Recording Calls On Honor 10

Honor phones are one of the most popular in the domestic market. Combining low cost and excellent functionality, they are appreciated by many users. An important advantage of phones on the Android OS is the ability to record calls, implemented using the functionality of the Calls application. Below we will analyze how to record your telephone conversation on the Honor smartphone. And also what programs will help us with this.

Why there are problems in telephone conversations on Honor

Initially, the Android operating system did not have a built-in function for recording incoming and outgoing calls. But a request for this feature existed, and from about version 6 of Android. The functionality of this OS has the ability to record phone calls. It lasted until 2019, when Google removed this feature for reasons of legislation in several countries.

Recording Calls On Honor 10

over, not all smartphones, including Honor, had the ability to record calls from versions 6 to 9 of the Android OS. In some countries, call recording has been prohibited. And manufacturers of mobile gadgets and operating systems had to think about how to get around certain restrictions.

We also remember that Honor phones except the Android OS have a shell known as EMUI (Emotion UI) This is a specialized Android-based user interface that includes a number of convenient and expanding phone features. Among them. one desktop, personalization, voice assistant, an intelligent guide for novice users and other features.

The functionality of these shells for Honor allows you to add a number of convenient options to the phone. Among them there is an option to record incoming and outgoing calls.

To check if your Honor has an audio recording option, go to the contact list of your gadget. Find the desired contact in the list, click on the button with three dots, and in the options menu that opens, tap on “Record”.

In this case, when making a call, a conversation with this contact will be recorded automatically. Otherwise, you have to use the functionality of third-party programs, which we will describe below.

A way to keep a phone conversation on Honor with EMUI 9

If you have a Honor phone based on EMUI 9, then there is a way that allows your smartphone to record any telephone conversation. You just need to download and install a special apk-file. This file will make the phone call recording button available when making calls.

    Download the specified apk file from this link;

Recording a call through the recorder of a Honor smartphone

A fairly simple way to record a phone call on Honor is to use a voice recorder. In this case, you do not have to download additional programs, but you have to manually enable or disable recording.

To record a call in Honor via a voice recorder, do the following:

  1. Find the Voice Recorder application on your phone and launch it;
  2. Now make a call to the necessary subscriber, and your conversation will be automatically saved;