Reflash Gopro Hero 3 Silver

Do you like outdoor activities? Interested in extreme sports or something like that? Then the Go Pro Hero Series action cameras are designed specifically for you. The third line of cameras was shown to the world and went on sale back in 2014 and has served and still serves many of its users to fame and they have studied in practice “along and across”. But recently, Go Pro decided to make a fan a gift. to release 4 series of Go Pro Hero cameras. According to manufacturers, the camera has twice as much manufacturers as compared to the third generation Go Pro Hero and is capable of recording in ultra-high resolution Ultra HD 4K with a screen refresh rate of 30 frames per second, which is impressive. It is called Go Pro Hero 4.

In addition to the increased resolution of shooting, the new model has many different advantages over the previous generation, although at first glance it is imperceptible. Let’s get together how much Go Pro costs and what features it has.

Reflash Gopro Hero 3 Silver

In general, it’s worth saying that the Go Pro Hero series, and in principle, Go Pro, is a product designed for a narrow circle of users and tasks, such as shooting in situations where it’s not possible to hold the camera in your hands, or for shooting especially spectacular plans “ from the first person. ” If you need a camera of a multimedia class, a budget class, or if you just do ordinary photo-work without resorting to extreme angles and if you don’t need to have free hands when shooting, then SLR cameras (which, by the way, are also pretty niche technology) are more suitable you, rather than Go Pro products or other similar action cameras. And if you, in general, are an ordinary person who is not involved in any kind of photo business, who needs a camera from time to time, then I recommend that you turn to the category of “soap dishes” or, for example, budget-class digital cameras. just for such purposes. Well, now let’s move on to Go Pro Hero 4.

The benefits of a new generation of cameras

There are such people, believe me. These include, for example, an improved battery (which is now incompatible with previous camera models), an improved matrix that allows you to shoot and photos in 4K resolution with a frame rate of 30 per second, 2.7K with a frame rate of 50 per second or 1080p with a frame rate of 120 in a second. Impressive, agree? The resolution of the matrix itself, by the way, is 12MP. Also, the camera is equipped with a GPS module and can set a slower shutter speed than the previous model. In general, the characteristics of the camera, compared with the previous model, have been doubled, thanks to the improved processor of the camera.


Options are quite good. In addition to the camera itself, the kit comes with a waterproof, up to 40 meters case, which has already become a familiar accessory for cameras of this kind and, in particular, Go Pro products, a battery (incompatible with previous camera models, since it has a slightly different device), a back cover with slots, several types of latches, two different self-adhesive plates, a rotary mechanism and documentation. The remote, unfortunately, was not put to the new Go Pro Hero 4 (but they could, because the price of the camera is far from small). Have to buy (the price of the remote, by the way, is in the area 3000-4000 rubles) And, in general, at the moment the camera is not rich in accessories and does not have compatibility with accessories from cameras of the previous generation of the same series, which upset some potential buyers.

Options and prices

To find out how much Go Pro costs, the Hero 4 camera needs to understand that it was released in three different versions. Black, Silver and the standard, budget edition. The differences between them are quite significant. Silver, in contrast to Black, records at the same resolution at half the frame rate, has a touch screen, but also costs a lot less.

  • Black Edition is on sale 27 000 rubles average,
  • Silver. 17 000 rubles average
  • Standard. total 5500 average.

Yes, the are quite high (and not only, even for the United States the price is too high), so it is recommended to wait until they become more adequate.

Camera Details

The case is quite standard for this type of camera. Aquabox is also included. The camera is controlled using the remote control or the physical buttons on the camera itself (in the new generation camera, the physical button for quick recording / snapshot was also added, which seriously adds convenience to the camera).

