Recover Email By Phone Number

In the last article, we talked about the rules for deleting mail.Ru, today we’ll talk about recovery. Mailbox recovery from mail.Ru is required for various reasons, but this is mainly due to the lack of a password. Without writing data, then it is difficult to remember. There are also cases when a mailbox is deleted, and then the user wants to restore it. Is it possible to return my data? There are several ways and everyone will find the simplest for themselves.

How to restore access to mail if you deleted it?

There are cases when mail is not needed, and after some time, it turns out that without it it is impossible to access some service or it is impossible to establish communication with other users. What can I do?

In this case, you first need to go to the main page of the Mail.Ru search engine. Then in the field for data entry write your username and password. If you remember them, then you do not need to do anything else. The mailbox will be restored and you will be able to use it again. True, there is one caveat. You can no longer restore the data that was stored in the box.

Recover Email By Phone Number

This is perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to recover mail on Mail.Ru. But only ideally you can remember the username and password. And what about those who do not remember these data?

In this case, there are several options for resolving the issue, but it will all depend on what data you remember about your inbox and profile.

Phone Mail Recovery

Well, if you know your login name from mail on Mail.Ru. First, click on the link “Forgot your password?”

You will be offered ways to recover your password. Among them, you will find the option of restoring access via a mobile phone. But this method will only work if you entered this information when registering a profile.

Typically, the phone number is connected to the mail and account immediately. Phone data is not shown to anyone and is needed only to confirm the entrance in specifically such cases. If you used a phone number during registration, then simply choose the “restore by phone message” method.

Confirmation via SMS is already practiced in many services and is no different in VKontakte or Google. You enter the phone as usual, and the last four digits are entered in the field provided for this purpose.

The message comes fast enough. The code must be entered in the window that appears and your mail will be available to you again.

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Secret Question Recovery

What if in your case the phone number does not help? For example, you did not enter your data and now can not use such a function? Then choose the answer to your security question.

It was introduced initially when registering an account and mail. You had to choose one of the questions and write your answer. This is one way of identifying users so that the system can provide access only to the user who remembers the answer to the asked question.

If you know both the question and the control answer to it, then just select your question from the list and write your answer that you entered during registration. Only he will work.

After entering the necessary data, the system will ask you to enter the code in the image. At this point, after confirming the data, you will resume access to your mail.

If you don’t remember the answer, you need to click on the link “I don’t remember the answer” and select other options.

Restoring access by contacting support

If the option with a security question and answer is not your option, then try contacting tech support for help. In fact, this is a frequent practice, and it is supported in many other services, for example, on Skype.

Mail.Ru has a special form for this. After you clicked on the link “I don’t remember the answer”, you will be offered this very form for contacting.

So that you can access the remote mail, enter the personal data that you used to create it. That is, you have to remember what you can. Experts will use this data to not only make sure that it is your mail, but also to quickly find the data that you used to register and restore access to you.

For example, you will have a question. “when was the mail created”. Of course, you will not remember a specific date, but you can probably indicate the approximate range. Choose the most appropriate value and continue to indicate the rest of the data.

Among the data you will see a line with a password. It will be called “Password at registration”. It will need to be filled out necessarily and if you do not remember your password, then enter a new set of complex characters and be sure to write it in a separate file.

Also here you need to consider that you have an additional mailbox. If it is not, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to regain access to Mail.Ru specifically in this way. When registering mail for the first time, you indicated additional mail so that in case of problems you could gain access to the second mailbox. If you missed this moment during registration, then there is nothing to be done. If you pointed it out, then specialists from the Mail.Ru support service will send it to you for recovery. Indicate the mail and specialists will send you a link to it if the mail can be restored.

When all the data is filled in, click on the “Submit” button and now you will need to answer a number of questions.

Despite the fact that the recovery procedure through the support service seems long, the protection of personal data and your personal information looks exactly like that. You will need to answer questions that will help support staff understand that you are the owner of the account.

After filling in, you only have to wait until the specialist from the support service answers. The time is always different and depends on the workload of specialists. A letter will be sent to the additional mailbox, where the link will be indicated. Follow the link and in the window that appears, enter your new password. This will restore access to deleted mail.

Problem: Cannot log in to Yandex.Mail @ yandex.Ru. What to do? How to recover email?

