Recover deleted files from phone memory

Free Complete Android Free Data Recovery without ROOT access

There is a complete solution for free Android data recovery without root. Many Android data recovery software requires ROOT access to recover deleted files from Android memory and SD card. EaseUS software now allows you to recover Android data without root access. Read this article to quickly recover lost, deleted, formatted Android photos, songs, video files, text messages and contacts without rooting!

“Please SET ROOT RIGHTS on your Android phone before restoring.”. This message appears on your Android phone when you try to recover deleted or lost photos, songs, video files, text messages and contacts, and it’s annoying. Don’t worry anymore if you don’t want to root your device.

EaseUS provides a way to recover data on Android without getting root access, which in turn helps keep the warranty.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery


Disk Digger is a free and simple application that does not require root rights. DiskDigger is loved for its simple interface. It recovers data well, manages to save up to 80% of files. If some data was stored in the internal memory, you can perform a limited scan without root rights. Although a full scan will recover the video. If you have root access you can choose which partition you want to scan. The SD card can be found by its directory name, usually ending in /mnt/sdcard/. If you specify what type of files you are looking for, this will speed up the scanning process considerably.

Once it is completed, you will be able to filter the found files by type and size by clicking on the gear button. In addition, you can specify the minimum file size by ticking the right checkboxes, this will also speed up the search. After I found the lost photos, the app gave me three options to recover them: save them to my device, send them to a messenger, and upload them to an FTP server. I did not find any limit on the number of recoverable files.

How to recover deleted files from an SD card

First of all, immediately after losing data, stop using the SD card. Continuing to use it will increase the likelihood of overwriting the data, making it impossible to recover. You’ll need the right tool for recovery. Best SD card recovery software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition. is a smart choice to quickly recover lost data from your memory card, Micro SD, CF card or SDHC card, etc. д.

This tool will help you restore deleted, formatted or lost images, music files, videos and other data. With the clear guide you can recover files from SD card and perform recovery of Micro SD card as well. Download our software for free and follow the video tutorial below to successfully recover your SD card data:

SD card file and data recovery guide

If the amount of lost SD card data exceeds 2 GB, upgrade the free version to the Pro version (EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro) to recover an unlimited amount of data.

After downloading EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, install and run it on your computer. Then connect SD card to computer with card reader. Next, you only need three steps to recover deleted files from SD card of many famous brands such as SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Panasonic, PNY, etc.д.

Stop using SD card right after losing data. Continued use of the card will significantly increase the probability of overwriting the data, which will lead to the inability to recover it.

connect your problem memory card to your PC.

Insert the card into a card reader and connect it to a working PC/laptop.

launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Software and start scanning your card.

Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your PC and select the memory card in the “External Devices” column.

Then click “Scan” to start searching for lost (deleted) data on the SD card.

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Check and recover lost data.

You can preliminarily evaluate the state of found photos and documents (see if they open / check them). Double-click the file you need. Then click “Recover” to save the files to a safe place on your PC or external storage.

Last articles. Also in the EaseUS program

Here you can find out how to recover deleted files from HDD by means of pr.

Often users accidentally erase the hard drive with a disk utility on the M.

Your external hard drive, USB drive or SD card suddenly became RAW and you need to.

Booting into Mac recovery mode can help you solve your own troubles.

GT Recovery for Android

The next, this time a free program that can be effective for modern Android devices. GT Recovery app, which is installed on the phone and scans the internal memory of the phone or tablet.

I haven’t tested the application (due to the difficulty of obtaining Root Rights on the device), but reviews on the Play Market suggest that, when possible, GT Recovery for Android is quite successful in recovering photos, videos and other data, allowing you to return at least some of them.

An important condition for using the application (so that it can scan the internal memory for recovery) is to have Root access, which you can get by finding the appropriate instructions for your model of Android device or by using a simple free program, see “Root access”. Getting root rights on Android with Kingo Root.


To get your data back using this simple mobile program, the phone owner will need to:

Tip: To simplify the search for the right file, it makes sense to choose one of the options in the top panel sorting. by type, size or degree of completion of the scan.

