Redmi Note 8 Pro Which Android

Android 11

What is known about the new version of Android OS, based on the first beta version:

  • New version will bring updated 5G connectivity APIs.

Developers will be able to further take advantage of the improved speed and latency that 5G offers.

Redmi Note 8 Pro Which Android

For example, check if the connection is unmeasured, and if so, then the application may offer a higher resolution or quality that can use more data. This helps developers determine which carriers offer truly unmeasured data when connected to 5G networks.

Also included are Call Screening Service enhancements, API for Wi-Fi Offerings, and Passpoint enhancements.

  • Support for new screens.

Screens with “punctures”, water drops, screens, waterfalls are now supported in Android 11 at the platform level.

  • Updated notifications.
  • Privacy and Permissions.

Android 11 will “prevent” repeated requests for permissions on a specific permission group. For example, if during installation you have already denied access to any application, this will be perceived by the system as “do not ask again”.

  • Screen recording.
  • API Neural Networks, which extends the operations and controls available to developers, and many security enhancements.

Android 11 on Xiaomi (list of smartphones)

Google is preparing to release a new version of the operating system. The exact release date for Android 11 has not yet been announced. And the presentation itself, scheduled for early June, has so far been postponed due to events in the United States.

The Developer Conference and Beta Launch Show will take place in the coming month. Consider the list of smartphones that will receive Android 11 first.

Which Xiaomi smartphones will receive the update to Android 11?

It is expected that these Xiaomi phones will be able to update to Android 11. The flagships of Xiaomi 2020 will be the first to receive the update.

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