Such a camera is capable of recording in ultra-high resolution 4K (UHD. Ultra HD), thereby providing a fantastically detailed picture at a frame rate of 30 per second (for cameras of this kind, this is generally an achievement for a second). And also it is able to transfer the image directly to a phone or tablet via Wi-Fi or immediately upload it to hosting or “post” to a social network. Also in the camera there is an Immersive Mode, which allows you to capture the frame as much as possible and making it the most wide-angle action camera that currently exists. And also the camera is capable of not only recordings, but also taking photos and even series of photos (time-split). In addition, it shoots well in the dark. for many, this option will be very useful.

The manufacturing company itself claims that this camera is the best solution presented in the same year. And also many in this series of cameras fell in love with ProTune mode, which allows for the most reliable color reproduction. With such features for many, the question of how much the Gopro camera costs is fading into the background.

Other camera features

A physical button for quick recording was added to the Go Pro Hero 4 camera, allowing you to instantly start recording to the camera. The central processor of the camera itself was seriously improved and finalized, which ensured the innovations and improvements that were introduced into the camera. There is even a proprietary application for the camera, significantly expanding its social functionality, allowing you to share photos in various resources and social services. networks, as well as produce some initial processing.

Camera flaws

  • The cameras purchased back in 2014 need to be reflashed so that all the shortcomings of that revision were corrected.
  • The quality of shooting in ultra-high resolution Ultra HD 4K is not impressive, but it can turn out pretty cool.
  • The camera can get very hot and start to fail after 3-5 minutes of use and even freeze.
  • Many users complain that the new type of battery does not fit the previous generation Go Pro Hero models.

If you want to find out by example what quality you will get when using this device, then you can easily do it. on popular services there are currently a lot of differents shot specifically for this particular model of the Go Pro Hero 4th generation camera.

So, after reading this article, many will have a question: is it worth buying Go Pro Hero 4 now? And is it worth it at all?

The question is quite obvious and correct. Here you need to understand why you need it, for what purposes you will use it. If you are a fan of outdoor activities, extreme sports and other things like that, if you want to please people with high-qualitys in ultra-high resolution and with good sound quality, if you like to delve into the settings so that the frame turns out to be as spectacular, beautiful and successful as possible, then yes. take it. This camera, in this case, will allow you to carry out all of the above, do not hesitate.

If you just need a camera in order to record ordinarys or take photos, or just so that “there is, just in case of fire”, then, in my humble opinion, it is better to look at photographic equipment of a different class and price segment, such A camera for such purposes is completely useless to you. Should I buy it now? There is a moot point, having estimated how much Gopro and other camera parameters cost, you will come to the right decision. If you are ready to put up with some technical flaws, wait for the camera firmware update, and are ready to fork out additionally for the remote control and other accessories, then yes, it’s worth it.

If you need an already tested, stable device and you are ready to put up with the fact that it will be inferior in characteristics to this camera and want it to work “here and now” fully and without big shoals, while having compatibility with accessories for past generations , then no, it’s not worth it, because now modern revisions of Go Pro Hero 4 have some hardware and software jambs that, of course, will fix over time, but, again, you have to wait and put up. If you need “here and now”, and you are ready to put up with worse quality than on this camera, then it is better to look at Go Pro Hero 3. the camera of the previous generation. Yes, of course, you won’t get 4K and 30 frames per second. But you will get a high-quality and stable device compatible with previous accessories and devoid of hardware and software jambs.

But, in general, if you want a regular camera for shooting from time to time, or just engage in professional (non-action) photography, then it is better to look at photographic equipment from another category. For professionals, SLR and good digital cameras are better suited for them. they are much more convenient than action games, because they have much more settings, higher image quality, more options for customizing the camera and a more convenient form factor for such purposes. If you are an ordinary person who is not keen on and does not engage in any professional business related to photo or shooting, then you better look at budget-class cameras, “soap dishes” or other cameras of this kind, but cheaper in class. Such, more budget cameras, most often, do not differ in outstanding characteristics and transcendental quality of photos, but they cost an order of magnitude cheaper, but this is necessary for an ordinary user.