and serial number. Another thing is if you are tuned to ref, and they are trying to sell you a makeshift fake under his guise. Here, an alarming bell should be poor-quality packaging, flaws in the case and lack of warranty.