Recording A Conversation On Samsung A5

The “younger” model of the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 series lineup immediately appealed to users. But at the same time they had a lot of questions, in particular: “How to record a conversation on the Samsung Galaxy A3?”.

Recording A Conversation On Samsung A5

Often there is a need to record a call in order not to miss something important. So how to record a telephone conversation on a Samsung A3 phone? You will learn about this from this article.

Call recording function

Although modern gadgets have become more noticeable “smarter” than their predecessors, they do not always have the function of recording a conversation. This also applies to the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A3. Initially, you cannot activate it in it.

To do this, you need to use a special application, choosing from their variety. Applications can be downloaded from the Play Store, and then used on Android Samsung A3, as well as on other devices.

For example, you can use Automatic Call Recorder. I will tell you about this application a little later, and now we will find out what are the requirements for the implementation of the function of recording phone calls on the Samsung Galaxy A3.


  1. The smartphone must have Clock Work Mod installed.
  2. The firmware (ROM) of your phone does not fit a bit by default. Most likely, it is not suitable for such a function, and it will need to be “disinfected”. This procedure means a conditional “hack”. for the possibility of modifying the firmware. As for me, you should not create your own firmware in order to record calls. To do this, it is enough to “break” an existing, standard one.


Activating the function of recording phone calls on the Samsung Galaxy A3 is easy. Provided that the smartphone meets the requirements that I mentioned above.

  1. Download the appropriate file and download using the Clock Work Mod:
  2. Then download the call recorder for Samsung Galaxy A3. After installing it, an option appears that allows you to record calls. You can find them in the “sounds” folder. The file must be placed in the internal memory of the device, and then reloaded in recovery mode (to do this, press the buttons simultaneously: increase volume / go to the main screen / turn on). This will make it possible to select options.
  3. It remains to select the installation point ZIP from the SD card and specify the downloaded file. To finish, reboot the phone.

Android Benefits

The beauty of Android is that it provides additional functions. Even if the phone does not have any necessary features, the list of functions can be expanded.

It is Android that will give you the ability to record. The only caveat: in some countries there is a ban on recording, if the interlocutors are not warned that recording is in progress.

All that is required of you is to go to Google Play, where you need to select the Automatic Call Recorder application.

The application has other functions besides recording a phone call. For example, automatic recording saving not only on the device, but also in Google Drive, Dropbox. It is very convenient if you need to access the recording from another device.

It supports several recording formats: WAV, 3GP, AMR.

The application is installed simply. After settings, it starts in automatic mode and records conversations while making calls or when making a call.

To make it clear that the recording is in progress, a red indicator appears in the notification area. After the end of the conversation, it remains only to follow the notification received, add a note to the record and save.

That’s basically it. As you can see, there are two ways to establish such a function on Samsung A3 2016.

As for me, it’s better to use the application. This method is more convenient and elegant.