How to restore data from the internal memory of your mobile device

Unfortunately, the vast majority of modern smartphones are connected to your computer using a special protocol, that is, not as a normal flash drive. Accordingly, all of the above utilities are useless.

There are special programs for data recovery on Android, and most of them are conditionally free. This means that you can, without paying a penny, install the utility, scan the mobile device and see what of the lost items you were able to recover. But to pull out and save what you’ve recovered, you’ll have to buy a license.

On the one hand, this approach can be called fair. The user does not buy a pig in a poke, but gives the money back only after he makes sure that the utility works. On the other hand, it is still difficult to part with a few thousand. Either way, data loss is usually the user’s fault, and a powerful blow to the wallet is a great motivator to start backing up important data.

Utilities for data recovery from the internal memory of Android:

These programs work in about the same way. First the client is installed on the computer, then the smartphone or tablet is connected to the computer via USB. It is enough to follow the instructions exactly, and you will surely succeed.

The only difficulty may be the lack of support for a specific model of mobile device. That is why you should first test the program in free mode and then buy a license.

How to recover deleted data

If we recently deleted it

In this case, Android and the manufacturers usually offer very limited options. In fact, the recovery options are limited to the ability to search in the “trash garbage can” for those multimedia files that we recently deleted. Terminals that offer this option add a “recycle garbage can” icon or write an option in the recycle garbage can settings that we can use to find recently deleted photos and videos.

Restore all deleted files in the internal memory

But since there are still files that we want to recover, including documents, photos, contacts, etc. Д We will have to use a third-party tool specifically designed for this purpose. The downside is that the most popular, effective and not requiring root, fortunately paid tools like Trashcan allow us to have a trial version for a few days in order to be able to recover deleted files.

After installing this application, we can perform a full system scan looking for recently deleted files and documents. Then we can select the files we want to recover and click the recover button to restore them to our cell phone.

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Recover deleted files on the memory card

If the files have been erased from the memory card, it is not difficult to recover them either. One of the tools that gives the best results. is Recuva. But in this case we need to connect the cell phone to a PC with a USB cable. After that, we choose the file transfer mode in the connection settings.

The program will detect the cell phone and we can choose the type of file we want to restore. At this point we can choose between a quick scan and a deep scan. Once the process is complete, we click on the files to be restored and can safely place them on our computer.

Easy recovery of recently deleted photos

To begin with. about the simplest methods of recovering deleted photos from Android phone, which many novice users forget or simply do not know about, they do not always help, but they can also work. To start with two very simple points.

  • When we take a photo on Android, it is saved to the internal memory of the phone or to the memory card in the DCIM folder.
  • often than not, the average user browses and deletes photos not with a file manager, but with the built-in Gallery or Photos (Google Photos) applications.
  • When using the Google Photos app, photos are usually synced with your Google account, meaning they are automatically uploaded to the Internet and are not only stored on your device. Often the user is not aware that synchronization is enabled.
  • Many cloud service applications (OneDrive, Yandex.Disk and others) offer to enable photo sync during installation and always upload to cloud storage after a single power on.

And now about how it can help us recover deleted

The methods outlined in this part of the instruction may seem obvious to some, but in my experience, a lot of people forget about them.

Losing data from a memory card and recovering it

Let me remind you that the following applies only to SD cards formatted as internal memory (when formatted as a portable drive, recovery is possible both on the phone itself. Data recovery on Android, and on a computer by connecting the memory card through a card reader. Best free data recovery software).

If you remove a memory card formatted as internal memory from your phone, you will immediately see a “Plug MicroSD again” warning in the notification area, and usually if you do this immediately, there are no consequences.

  • You have removed the SD card, reset Android to factory settings and reinserted it,
  • You removed the memory card, inserted another one, worked with it (although in this situation it may not work), and then returned the original one,
  • You formatted the memory card as a portable drive, and then remembered that you had important data on it,
  • The memory card itself is out of order

There is probably no way to get the data back from it, neither on the phone/tablet nor on the computer. over, in the latter scenario, the Android OS itself may start malfunctioning before the factory reset.

