Redmi Note 7s Differences

Xiaomi is striking in the very fast production and development of all new smartphone models. And now, once again, Redmi Note 7 users did not have time to get an accessory as a cover for a smartphone, as an already updated model is on the threshold. Redmi note 7s. According to the manufacturers, this is not an addition to the lineup, but a complete replacement that applies only to the Indian market, but as we know, in order for smartphones to hit the shelves of Ukraine, they do not have to be made for us. This situation has already been repeated several times and under the guise of one model, some greedy sellers imported flashed versions of other smartphones, even with differences in case size, thereby confusing users who tried all the covers for their model and could not find the right one.

Redmi Note 7s Differences

According to the idea of ​​the company’s representatives, the regular version of Redmi Note 7 is being removed from sale and production, and its place is gradually taken up by the updated version with the S prefix. Surely, many users are interested in the question of whether Redmi Note 7 is new or will confusion begin? It is not yet possible to answer this question with great accuracy, since the official sizes of smartphones are completely identical, but in practice it is not yet possible to try on accessories. But for the rest, let’s figure out how the updated smartphone became better than its predecessor.

Design and body materials

On official sources, all sizes of the new version of the smartphone are presented, which up to hundredth millimeters coincide with the previous version. This gives hope that accessories can be interchangeable, which would be convenient and logical from the point of view of developers. In addition, the advanced version of the device for the European market also has identical sizes, and on Redmi Note 7 Pro is no different from the accessory to the regular version.

The body materials and colors do not have any differences, and in this case it is all the same plastic and glass, made in blue, red or black. Judging by this information, the changes did not affect the external part of the device in any way.

Technical components of the device

Redmi Note 7S is built on the basis of a 14-nanometer chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, like its simple version, the advanced device with the prefix Pro uses the more advanced Snapdragon 675 processor. Together with the 660th dragon, the device also uses an older version of the graphics accelerator Adreno 512, however, it is sufficient for all tasks assigned to the apparatus. In RAM, all three versions of the smartphone are equal to each other and use modules with a frequency 1866 MHz. The volume may vary depending on the version and range from 3 to 6 GB. The drive also did not become faster and it is familiar to everyone eMMC 5.1, 32 or 64 GB.

The display of the device is made according to IPS technology, has a diagonal 6.3 inches and a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, which gives a density of 409 dpi. The occupied area of ​​the front panel display was 81.63%, in a word, everything is exactly the same display as on the two previous versions. We also do not observe any changes here.

Redmi Note 7S cameras

Well, it seems that they got to the main change in the device, because it is on the cameras of the new device that the company’s marketing specialists emphasize and constantly post night photos taken on Redmi note 7s without third-party applications. These photos are full of manufacturer’s social networks and Indian sites with devices. Let’s look at the camera module, which allowed us to achieve such a miracle effect.

The main camera is represented by a module 48 MP Samsung S5KGM1 with f / 1.79 aperture and 1.6 μm pixel size (with 4 in 1 technology, which means with this pixel size, the maximum resolution of the matrix is ​​12 MP), digital image stabilization and the ability to shoot in RAW format are also implemented.

Second auxiliary module 5 MP Samsung S5K5E8 with f / 2.0 aperture and 1.12 μm pixel size, But it is used exclusively for determining the depth of the frame and artistic blur.

Somewhere already met similar characteristics? That’s right, these are the characteristics of the cameras of the regular version of the smartphone and they even lose Redmi note 7 pro, and it’s not clear what is so outstanding in the “new” old cell? Manufacturers have worked on image processing algorithms, especially since the processor will do an excellent job of processing photos with a resolution of 12 MP, and the camera can’t give more in fact. Typically, such changes were made simply by updating the device’s operating system, why in this regard the manufacturer decided to change and the model name is not clear. Perhaps this is a good marketing move to attract new customers.

What are the differences and is there any point in buying a Redmi Note 7S?