First of all, check that the username and password are entered correctly. Make sure that the “CapsLock” key has not been pressed (the “CapsLock” state is displayed by a glowing indicator on the keyboard), the correct keyboard layout (English. “Yandex”) has been selected, while users of programs that automatically select the layout according to the input text (such as Punto Switcher) you need to make sure that the selected layout does not suddenly change. Perhaps controlling the correct login and password will solve the problem.

Of course, you can always contact the technical support of Yandex. But this is a relatively long way to go. And before contacting technical support, you should try to restore the mailbox yourself.

How to recover mail on Yandex yourself?

First of all, you need to figure out exactly what the problem is.

An important point! It is necessary to memorize (and even better. To record)

  • All actions (and input data) that have been taken,
  • Yandex.Mail’s reaction to these actions (messages, redirects to other pages, etc.).

Yandex technical support may need this information if it was not possible to restore e-mail in other ways.

“Not letting” into e-mail, Yandex reports the reasons for the denial of authorization.

If Yandex replied, “An account with this login does not exist”

Probably, in this case, they simply forgot the username from the Yandex mail and entered the wrong username.

In this case, there are three ways:

  1. If you recently managed to log into Yandex.Mail from this computer, you can try using the “Access Restore” page. In this case, Yandex will try to prompt the login under the field for entering the login or email address. The login from which you recently accessed the mail.
  2. You can contact friends or acquaintances and ask them for your email address. The first part of the address. Before the @ yandex.Ru sign. Will be the login.
  3. Well, for the prudent. Having registered their mobile phone in Yandex services. One can restore mail by phone number: the phone number registered on Yandex can be used as a login along with the main one (if in the settings for this number “use the phone number as login” the switch was set to “on”).

If Yandex replied “Wrong login / password pair”

Most likely, they forgot the password from Yandex.Mail.

You can recover the password from Yandex.Mail on the access recovery page (a link to this page is located below the password field).

On this page, Yandex will ask for a login to which the password is restored and will ask you to enter verification characters (“captcha”). After entering the login and “captcha” you need to click the “Next” button.

Depending on what personal data was specified when registering the mailbox, the recovery page will indicate how to recover the password:

  • By phone number;
  • At an additional email address;
  • On the security question.

Recovery by security question is used only if neither the mobile phone nor the additional mailing address has been registered in the Yandex service.

If both a mobile phone and an additional address were specified, it will be possible to choose a password recovery method.

When recovering by phone number:

  1. Yandex will offer to enter a phone number.
  2. A password recovery confirmation code will be sent to this number (via SMS). This code must be entered in the appropriate field on the access recovery page (it will be shown after sending the letter).
  3. After that, Yandex will offer to enter and confirm a new password and verification characters.

SMS will come in only a few minutes. If the SMS does not arrive for too long, you can re-request the sending of SMS (but do not rush into it. The number of SMS messages sent to recover the password is limited).

When recovering to an alternate email address:

  1. Yandex will offer to enter an additional email address specified in the personal data of the account.
  2. A letter with instructions for resetting your password will come to this address in a few minutes (in fact, only the link that you need to go to to reset your password is important in this letter).
  3. After clicking on the link indicated in the letter, Yandex will offer to enter a new password, confirm it and enter the verification characters (“captcha”), after which it will go to the mailbox page.
  4. Yandex will ask a security question (the question that was specified when creating the account). You must enter the specified answer to it. When entering an answer, you don’t have to worry about uppercase and lowercase letters. Yandex ignores the case of input. But the keyboard layout should be correct, Yandex will not accept the answer rjirf, entered instead of cat.
  5. If the answer was correct, Yandex will offer to enter a new password (and confirm it), after which it will go to the mail page.

Cookie settings

Another reason for the failure of authorization may be the incorrect setting (or disabling) of the so-called “cookies”. The data that the browser stores on the user’s computer when visiting sites. In particular, the browser can save passwords to sites. Including the Yandex site.

To work correctly with Yandex services, cookies must be enabled. But they often prohibit the storage of cookies for security reasons (malicious sites may record their information in cookies). In this case, you should add the Yandex website to the exclusion list in the cookie settings. Setting cookies in different browsers is similar, but details may vary. How exactly you need to set cookies for a specific browser is described in detail at

If cookies are allowed (for all sites, or at least for Yandex), you may need to clear cookies to remove incorrect data from them. This is also done in the browser settings.