The main reason why data recovery is impossible in this situation is the data encryption on the memory card: in the described situations (phone reset, changing the card, reformatting) encryption keys are reset, but without them the card contains not your photos, videos, and other information, but just a random set of bytes.

Other situations are also possible: for example, if you used the memory card as a normal drive and then formatted it as internal memory, in which case the data originally on it can theoretically be recovered, it is worth a try.

In any case, I strongly recommend keeping backups of important data from your Android device. Considering that it’s most often about photos and videos, use cloud storage and automatic syncing to Google Photo, OneDrive (especially if you have an Office subscription, in which case you have a whole 1TB of space there), Yandex.Disk and others, then you will not be afraid not only the inoperability of the memory card, but also the loss of the phone, which is also not uncommon.

Good afternoon, Dmitri! When I bought a memory card to have room to write programs that are not recorded on a removable drive, I integrated the memory card in the internal memory, I ended up using the memory card as an internal drive. But the unexpected happened, and I had to reset my phone to factory settings. Knowing that it can not be removed. If it was working as an internal drive, I wouldn’t touch it. Now my smartphone says that it is necessary to format the memory card, I looked for ways to restore data via a laptop, but nothing helped, t.к. computer sees only the internal memory of the phone (but not including the memory card). What can you do in this case, can you restore the data?

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Azalea, hello. I am not aware of such methods and I am not sure that they exist (well, unless Google and some special services), given the encryption of the memory card.

The only hope I can throw up is this: if it’s about photos and videos, look at under your account, and if you used some cloud storage (OneDrive, Yandex.Disk or something else) on the phone, then there, maybe the data synchronized (it happens that users do not notice and do not know, so I write).

Got it, thanks for the answer, well through Google. Disk and sync all that can be returned, and the remaining 64 gb apparently can not return. And tell me how to do it now? Format memory cd? So you can reuse the 64 GB

Yes, a simple formatting (as an external or internal drive is up to you. If you format as normal, not internal memory, then in the future with a situation like happened, you will not face or at least recovery will make sense).

Hello! Similar trouble. I am 72 years old, but I was not afraid to improve my Redmi 8t smartphone, I read a lot of articles. Not enough memory, according to all the rules inserted a good flash drive, it works, t.е. does not open applications, and some other important options, do not send video and photos or via watsapu, or by mail. If you can not fix it, at least return the phone to its previous state without this flash drive. How to do this, help grandmother, please. Can you just give me a link, I myself messed up and will fix it, I’m interested. Thank you.

Hello. It is important to know what exactly was done to the memory card? If formatted as internal memory, then in the same settings you can format it as a portable drive, but previously saving important data somewhere else.

After rebooting, the card doesn’t work as an internal memory, it says it’s corrupted. Suggests forgetting and formatting the device. Rebooting doesn’t help. What to do?

Did you have, just reboot; or were you poking around in the prog? But it is possible that just the flash card controller is broken, you have to insert it into your computer and carefully try to see if the disk drive writes anything to the sectors at the end of the stick.

Thank you for the depressing explanation. Question: 1) where does this cypher-key-certificate live and how to copy it completely, at least with pencil and paper. 2) and how to enter it back after reflashing or resetting the device.

I’m afraid there’s no way. I don’t know how to do it, and Google doesn’t know how to do it either. It is specifically made so that it can not be copied, and lives in the “Hardware Security Module”

Accidentally if briefly cleared (formatted) the memory card as a drive

I wanted to transfer some files from one memory card to a new one in an extremely sophisticated way and ended up losing data from the new one

So the memory card was formatted as an internal drive, you reformatted it as removable, so? If so, I can not suggest ways to restore.

Hello! Accidentally formatted the memory card on a Samsung smartphone, through the standard formatting in the phone. Is there any way to get the files back? If you go to the file system, the former partitions are already empty on the card. Haven’t written anything on it yet

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